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Provincial-Level Certified R&D Laboratory

Sywipe, as a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of wet wipes in China, we have multiple advanced production lines and a dedicated R&D team to meet your special requirements, and we have professional engineers for product testing and laboratory equipment. We have a modern laboratory, and the factory has an advanced 6-stage water purification system and UV technology to ensure that all water used in the production of wet wipe products is of the highest purity before being mixed into the formula. Ensure the quality of each of your personal care products and win the favor of customers in the market.

Each of our formulas has been tested and verified by laboratories and institutions.
Such as flushable baby wipes, makeup wipes, moist toilet paper, household wipes, etc. Make sure that using wet wipes is safer, more effective and more environmentally friendly.

The lab is part of the Sywipe factory. We keep up with the trend of the times, constantly upgrade facilities, technology and research and development, and meet new challenges and new requirements in an all-around way! It is our responsibility to provide you and your customers with the best-wet wipes products and services!
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