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Sywipe factory production capacity


As a leading wet wipes、diapers manufacturer and supplier in China.

We proudly possess 20 years of experience in developing wet wipe series both domestically and internationally. By partnering with Sywipe, we can help make your nursing wet wipe brand stand out.

Our factory has multiple highly automated production lines, an advanced 6-level purified water system, and a 100,000-level dust-free workshop. We also have a complete quality control system to provide customers with first-class quality and service. Our daily production capacity is 1 million bags (tubs), ensuring both product quality and production capacity.


Product Innovation

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Sywipe factory produces various types of wet wipes, moist toilet paper, facial cleansing wipes, cat & dog wipes, and baby diapers that are environmentally friendly and healthy, making them the preferred choice for customers who value their quality of life.

In these projects, we are developing unique solutions with distinctive materials, formulas, and packaging to meet customers' various requirements. 


For example, in the composition of wet wipes, we procure high-quality raw materials from both domestic and foreign sources to produce personal care wipes that are both beautiful and affordable, ensuring that each wipe is safe and effective every time it is used.


As a leading wet wipes OEM factory in China, we always adhere to the core values of quality, innovation, consistency, and partnership.

Through 5 steps, we are committed to ensuring your brand is in a leading market position.
1. Customer-oriented approach.
2. Provide a variety of formulas.
3. The best non-woven fabric.
4. Appropriate (sustainable) packaging.
5. The most favorable price.

Improve Workflow

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Our factory strictly controls the quality of personal care wet wipes throughout the entire production process, from raw materials, liquid manufacturing, and packaging, to finished products. We only retain necessary production processes and do not have essentially independent redundant processes (such as uniform size classification and raw material processing and storage).


If the size or shape specifications are not suitable during production, we will discard them.

To fully utilize raw materials and reduce the actual manufacturing cost of the product, we use standardized packaging and universal containers. (Except customization)


As a manufacturer in china, while producing cleaning wet wipe products, we particularly focus on protecting the environment from factory pollution and reducing waste emissions.


Quality Control


Our company has obtained ISO9001 quality management system/ISO14001 environmental management system certification. We have strict quality control procedures for our cleaning products.

1. Material Control

We have QC personnel to inspect the quality of the packaging materials for each batch of wet wipe packaging materials that arrive at our warehouse. If they do not meet our standards, we will not accept them and request the supplier to provide replacements for the substandard packaging materials.

2. Quality Control

We have dedicated inspectors to check the quality of all personal care wet wipes during production.

3. Packaging and Shipping

After production is completed, we also inspect the finished products to ensure that the goods are properly loaded for delivery to our customers.