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As a premier personal care wet wipe manufacturer in China, we provide diverse solutions for various wet wipe applications, catering to a wide range of functional needs.



 Natural (Cotton/Bamboo) Baby Wipes

Organic Baby Wipes Manufacturing

Welcome to SYWIPE, a leading manufacturer and supplier specializing in the production of premium baby care wipes and personal care products. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver efficient, convenient, and safe baby wipes designed to keep newborns clean and comfortable.

Our wet wipes have undergone rigorous enhancements, presenting a diverse range of baby wipes tailored for sensitive skin, including both scented and unscented options. Take, for instance, our "Baby Pure Water Wipes" – an epitome of purity, comprising only two ingredients: 99.9% water and a trace of fruit extract, ensuring the gentlest care for infants.

Distinguished by multiple national technical patents in the realm of baby care wipes development, our continuous innovation and optimization processes allow us to create the perfect wipes for your brand product line. Our expert team stands ready to provide you with top-tier products and services. Whether you seek personalized, customized solutions or have inquiries regarding product quality, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive answers and effective solutions.

Babies Care Wipes Includes:         

◉ Natural (Cotton/Bamboo) Baby Wipes  ◉ Organic Baby Wipes                      
◉ 99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes             ◉ Soothing Baby Wipes

We Offer Several Options:

◉ Packaging / Wet wipe size     ◉ Ingredients, Scent
◉ Allergen free perfume             ◉ OEM


Superior Cleaning Solutions for Every Surface

Our excellent manufacturing facility specializes in crafting versatile cleaning wipes suitable for a myriad of applications. These high-quality wipes are engineered for use in workplaces, daily life, industrial manufacturing, and various high-contact surfaces such as desks, phones, doorknobs, and more. Achieve a significant health boost with just a small amount of our highly effective cleaning cloth.

As a reliable manufacturer, we take pride in our comprehensive product range, including Heavy duty wipes and hand cleaning wipes. Proven to surpass gels in efficacy, our hand cleaning wipes excel at removing dirt and bacteria from hands, reducing viruses on both hands and surfaces by an impressive 99%.

To enhance your user experience, we provide convenient wet wipe dispensers, easy-to-install wall brackets, and other accessories tailored to meet your specific needs. With Sywipe professional cleaning wipes, maintaining cleanliness in bustling facilities becomes a breeze. Our wipes not only ensure cleanliness but also contribute to a healthier environment, making them an indispensable choice for your hygiene needs.

Discover the Sywipe difference – where quality, efficacy, and convenience converge to provide a superior cleaning solution.


Revolutionizing Cleaning: Quality Nonwoven FabricWipes

Discover a range of specialized wipes at Sywipe, tailored to meet your diverse needs. From wet toilet paper and electronic cleaning wipes to hand sanitizing wipes, surface disinfecting wipes, and industrial cleaning wipes for oil and grease removal – our safe, convenient, and highly effective solutions guarantee results. Our pre-moistened wipes excel in both cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, effectively eliminating bacteria.

Explore our robust industrial cleaning wipes, designed to tackle heavy-duty grime on hands and ensure pristine surfaces on machinery and equipment. Trust Sywipe for quality wipes that deliver cleanliness and efficiency in every application.





In diverse sectors, ranging from manufacturing plants and aerospace industries to food service and healthcare facilities, nonwoven melt-blown fabric-based industrial wipes are progressively replacing traditional woven and cloth rags. Unlike standard rags and towels, which may vary in size, the use of disposable nonwoven fabric for surface wiping not only enhances cleanliness but also addresses the issue of potential contamination associated with reusable cleaning cloths.

Recognizing the limitations in the effectiveness of conventional nonwoven fabric industrial wipes, our China manufacturers have been dedicated to elevating the quality of oil-removing wipes solutions. Our China factories are committed to producing superior wipes that not only surpass traditional alternatives but also contribute to a more effective and hygienic cleaning process.



How can we improve the cleaning standards in every area?

Explore our ever-evolving product range designed to cater to diverse customer needs. From biodegradable natural baby care wipes, makeup removal wipes, and pet wipes to heavy duty wipes, disinfectant wipes, moist toilet paper, household paper, floor wipes, and wipe dispensers – our factory is committed to delivering a comprehensive selection. Perfect for individuals who prioritize a pristine home environment, our products are crafted to meet a variety of requirements.

Explore Sywipe Wet Wipes Factory's production capacity and innovation to set a new benchmark in the wet wipes market.
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Committed to higher standards of quality in the wipes industry.


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