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We use environmentally friendly materials for sustainable solutions

As one of the leading manufacturers of trusted care wipes and hygiene products in China


We are committed to developing biodegradable materials in our factory.
Sywipe strive to build a sustainable enterprise for our community and the world, ensuring that we are creating a greener and cleaner world for the next generation.

Natural plant dyes promote material sustainability.

Best flushable wet wipe manufacturer.

Washable wet wipes have been around for a long time. Our factory offers the latest washable technology to meet the latest washable industry standards. All our washable wet wipes are made of 100% biodegradable plant fibers.

Sywipe suppliers are committed to producing environmentally friendly biodegradable products. Bamboo is our preferred ingredient for making wipes because it is the best biodegradable component in nature.


Top plant-based wet wipe manufacturer.

Sywipe wet wipe manufacturers integrate modern technology into traditional craftsmanship and develop and apply natural "plant dyes". "Plant dyes" come from plants and other natural sustainable renewable materials.

By using high-quality natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, chamomile, and aloe vera, we can provide a complete range of high-quality wet wipes for the best personal care products, including baby wipes, facial wet tissues, pet care wipes, wet toilet paper, feminine wipes, etc.

Social responsibility.

Our company should reduce toxic loads, prevent pollution, build a healthier planet, and protect our environment and people's health. This is our commitment to sustainable business and environmental responsibility as China's leading personal care wet wipes manufacturer.

Sywipe Approach to Sustainability.

Our factory aims to make sustainable development easier. That's why we're developing products and technologies to help people better understand their impact on the environment and take action.

At Sywipe, we're constantly innovating with biodegradable materials in our core products to help 1 billion people reduce their environmental footprint.

% reduction in use of plastic
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