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What Wood Pulp Is Toilet Paper Made Of?

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What is the impact of raw materials on the quality of roll paper - China sywipe cleaning supplies factory.

The fibers in different raw materials are different, which can affect the experience of using the roll paper. Generally speaking, the fiber content of "virgin wood pulp" accounts for more than 80%, so the roll paper made of virgin wood pulp is uniform and fine, and the functional pharmaceutical ingredients added to the pulp are less, which is healthier.

There are two main types of virgin wood pulp, hardwood pulp (hardwood pulp) and softwood pulp (softwood pulp). The fibers of hardwood pulp are shorter and softer, which can give the paper a better handle, but it is less strong. Softwood pulp has longer fibers, which increase the flexibility of the paper. Typically, high-quality roll paper has a blend of two wood pulps that make the paper soft and comfortable.

"Pure wood pulp" may contain more recycled material. In the process of regenerating raw pulp, the ink must be removed first and then bleached, and after multiple treatments, qualified toilet paper can be made. Recycled materials are often difficult to control the quality of raw materials, so it is difficult to make truly quality products.

There are many kinds of straw pulp in "virgin pulp paper roll", including wheat straw pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp and so on. These materials have a low fiber content, around 50%.

In recent years, the popular "primary color paper" is almost all made of straw pulp. Because it's not bleached, it gives a healthier feel. However, straw pulp paper feels hard and has low flexibility. In order to improve performance, many chemicals need to be added for softening and bleaching during the papermaking process. Prolonged use can also irritate the skin.

Therefore, among all the raw materials, the most healthy and comfortable is "virgin wood pulp" paper. However, no matter what kind of roll paper can be used as a substitute for facial tissue, because the testing standards of the two are different, products that meet the standard of roll paper may not meet the standard of facial tissue. Therefore, the mixed wood pulp roll paper is only good for toilet paper and cleaning paper.

The difference between wood pulp, virgin wood pulp, virgin pulp, virgin wood pulp

1. Wood pulp refers to pulp made from wood chips cooking and extracting fibers;


2. Primary pulp refers to pure primary fibers, which are divided into wood pulp, straw pulp, bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, reed pulp, cotton pulp, hemp pulp, mulberry pulp, etc. Manufactured from pure new raw materials (ie virgin fibers);


3. The virgin wood pulp is a kind of virgin pulp. Made directly from wood chips;


4. Pure wood pulp is pulp made from wood, including recycled pulp (waste pulp). There are new raw materials, and there are second-hand raw materials that are mixed, recycled or regenerated.


5. The virgin pulp and virgin wood pulp use new raw materials, which can be used to make high-grade paper towels such as facial tissue, which are of good quality and hygiene.


6. Recycled materials are allowed in wood pulp and pure wood pulp. According to the national hygiene standards, waste paper other than household paper, medical paper and wrapping paper can be processed into toilet paper, but it should be avoided to wipe the mouth.


7. The name "pure wood pulp" is deceptive, it emphasizes that the raw material of the pulp is 100% wood, but the name only emphasizes that the ingredient is pure wood fiber, which is likely to be recycled pulp made from "virgin wood pulp" paper.

Chinese Sywip manufacturers can summarize these different wood pulp papers into a picture as follows:


How to identify household paper?

  1. Natural color paper and white paper


2. The difference between natural color and white paper:

White paper needs to be bleached pulp, natural paper does not need to be bleached. Products with too high whiteness will have more chemicals added in the manufacturing process. The normal color of paper towels should be ivory white and natural white. The use of unqualified tissues can cause skin itching in mild cases and skin diseases in severe cases. The unbleached natural pulp has a high lignin content, and the produced paper is hard, rough, and has poor water resistance. The paper properties are not particularly different.

3. The difference between roll paper and sheet drawing paper:


1) The disinfection standards of these two types of paper are not at the same level. The total number of allowed colonies per gram of web paper is 500 units; while the total number of allowed colonies per gram of facial tissue is 200 units. Often wipe your mouth with a roll of paper, the bacteria on it will spread through the respiratory tract, digestive juices and digestive tract, which may cause diseases such as enteritis or dysentery.

2) Facial tissue is divided into first-class, first-class and qualified products. The softness, water absorption and toughness are different. Superior products are better, first-class products are second, and qualified products are poor.

3) For scented paper and printed paper, any "patterns" are added later. For printed paper or perfumed paper of poor quality, the ink and essence are easy to adhere to the mouth, sneak into the human body, and affect health.

