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We not only provide high-quality industrial wipes, kitchen paper towels, disinfection wet wipes, anti-fog wipes, cleaner, and other supplies but also provide cleaning solutions for global buyers.

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Sywipe is a professional manufacturer of customized cleaning wipes solutions for global customers.  Learn More

We provide industrial cleaning wipes and sterilization wipes products made from the highest quality formulations to provide excellent value to our customers.
Industrial and Manufacturing Cleaning wipes
Sywipe is a manufacturer of industrial cleaning wipes in China, which is easier to use, sturdy, durable, and cheaper than paper. They are very suitable for all kinds of heavy oil pollution in the industrial sector and are the best solution to industrial cleaning problems.
Electronic Wipe Cleaning Wipes
Sywipe electronic cleaning wipes are treated with special spunlaced cloth technology, which is strong, durable, soft, and will not drop dust and debris. It is the best product for dust removal, tin removal paste, and oil removal in electronic factories.
Household Cleaning wipes
Sywipe household cleaning wipes and kitchen wipes are made by advanced spunlaced technology, which has the characteristics of sturdiness, high water absorption, and antibacterial, and are ideal helpers for household disinfection and cleaning.
Antibacterial cleaning wipes for surface disinfection
Sywipe antiseptic wipes are soft and strong, and the liquid weight is 3.5 times that of ordinary wipes. It can be cleaning all kinds of important surface contaminants and is very suitable for cleaning daily necessities such as electronic products at one time.

Welcome to Sywipe Cleaning Products Factory

Sywipe specializes in providing you with a series of products such as industrial cleaning wipes, kitchen paper towels, degradable flushable wipes,disinfection wipes, and household care cleaning supplies. As one of the leading manufacturers in China, we are committed to developing sustainable and environmentally friendly daily clean products.  Learn More ➔



Quality first, reputation, management, sincere service, we strictly control all processes from R&D to production.

Advanced production technology
We have more than 10 automatic production lines, 500000 packages of wipes per day and 100000 grade dust-free workshops.



We have a wealth of OEM/ODM service experience and can provide customers with personalized customization.


At Sywipe, our mission is to provide innovative, efficient, and easy-to-use cleaning products solutions.


Efficient customer service team: In our young and enthusiastic teamwork, we always provide customers with more value.


Have multiple highly automated equipment and complete quality control procedures to ensure product quality and production capacity.


Our cleaning products are powerful, easy to clean, and can remove all oil or dirt from hard surfaces.


From the manufacturing stage to the final delivery of products to customers, we strive to create the best products.


professional team to provide you with professional cleaning care wipes supplies

We have a group of the passionate young team committed to product innovation, to provide customers with professional industrial wipes, sterilized wipes, baby wipes, toilet cleaning paper towels, and other services, to create more product value for customers. Our goal: to make cleaning easier and make the world more beautiful!


Your one-stop clean wipes solutions & supplier for all the latest news, events, and blogs from Sywipe.

  • 08-03 2022 +Read More
    How To Use Pet Wipes for Clean Dogs And Cats?

    How to use wipes on your pet? Sywipe pet wipes are fragrance-free, it leaves your pet fresh and clean after every scrub. You can use it as frequently as you want without drying or damaging your pet's skin. Because cats can’t bathe often, and cat stains or feces that haven’t been bathed for a long time are easy to clump with cat hair, especially long-haired cats’ hair is more likely to carry foreign objects, so it is necessary to simply clean with pet wipes At the same time,

  • 03-20 2021 +Read More
    How To Remove Acrylic Paint With Industrial Hand Cleaning Wipes?

    There is always a lot of trouble in daily life and work. If you have acrylic waterproof paint on your hand, you can clean it immediately in the following three ways:1、Specially formulated hand cleaning wipes for heavy industry.2、banana water.3、gasoline.If you use industrial hand cleaning wipes, you

  • 07-25 2022 +Read More
    21 Best Baby Wipes For Sensitive Skin in 2022

    How to choose the right baby wipes for sensitive skin? In addition to the pampers line of wipes, there are many options including sensitive, fresh clean, purified water with only 99% water, and Sywipe factory baby wipes with avocado. As high quality as many brands, hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, chemical-free, and other all-natural aloe vera baby wipes. And baby wipes are also a must for diapers. Here are the best baby care products you can get in 2022.

  • 07-14 2022 +Read More
    How To Choose The Best Wipes for Baby Skin?

    How to choose the best baby wipes? Pure natural wipes are a safer choice for your children and skin care products. They are alcohol-free, fragrance-free, chemical-free, chlorine-free, and 100% biodegradable. Because they are made from different organic extracts, they are not only good for the environment but also good for the skin that uses them. Then they may cause allergic reactions.

  • 07-10 2022 +Read More
    The 18 Best Facial Wipes for Clear Skin in 2022

    What are the different characteristics of the 13 best facial wipes? Removing makeup is essential to keeping your skin healthy, but you may not always find the right time. The perfect solution - are facial makeup remover wipes. Quick and practical, you shouldn't leave the house without them! To keep your face fresh and clean, try wiping your face with cleansing wipes or makeup remover wipes.

  • 06-23 2022 +Read More
    Sywipe, Unite Together to Fight The Epidemic!

    At the donation ceremony, Sywipe manufacturers donated 10,000 medical surgical masks, 4,000 medical isolation goggles, 5,000 packs of alcohol wipes, 240 bottles of hand sanitizer worth more than 200,000 yuan, and other anti-epidemic materials to the Red Cross Society of China.

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