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As a leading wet wipes manufacturers, we supply high-quality wipes to retailers and distributors. Our focus is on creating unique and effective products customized  for your store brand and private label needs.
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Among the many wet wipe manufacturers and suppliers in the world, SYWIPE as a professional wet wipe factory in China is committed to providing excellent wipes to meet a variety of needs and different markets. 
We not only provide high-quality baby & toddler care wipes, facial wipes, baby diapers, pet care wipes, adult care wipes, adult diapers, industrial wipes, kitchen paper towels, disinfection wet wipes, anti-fog wipes, moist toilet tissues, electronic wipes, feminine wipes, floor care, and other wipes supplies.
◉ Also, SYWIPE supplies home and industrial cleaning solutions for global buyers. 
◉ Manufacturer of Cleaning Solutions from China Supply One-Stop Cleaning Solution. 
◉ SYWIPE is your trusted partner in China.


SYWIPE factory can customize all kinds of wet wipes is what you need. We have more than 20 years of experience in customizing wet wipes products and supplying cleaning supplies solutions for our customers. More 


SYWIPE makes customizable private & OEM labeling an easy process. Choose from unique formulations and packaging we've developed. You will be able to make changes and adjustments to the product to develop your own unique wipe products.  More
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Since our inception, wet wipes have been our manufacturing expertise, and we have built a solid reputation among consumers, enhancing their trust and confidence. The efforts of every individual in our factory ensure that we earn this trust!


Design, sourcing, manufacturing – our commitment is high-quality products.

Sywipe is a professional manufacturer of customized cleaning wipes solutions for global customers. Learn More ➔

As a leading wet wipe manufacturer in China, our baby care and adult wipes are plant-based, biodegradable, and made from trees and bamboo from sustainable forests. We're proud to pioneer sustainable solutions our customers can trust.

Pure Water Baby Care Wipes

Our relentless commitment to innovation is the key to our success as a babies wipes manufacturer. Sywipe has many options in this category, including biodegradable baby wipes that are suitable for sensitive skin, scented or unscented. For example, we have 'water wipes' that are pure and have minimal additives.
Sywipe household wet wipes are safe and gentle on any surface, making it easy and convenient to clean kitchen and bathroom floors. It provides a convenient solution for busy people to clean and care for their homes.

Adult Care Wipes

Sywipe, as a global manufacturer of adult wet wipes, our entire range of adult wet wipe products are developed with mild yet effective ingredients, materials and formulas under dermatological and toxicological control, providing hygienic and skin-caring solutions for cleaning and caring for the skin.
As a leading manufacturer of pet wipes, Sywipe ensures the complete hygiene of pets' eyes, teeth, ears, nose, private parts, and fur in our factory. We are dedicated to developing and providing the best pet care wipes to make it easier for your pets to stay happy and healthy.

Welcome to Sywipe, the online wet wipe manufactures

Sywipe specializes in providing you with a series of wet wipe products such as baby care wipes, baby diapers, adult wipes, facial care wipes, industrial cleaning wipes, kitchen paper towels, degradable flushable wipes, doggy wipes, disinfection wipes, and household cleaning supplies.
As one of the leading wet wipe manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are committed to developing sustainable and environmentally friendly daily clean products.    Learn More ➔



Our company adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, reputation first, sincere service";
our factory insists on strict control of all processes from research and development to production


Sywipe factory has more than 10 automated wet wipes production lines and a 100,000-level clean workshop. Our production capacity is: we can produce 1 million packs of soft pack wipes and plastic barrel wipes per day.



We have rich OEM/ODM service and manufacturing experience in wet wipes, and can provide personalized private labeling for customers, customizing your own brand of wet wipes.


SYWIPE'S mission is to provide Innovative, Safty, Efficient, Easy-to-use cleaning products solutions.


 Efficient customer service team: We always inform our young and enthusiastic team members with the goal of providing more value to our customers.


SYWIPE have multiple highly automated equipment and complete quality control procedures to ensure product quality and production capacity.


SYWIPE'S cleaning products are powerful, easy to clean, and can remove all oil or dirt from hard surfaces.


We strive to create the best quality wet wipe products for our customers, from the manufacturing stage to the final delivery of the products.

If you have any questions, feedback, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to fill out the form and send us an email.
Your email information will be kept strictly confidential, and our business staff will ensure that your private information is absolutely safe! Please read our Privacy Policy.

Professional team to provide you with professional cleaning care wipes supplies

We have a group of a passionate young team committed to product innovation, to supply customers with professional babies wipes, facial wipes, sterilized wipes, wet toilet paper, and other services, to create more production value for customers.
Our goal: Make cleaning easier and make the world more beautiful!
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Your one-stop clean wipes solutions & supplier for all the latest news, events, and blogs from Sywipe.

Uncover the 10 reasons why bamboo fiber wet toilet paper is the ultimate choice. From its sustainable nature and antibacterial properties to its unmatched comfort, cleanliness, and pH balance, bamboo fiber sets a new standard. Add its biodegradability, cost savings, and positive impact on health and the environment, and you have the perfect hygiene solution. Elevate your experience with bamboo fiber.



How to Use Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Wipes to Clean Dirty Hands?

Industrial settings demand a level of cleanliness far beyond everyday needs. Heavy-duty wipes have emerged as a game-changer, bridging the gap between efficiency and environmental responsibility. These aren't your regular wipes; they're specially formulated to tackle stubborn residues, ensuring worker safety and product quality. Delve into the world of these power-packed wipes and uncover how they're redefining cleanliness standards across industries.



How to Choose Industrial Cleaning Wet Wipes?

Industrial cleaning wet wipes are pivotal in modern cleaning endeavors, blending convenience with efficacy. Their applications span machinery to healthcare, highlighting versatility. However, an informed choice is key. Partnering with trusted industrial wipes suppliers ensures tailored solutions for optimal results in diverse industrial landscapes.



Why are natural baby wipes essential for Newborn Skin Care?

In the evolving realm of neonatal skincare, natural baby wipes have become paramount. Essential for newborns' delicate skin, these wipes exclude harsh chemicals, favoring natural, often organic, ingredients. Clinically endorsed for reducing skin issues, they're also sustainably sourced and environmentally conscious, merging infant skin health with global sustainability.



How to Use Pet Wipes for Clean Dogs and Cats?

Pet Wipes: How to Use Them for Your Furry Friends? Sywipe factory carefully produces your cat and dog wipes with low allergenic ingredients to protect your customers' pets while meeting their needs for cleaning, soothing, and moisturizing. It helps ensure your furry companions feel comfortable and well-protected from head to toe.



Unraveling the Secrets of Kitchen Paper Towels: Life Tips

Uncover the versatility of kitchen paper towels: from smart placement and diverse applications to their environmental footprint. Enhance your kitchen routines and embrace eco-conscious choices with this indispensable tool.

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Committed to higher standards of quality in the wipes industry.


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