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Among the many wet wipe manufacturers and suppliers in the world, Sywipe as a professional wet wipe factory in China is committed to providing excellent wipes to meet a variety of needs and different markets. 
We not only provide high-quality baby care wipes, facial wipes, baby diapers, pet care wipes, adult care wipes, adult diapers, industrial wipes, kitchen paper towels, disinfection wet wipes, anti-fog wipes, toilet tissues, and other wipe supplies.
◉ Also, Sywipe supplies home and industrial cleaning solutions for global buyers. 
◉ Manufacturer of Cleaning Solutions from China Supply One-Stop Cleaning Solution. 
◉ Sywipe is your trusted partner in China.


Sywipe factory can customize all kinds of wet wipes is what you need. We have more than 20 years of experience in customizing Wet Wipe products and supplying cleaning supplies solutions for our customers. 


Sywipe makes customizable private & OEM labeling an easy process. Choose from unique formulations and packaging we've developed. You will be able to make changes and adjustments to the product to develop your own unique wipe products.

Baby Care

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Facial Wipes

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Toilet Paper

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Sywipe is a professional manufacturer of customized cleaning wipes solutions for global customers. Learn More ➔

As a leading wet wipe manufacturer in China, our baby care and adult wipes are plant-based, biodegradable, and made from trees and bamboo from sustainable forests. We're proud to pioneer sustainable solutions our customers can trust.

Pure Water Baby Care Wipes

Our persistent innovation is the key to our success as a manufacturer of baby wipes. Baby wipes for sensitive skin, scented or unscented, Sywipe has many choices in this category. For example, we have "water towels"; pure and with as few additives as possible.
Sywipe factory household wipes are safe and gentle on any surface, making it easy and convenient to clean kitchen and bathroom floors. Provides a convenient solution for people pressed for time to clean and care for their home.

Adult Care Wipes

Sywipe, as a global adult wipes manufacturer, our full range of adult wipes products use mild but effective ingredients, raw materials, and formulas, developed under dermatological and toxicological control, to provide hygienic and friendly cleansing and caring for skin solution.
Sywipe as a leading pet wipes manufacturer, our factory ensures pets' eyes, teeth, ears, nose, private parts and fur are completely hygienic. We are dedicated to developing and delivering the best pet care wipes, making it easier to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Welcome to Sywipe Cleaning Products Factory

Sywipe specializes in providing you with a series of wet wipe products such as baby care wipes, baby diapers, adult wipes, facial care wipes, industrial cleaning wipes, kitchen paper towels, degradable flushable wipes, disinfection wipes, and household care cleaning supplies.
As one of the leading wet wipe manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are committed to developing sustainable and environmentally friendly daily clean products. Learn More ➔



Quality first, Reputation, Sincere service.
We strictly control all processes from R&D to production.

We have more than 10 automatic wet wipe production lines.
Our production capacity:500000 packages of wipes per day & 100,000-grade dust-free workshops.



We have much OEM/ODM service and manufacturing experience in wet wipes and can provide customers with personalized customization for your own wet wipes.

If you have any questions, feedback, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to fill out the form and send us an email.
Your email information will be kept strictly confidential, and our business staff will ensure that your private information is absolutely safe! Please read our Privacy Policy.


Sywipe's mission is to provide Innovative, Safty, Efficient, Easy-to-use cleaning products solutions.


               Efficient customer service team: We always inform our young and enthusiastic team             members with the goal of providing more value to our customers.


Sywipe have multiple highly automated equipment and complete quality control procedures to ensure product quality and production capacity.


Sywipe's cleaning products are powerful, easy to clean, and can remove all oil or dirt from hard surfaces.


We strive to create the best quality wet wipe products for our customers, from the manufacturing stage to the final delivery of the products.


Professional team to provide you with professional cleaning care wipes supplies

We have a group of a passionate young team committed to product innovation, to supply customers with professional baby wipes, facial wipes, sterilized wipes, toilet cleaning paper towels, and other services, to create more production value for customers.
Our goal: Make cleaning easier and make the world more beautiful!


Your one-stop clean wipes solutions & supplier for all the latest news, events, and blogs from Sywipe.

What are the different characteristics of the 13 best facial wipes? Removing makeup is essential to keeping your skin healthy, but you may not always find the right time. The perfect solution - are facial makeup remover wipes. Quick and practical, you shouldn't leave the house without them! To keep your face fresh and clean, try wiping your face with cleansing wipes or makeup remover wipes.



How To Use Pet Wipes for Clean Dogs And Cats?

How to use wipes on your pet? The Sywipe factory will carefully produce your pet wet wipes with hypoallergenic ingredients to protect your customers' pets while meeting the cleaning, soothing and moisturizing needs of dogs and cats. Helps ensure your furry companion is comfortable and well protected from head to tail.



The 13 Best Safe Dogs Wipes of 2022

What kind of wipes is safe for dogs? Perfect for dogs and cats, Sywipe wipes are our top choice for pet wipes. Whether it's a cat or a dog, many owners will prepare special pet wipes. Not all dog wipes are durable and safe to use to clean your dog. The main purpose of pet wipes is cleaning, and it's an easy way to keep pets fresh and cuddled.



How To Remove Scratches From Eyeglass Lenses with Wet Wipes?

How do prevent scratches on glasses lenses? When cleaning wipes with individually wrapped pre-moistened disposable lenses, first check the lenses for dust or debris. Avoid scratches. So, toothpaste and baking soda are too rough to repair scratched lenses. Avoid using rough fabric to wipe, it is easy to scratch the lens.



What Is The Difference between Bamboo Pulp Paper And Wood Pulp Paper?

What is wood pulp? In wood pulp production, sawing wood from a tree and removing its bark. The fibers are then separated by mechanical or chemical treatment to create.What is bamboo pulp?Bamboo pulp is paper made by cooking and rinsing bamboo pulp alone or with wood pulp and straw pulp in a reasonable proportion. Used in the manufacture of various papers, including a variety of medium and high-grade paper products.



What Wood Pulp Is Toilet Paper Made Of?

What is wood pulp paper? In wood pulp production, sawing wood from a tree and removing its bark. The fibers are then separated by mechanical or chemical treatment to create.What is bamboo pulp?Bamboo pulp is paper made by cooking and rinsing bamboo pulp alone or with wood pulp and straw pulp in a reasonable proportion. Used in the manufacture of various papers, including a variety of medium and high-grade paper products.

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