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  • Q Can industrial wipes be antibacterial?

    Sywipe industrial wipes are designed for industrial environments that require quick and effective cleaning and antimicrobial disinfection. After dermatological testing, wet wipes can be safely used in hands to remove uncured silica gel, paint, dirt, and other hard substances.
  • Q How do you get ingrained dirt off your hands?

    A If you want to clean dirty hands easily, please use Sywipe heavy-duty industrial wipes to gently wipe your hands for a few minutes to completely remove the paint and dirt on the surface.
  • Q Are these kitchen paper towels durable?

    A Our kitchen paper towels are made of high-quality wear-resistant nonwovens, which are stronger, more absorbent, and more durable than ordinary paper towels. they are suitable for cleaning with high oil and high stain resistance, such as tableware cleaning, sink cleaning, dust removal, range hood cleaning, etc.
  • Q What is kitchen wipes?

    A Every housewife will tell you that disposable kitchen wipes paper towels for mainly used to remove grease, dust on the cooktop surface.
  • Q What's the use of dry wipes?

    Dry wipes are cleaning products that are commonly used in medical settings, such as hospitals, nurseries, nursing homes and other places that are essential to maintaining good hygiene standards. As the name implies, dry rags are made without adding any cleaning fluid, unlike pre-soaked wet rags.
  • Q What is an industrial wipes cloth?

    Sywipe industrial wipes is an industrial-strength hand cleaning wipe that removes oil, grease, paint, ink, and adhesives. In workplace applications, hands are clean and dry without using water.
  • Q Can you provide dry wipes in addition to wet wipes?

    A Yes, we provide dry wipes according to your request until you are satisfied!
  • Q Can we create a wet wipe with our own formulation ? Q : Can you manufacture wipes in all types of packaging formats ?

    A Yes, we are happy to add your professional formula to help you create new wipes.
  • Q Is this only for your hands or can you use this to wipe your face, arms, or legs if you get those materials on you?

    You asked an interesting question today. Our industrial wet rags is only used to remove paint and grease. I'm used to hands cleaning.
  • Q How are these for a concrete worker ?

    In fact, these industrial cleaning wipes are used for any type of work. Grease, oil, dirt, and even sap fall off easily. They have a smooth side and a very rough side and can be used for scrubbing.
  • Q will they leave a shiny finish on a matte black finish like on a bicycle?

    A Yes, it doesn't leave a shiny surface, but it removes all dirt or grease from the bike, which is basically a heavy-duty industrial wipes.
  • Q can they be used for the interior of the car?

    A Yes. Because I don't know the material or the specific part of the interior you are referring to. But, generally speaking, Our industrial wipes can be used inside the car, and the effect is very good.
  • Q Are these wipes gentle on your hands and skin ?

    A Yes, their opponents are very gentle! Even the wet wipes will not leave residue on the surface. The industrial wipes produced by our factory contain aloe vera, which can moisturize the skin.
  • Q What are the delivery time and payment terms?

    A Usually it takes 15 days after advanced payment,but also depends on the quantity. 30% T/T in advance and the balance 70% before delivery or negotiable.
  • Q What percentage alcohol is in SYWIPE Disinfecting Wipes?

    A The CDC recommends using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60alcohol, however the guidance on alcohol percentage is not pertinent to disinfectants, which use different active ingredients. These products have demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to COVID-19 (formerly 2019-nCoV) on hard, nonporous surfaces. 
  • Q Are your rag organic? Is there chemical additives?

    A Yes, our wipes are 100% organic, excluding chemical additives.
  • Q I can get samples, how do I get samples?

    A Yes, our samples are for your reference quality cost (not including shipping). Please leave your detailed address, we can send the samples to you by express or Alibaba express.
  • Q Where is your factory? How do i get there?

    A We are located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, a 2-hour drive from Hong Kong and Macau. You are welcome to visit our factory.
  • Q Is OEM/ODM possible?

    A Yes, we have rich experience in different markets, we will provide you with good advice before placing an order, and also provide free design support.
  • Q What brand can be provided?

    A Currently we have 2 brands: SYWIPE and SYCLEAN

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