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As a leading wet wipes manufacturers, we supply high-quality wipes to retailers and distributors. Our focus is on creating unique and effective products customized  for your store brand and private label needs.
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We proudly manufacture private-label brands for leading global retailers. We are here to help.
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◉  Innovate with SYWIPE-Your partner for premium OEM wet wipes.
◉  As one of leading contract manufacturer of branded wet wipes in China. Sywipe produce high quality eco-friendly wipes for every needs.
◉  Your idea, Our wet wipe manufacturing expertise - Tailored solutions for your brand.


Custom wet wipes oem manufacturing in china


SYWIPE is a leading wet wipes OEM manufacturer in China, specializing in high-quality eco-friendly, biodegradable wipes. Our product line covers v various fields including personal care, baby care, heavy-duty cleaning wipes, and pet care. We boast a team of top industry R&D personnel and state-of-the-art equipment, with a monthly production capacity exceeding 5000 tons. Offering over 1000 types of wet wipes and a variety of exclusive formulations, we cater to diverse market demands. Partner with SYWIPE to make your brand a reality.

Private label wet wipes manufacturer


SYWIPE, a leading wet wipes manufacturer, streamlines the process of customizable private and OEM labeling. Select from our range of unique formulations, substrates, and packaging options that we have meticulously developed. This grants you the flexibility to make changes and adjustments to the product, allowing for the creation of your own distinctive and unique wipe products.

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The SYWIPE factory specializes in the manufacture of customizable flushable wet wipes, offering a diverse range of options tailored to your specific needs. With over 20 years of experience in customizing wet wipe products and providing comprehensive cleaning solutions, we are committed to meeting the unique requirements of our customers.

sustainability and environmental commitment

Pioneering Green Living with Innovative Bambooo Wet Wipes



Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly, Carefully Crafted

Since our inception, wet wipes have been our manufacturing expertise, and we have built a solid reputation among consumers, enhancing their trust and confidence. The efforts of every individual in our factory ensure that we earn this trust! Shop Now


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Wholesale Multi Surface Household Cleaning Wipes, Citrus, 160 Count
Organic Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin with 100% Lyocell Viscose Fibers
OEM Eco-Friendly Bamboo Paper Kitchen Towels Recycled Napkins 50 Sheets
Wholesale Extra Large Flushable Wet Wipes for Adult Elderly 80 Pcs
OEM Tough Plus Wipes ,with Scrubbing Beads, Multi-Surface Industrial Wipes
Wholesale Organic Baby Wipes Water Wipes for Sensitive Skin 80ct


Wet Wipes are Not Only for Personal Care. Discover Their Adaptability in Various Life Scenarios, from Baby Care to Pet Hygiene.
As a leading wet wipe manufacturer in China, our commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect. Our premium biodegradable baby wipes and disposable adult wipes, derived from wood pulp and bamboo pulp, are both plant-based and biodegradable.  Leading the Way in Sustainable Hygiene Solutions ➔






Welcome to SYWIPE, Leaders in Professional Manufacturing and Wet Wipes OEM Services


Since its founding, Sywipe has risen to become a leading manufacturer in Asia,, offering wipes contract manufacturing. Our expertise ensures we create wipes to precise customer specs, and ensure quality through ISO and FDA certifications.

As your strategic OEM partner, Sywipe excels in innovation and sustainability, offering a wide array of products: organic bamboo baby wipes, biodegradable flushable wipes, wet toilet paper, makeup remover wipes, body cleansing wipes, baby diapers, pet wipes, and adult wipes.

Our commitment to meeting diverse market demands with expert advice on product specs and formulations positions us as the preferred choice for private labels and contract manufacturing.


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Our company adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, reputation first, sincere service"; our factory insists on strict control of all processes from research and development to production
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Sywipe factory has more than 10 automated wet wipes production lines and a 100,000-level clean workshop. Our production capacity is: we can produce 1 million packs of soft pack wipes and plastic barrel wipes per day.​​​​​​​
wet wipes oem manufacturers


We have rich OEM/ODM service and manufacturing experience in wet wipes, and can provide personalized private labeling for customers, customizing your own brand of wet wipes.

  MANUFACTURING CAPABILITY                        



Design, sourcing, manufacturing – our commitment is high-quality products.



ProfessionalTeam, Pro Wet Wipes Manufacturing

Our dynamic and passionate team of young innovators is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of product innovation. We go beyond the norm, offering quality OEM services in wet wipes manufacturing to provide our customers with unparalleled solutions. 
Our goal: Make cleaning easier and make the world more beautiful!  Learn More ➔
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Your One-Stop Clean Wipes Solutions & Supplier for All the Latest News, Events, and Blogs from SYWIPE. READ MORE ➜

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    Revolutionize your brand's wet wipe offering with SYWIPE—where innovation meets sustainability. As a premier OEM, we blend two decades of expertise with cutting-edge customization to deliver products that exceed global quality standards. Discover how our eco-friendly, scalable solutions can unlock your brand's full market potential. Read More
  • Wet Wipes OEM and Company Policies


    Unveil our extensive insights on wet wipes, detailing product diversity, customization capabilities, adherence to quality standards, ingredient specifics, and our stringent hygiene protocols. We cater to various needs with a wide array of wet wipes in different sizes, materials, and scents, all produced under the highest quality measures for your safety and satisfaction. Read More
  • What is wet Toilet Tissue?


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    Find the perfect match for your brand with our expert guide to selecting a wet wipes OEM partner in China. Navigate certifications, production capacity, and sustainability practices to ensure quality and align with eco-friendly values. Make an informed decision for your brand's growth and commitment to environmental responsibility. Read More
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