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How To Protect Yourself With Alcohol Cleaning Wipes During COVID-19 Control?

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How to protect yourself with alcohol cleaning wipes during COVID-19 control?

To do a good job in personal hygiene protection, we can take alcohol cleaning wipes with us to facilitate use on the way to and from work.If you have to take public transport, be sure to wear a mask and avoid touching things on the car on the road.Wash your hands and disinfect your hands when you come home from work, and wipe your phone and buttons with sterilized wipes or 75% alcohol cleaning wipes.Keep the room ventilated and clean and avoid parties.

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Alcohol cleaning wipes are effective office protection assistants.

Consciously accept the temperature test before entering the office building, the body temperature is normal, can enter the office building to work; if the body temperature exceeds 37.2 ℃, please do not enter the building to work, should go home in time to observe and rest, if necessary to go to the hospital; conditional units must often disinfect the elevator room and floor, especially in the button area many times with alcohol cleaning wipes sterilized.

Reduce the number of meetings and reduce attention.The meeting will be held by video whenever possible.The distance between the conference staff should be more than 1 meter, the meeting time should be reduced, and the meeting space should be windowed as far as possible.

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Disinfect the surface of the table with alcohol antibacterial cleaning wipes before eating.

Don't get together for dinner.Avoid eating face-to-face or in groups; restaurants should be sterilized with alcohol cleaning wipes once a day, and tableware should be sterilized at high temperatures.

The operating room should be kept clean and dry, the boards and knives for handling raw and cooked food should be separated, cooked, and cooked thoroughly, and the nutrition should be consistent with the meal.

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If there is no water, use alcohol cleaning wet wipes to wipe your hands.

Proper handwashing is one of the most effective measures to prevent COVID-19.Agencies such as the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization recommend adequate handwashing with soap and tap water.Cooperate with the inspection.

If you have a health check-up and check-up, please be sure to cooperate.


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