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Production Capacity of Sywipe


As a leading wet wipes、diapers manufacturer and supplier in China.

We proudly have 20 years of manufacturing experience in developing a series of wet wipes at home and abroad, cooperate with Sywipe to make your nursing wipes brand stand out.

Our factory has a number of highly automated production lines, an advanced 6-level water purification system, and a 100,000-level dust-free workshop. And there is a complete quality control system to provide customers with first-class quality and service. The daily output is 1000,000 bags (barrels) to ensure product quality and production capacity.

Product Innovation

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All kinds of wet wipes, toilet paper, and baby diapers from Sywipe Factory are environmentally friendly and healthy, and are the first choice for customers who focus on quality of life. In these projects, we are developing solutions with unique base materials, formulas, and packaging to meet various requirements of customers .

Such as wet wipe ingredients, purchasing high-quality raw materials at home and abroad, producing inexpensive and high-quality personal care wipes, ensuring that each wipe is safe and effective every time it is used.


As a leading wet wipes OEM China factory, we always adhere to quality, innovation, consistency, and partnership as our core values.
In a 5-step process, we work to secure a leading market position for your brand.
1. Take the customer as the starting point.
2. Provide a variety of formulations.
3. Best non-woven fabric.
4. Appropriate (sustainable) packaging.
5. Best price

Improve Workflow

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The quality of wet wipes in our factory has undergone strict quality control at each manufacturing process level from raw materials, liquid manufacturing, intermediate products to finished products throughout the production process.
We only leave the necessary production processes, and there are no essentially independent redundant processes (such as unified size classification and raw material processing, warehousing).

We will discard it due to poor size or shape specifications in production. 

To make full use of raw materials and reduce the actual manufacturing cost of the product, we use unified packaging and general-purpose containers. 

While producing cleaning wipes, we pay special attention to protecting the environment from factory pollution and reducing waste emissions.


Quality Control


Our factory has passed the ISO9001 quality management system / ISO14001 environmental management system certification. 
We have strict quality control procedures in cleaning products


Of course, the first step is the quality control of the packaging materials of wipes. 
First, after each batch of dishcloth packaging material arrives at our warehouse, we will have QC personnel inspect it. 


If it does not meet the standard, we will not accept and ask the supplier to replenish the unqualified packaging material again. 

The second is the quality control of the worksite. 
For all production of personal care wipes, we have special inspectors to check the quality in the production process. 
Third, after production, we will also check the finished products to ensure that the loaded goods can be well delivered to customers.

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