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Factory Supports OEM/ODM Service

Sywipe Clean Company is committed to providing customers with flexible and customized cleaning product design and manufacturing OEM/ODM service solutions.

Our factory's various wet wipes OEM / ODM services cover the entire product life cycle from concept to design, manufacturing, and after-sales service. 
These products come directly from our industrial cleaning wipes and antibacterial wipes independent packaging OEM / ODM team, which benefit customers by reducing manufacturing costs and shortening the delivery cycle of product development. 


Therefore, our customers provide conceptual information and detailed specifications to manufacturers, and we will inform them of the first draft of the design, the total cost of proofing design, and the budgeted cost of each product before the start of the project, and be responsible for customer service. 
Therefore, Shangyi, as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning products in China, our factory will provide customers with personalized specifications, ingredients, aroma types, active substances, packaging materials, and other options. 
And cooperate with customers until all original design requirements are met. 


Product performance

Also, we have a research and development laboratory that can test samples for the first time and customize them according to customer requirements. 
A team of high-tech talents and top elites in the industry will provide you with OEM / ODM services for wet wipes products. 
More importantly, we are located in the world-famous factory in Guangdong, China, and many raw material suppliers are close to our company and maintain long-term cooperation with us, thus speeding up the production process and winning market sales for you.

 The workflow of  OEM & ODM

Deliver the product (cleaning wipes and cloth) within 20 days after you place your order. Typically, the total number of days required to complete an order is at least 20 days, although this depends on the time required to set the final quantity.innovation and pragmatic pursuin excellence。
For OEM projects, we could start with process phase III, or sometimes phase IV for returning orders. Shangyi-wholesale is highly competitive on price and delivery lead time without losing quality control. Let us be your oversea resources starting here. (Livechat , email)
The basic process for manufacturing has been mentioned above. Each step can be performed in parallel.You can choose the necessary steps as needed.
ODM projects normally invovles multiple checking points during design and manufacturing process, like we discussed above. Communication is the key to the success of ODM projects. Shanyi wholesale is here to assist you every step of the way to build your own brand.
Global Cooperation

Our clean and sterilized wipes have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions. We have rich experience in exporting to Europe, America, and South America, which brings more quality assurance and perfect after-sales service.

At the same time, our company has 6 years of production experience, for many years to provide OEM / ODM services for European and American markets, Middle East markets, Southeast Asian markets, and many other countries. For more information about Shangyi cleaning and disinfecting wipes OEM / ODM service, Please WhatsApp: + 86-18927501869 or Email Us :  sales@clean-wipe.com.

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