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You Can Take Alcohol Wipes With You By Plane

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Experts say  75% alcohol hands instant sanitizing wipes can effectively inactivate novel coronavirus, making it a "necessity for family travel" to wipe anywhere. 

However, according to the relevant regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration, passengers are prohibited from carrying combustible materials on board, and 75% medical alcohol can be used for combustion, whether for disinfection or any purpose. 

75% alcohol hands instant sanitizing wipes01

Can I bring alcohol sterilizing wipes to the plane? 

Judge whether the wipes can be brought to the plane according to the concentration and amount of alcoholic liquid contained in the wipes. 

If you carry a wet towel with an alcohol content of 75% and is flammable, under normal circumstances, do not put it on the plane. 

Most hand sanitizers on the market contain high concentrations of alcohol for disinfection, usually between 60% and 80%. 

If the alcohol concentration is less than 70%, you can't take it with you, you can check it, and you should put it in a retail package, no more than 500 milliliters per bottle. 

But you can take alcohol wipes with less than 30% alcohol with you by plane. 

Just make sure that the liquid in it does not exceed 100 milliliters. 

75% alcohol hands instant sanitizing wipes03

Sywipe reminds you what you should pay attention to before boarding: 

1、You'd better arrive at the airport one hour ahead of time. 

2、Please remember to take your ID card and air ticket with you. 

3、Please be sure to go through the formalities half an hour before the plane takes off. 

4. If you have an MP4 or laptop, you can take it with you. 

After passing the security check, you can hand it over to the security inspector and put it on the plane. 

The plane needs to be shut down during take-off and landing and cannot be used. 

5. The capacity of liquid, alcohol sanitizing wipes, sprays, and hairspray containers on the aircraft should not exceed 100 ml and should be placed in a transparent plastic bag with a sealed capacity of 1 liter. 

6. A person can only carry transparent plastic bags of 20cm x 20cm or 15cm x 25cm. 

75% alcohol hands instant sanitizing wipes04

The Sywipe manufacturer finally emphasized. 

Travel during the popular period, while paying attention to personal hygiene, keep in mind the above regulations, more popularity can be more worry-free! 

Therefore, for everyone who conducts security checks during the epidemic, it can be faster and smoother!


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