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What Are The Benefits of Remove Stains with Workshop Wipes in 2021?

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In order to save costs, many factories in our country generally use simple and cheap rags for wiping. If you don't know, this kind of rag will have a bad effect on the health of workers. Manufacturing companies that usually pay more attention to the health of their employees have also begun to phase out rags. Many factories have begun to use industrial wipes as an ideal substitute for cleaning wipes in production workshops.


As an ideal substitute for wiping rags in the workshop,degreasing wet wipes mainly have the following advantages

1. These workshop wipes are perfect for any application that requires quick cleaning. They can quickly wipe off spilled water, easily absorb oil and chemicals, and can wipe off oil, ink, paint, and grease on the surface with just a light wipe. They can also be used for desktop laying and mechanical precision parts;

2. Sywipe lint-free workshop wet wipes can improve your work efficiency and have efficient cleaning and decontamination capabilities;

3. Tough, wear-resistant, and non-scratching cloth, soaked wet wipes, each cloth is pre-impregnated with advanced high-tech cleaning formula to clean hands safely;

4. These wet wipes can be used with other solvents to clean more thoroughly, the fabric is strong, not easy to break, and it is not easy to leave dander after wiping, providing a healthy and hygienic working environment for workshop workers.

5. Industrial wipes are hygienic and safe, do not contain harmful heavy metals, and have antibacterial effects. Wood pulp and non-woven fabrics are environmentally friendly and easy to degrade, helping you to control costs;

6. The quality of rags in the workshop is guaranteed, and the product usage rate is as high as 100%. No need to screen in advance, reduce labor costs, and easy to manage;

7. A variety of packaging forms are suitable for various daily work needs and reduce storage costs; they can also be used repeatedly to avoid waste.

workshop paper towel

Main features of workshop degreaser hand wipes

1. Industrial wipes in the production workshop can remove oil, ink, oil, and dirt from hands, tools, and machines. These industrial wipes are taken out of the bathtub one at a time, reducing waste and promoting hygiene.

2. The textured side will gently and effectively decompose and dissolve stubborn dirt and grime. The smooth side of the rag will effectively retain contaminants and prevent the hands or surface from getting dirty again.

3. No need to rinse after using real anhydrous industrial hand towels. Immediately remove foam glue, ink, oil, paint, sealant, and tar from hands and surfaces.

4. Portable and convenient plastic bucket, each wipes measures 7.8 feet x 12 feet, each carton contains 12 cans of 80 wipes. Very suitable for car workshops and mechanical control panels. In addition, it is very suitable for use on the go. For example in an ambulance, van, or work truck.



Why is the production workshop most suitable to use heavy-duty wipes?

Anyone working in an assembly line or manufacturing industry will encounter a mess that needs to be cleaned up immediately. Before moving on to the next job, use these grease wipes to clean your hands and equipment. These industrial wipes can also remove the dirt accumulated on mechanically cut and polished surfaces. In addition to cleaning tools and surfaces, it is also suitable for hand cleaning. These surface cleaning wipes contain aloe vera and vitamin E, as well as disinfecting ingredients, so you can keep the surface hygienic and clean.


Sywipe industrial workshop wipes series products are made of long-fiber wood pulp or non-woven materials. They are economical, hygienic, and stable in quality. They do not occupy space in the inventory, have strong absorption, do not damage the surface of objects, do not shed dander, and Static electricity is generated, and it can be used with solvents and other liquids. It has been specially designed for different use environments and has different access methods, whether it is in the machining industry, oil stains, or other liquids on mechanical equipment parts, tools, etc. Wiping or dust cleaning;



It is also in the laboratories, research rooms, laboratories, clean rooms, and other industries, the cleaning and wiping of glass instruments, or the wiping of oils and chemical reagents, electronics factories, instrument manufacturing, semiconductor assembly, computer assembly, and other liquids. Industrial cleaning and wiping; Ink wiping, screen cleaning and wiping in the advertising and printing industry; machinery and equipment maintenance, workbench cleaning and wiping in the food and pharmaceutical industries are all essential high-quality wipes; at the same time, it is also used for factory workshops and household cleaning of wiping best choice.



Factory workshop cleaning wipes are suitable for different industries

Many factory workers' hands are stained with dirt or rough substances in the production process, but they cannot be cleaned in time on the production line, which will take a lot of time. Even without soap and water, most manufacturers will ignore the cleanliness of their products and will not change them.

In fact, PU foam, silicone and paint can easily get your hands dirty. If it can not be removed quickly, it will cause skin problems, harm to health, and eventually lead to low work efficiency.


Therefore, it is widely used in printing, electronics, machinery, motors, mold processing, automobiles, aviation, petrochemicals, laboratories, plastics, research laboratories, laboratories, clean rooms, food, pharmaceuticals, and other industries. Workshop wipes from Chinese manufacturers are the best answer to industrial strength. If you want to know more, please click here.


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