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Clean personal hygiene is the best solution to prevent viruses

Our cleaning products are suitable for wiping hands at work, daily life, industrial manufacturing, and other places (such as desks, telephones, doorknobs, and other highly tactile surfaces). With only a small amount of cleaning cloth, you can achieve a high rate of return on health. 

Our manufacturer provides you with rags and hand cleaning wipes (it turns out that hand-washing wipes remove dirt and bacteria from your hands more effectively than gel) and reduces the number of viruses on your hands and surfaces by 99%. 

We also offer wipes dispensers, easy-to-install wall brackets, and other accessories to meet your special needs, and you can easily use Sywipe professional cleaning wipes in places with busy facilities.


Industrial cleaning cloth for removing grease and bacteria

 from home kitchens

Whether it is electronic cleaning wipes, hand disinfection, surface disinfection, industrial cleaning oil dirt, our safe, convenient, and effective product solutions can ensure effectiveness. Our pre-wet paper towels are very suitable for cleaning, disinfecting the surface of the area, and removing bacteria. 
We also provide durable industrial cleaning wipes that are ideal for wiping heavy stains on the surface of the hand to ensure the cleanliness of the surface of the mechanical equipment.


From manufacturing plants and aerospace industries to catering services and health care venues, industrial wipes based on nonwovens are gradually replacing weaving and rags. Unlike ordinary rags and towels (which may vary in size), wipe the surface with a non-woven cloth to improve cleanliness, but the cleaning cloth will still be contaminated. 

Nonwovens manufacturers and our manufacturers have noticed this defect in industrial wipes. In this regard, our Chinese factories have been working hard to produce higher-quality wipes.


Raise the standard of cleanliness in every place

Our products suitable for customer satisfaction, such as cleaning industrial wipes, sterilized wipes, toilet paper, household paper, and dispensers, are ideal for individuals who pay attention to cleaning the family environment.

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