4)Disinfection grade products should be marked with the words "disinfection grade". Products such as napkins and facial tissues are prohibited from labeling disinfection, sterilization, sterilization, sterilization, medicine, health care, dehumidification, moisturizing, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, etc.

5) Shelf life, generally dry toilet paper is stored for 2-3 years, and expired toilet paper is easy to breed bacteria.

4. Uses of facial tissue paper, toilet paper, wet wipes, and kitchen paper.


1) Facial tissues, facial tissues and napkins are specially used to clean the face. They are soft and skin-friendly and have the highest hygiene requirements. It is safer to wipe the mouth and face. After soaking, it has good toughness and is not easy to break, and paper scraps are not easy to remain on the face when wiping sweat.

2) Toilet paper, the softness of toilet paper is moderate, mainly used when going to the toilet. Qualified toilet paper will not cause harm to the human body,

3) Wet tissue paper contains certain bactericidal ingredients. When it is inconvenient to wash hands when going out, using wet tissue paper can effectively clean and sterilize. It is best not to use it to wipe your face. The facial skin is relatively fragile, and the bactericidal ingredients in it can easily cause itching, redness, and swelling.

4) Kitchen paper, with good water and oil absorption, the paper is larger and thicker, which is very suitable for cleaning kitchen utensils, glass windows, mirrors, tables, etc.


5) Disposable toilet seat cover paper is the seat cushion on the toilet. When going to the toilet, the butt and the contact surface of the toilet play a protective role. For example, hygienic, comfortable, sitting without ice in winter.

The shape of the toilet seat can be determined according to the toilet. There are various materials, such as cotton, leather, bamboo charcoal, paper, etc. Generally, disposable thin transparent paper towel pads are common in public places. The designs are also colorful.


How to choose tissue paper?

1) Look at the product details at the bottom of the package, and pay attention to the exact font size and raw materials of the product. It is a regular product issued by the health administrative department above the provincial level, and the raw wood pulp is the best raw material of the product. The production date is generally at the bottom.

2) High-quality products, soft and delicate, no lint, no powder, good toughness, pure and no stains, can be flushed after the toilet is wet. Some household paper produced from recycled waste paper pulp has too high wet strength agent, which is easy to block the toilet. Due to the long fibers, the original bamboo and wood pulp paper has high tensile force, good toughness, and is not easy to break, while the paper of poor quality has irregular small holes and loose powder.

3) Smell it, the smell of chemical agent appears, indicating that the bleaching agent content is high. Scented, avoid wiping your mouth.

4) After opening, it is best to use up the paper towels within 1 month to reduce contact with the air and prevent moisture from breeding bacteria.

5) Wet tissue paper can not replace hand washing, you still need to wash your hands after using wet tissue paper. The liquid content of wet tissue paper is generally 80%, the main components are water and bactericidal drugs, and chemical preparations are added to the wet tissue paper.

6) Good toilet paper is white ash after burning. All wood pulp papers are degradable and flushable.

7) Appearance, packaging and sealing should be neat and firm without damage. The paper surface is clean, without obvious dead folds, incomplete, damaged, hard lumps, raw grass tendons, pulp lumps and other paper diseases and impurities.


The difference between toilet paper and tissue paper

Toilet paper can be said that we use it every day, but many people use it wrong! Take a pack of tissues to go to the toilet, tear a piece of toilet paper to wipe your mouth, how often do you do this? Many people are confused about the difference between toilet paper and facial tissue, and it's common to mix the two.

You might say, what's so weird about this? My life doesn't need to be so subtle. However, we will say that there is a big difference between toilet paper and facial tissue. Once used improperly, it will affect our health over time!

1. Different uses

Toilet paper is used to wipe the butt, and tissue paper is used to wipe the hands and the face; qualified toilet paper does not have wet toughness (that is, the toughness in the wet state), and the toilet paper must be broken after being soaked with water, so There will be no problem of clogging the toilet. The tissue paper must have sufficient toughness, so it is dry in the dry state, and tear-resistant in the wet state.

2. Different bacterial content

Toilet paper has no more than 600 bacterial colonies per gram, while tissue paper is much stricter, with no more than 200 per gram.

3. Different wood pulp for papermaking

The national standard allows the use of recycled pulp to make toilet paper, but the production of tissue paper cannot use recycled pulp, and must use virgin pulp, such as virgin wood pulp, bamboo pulp, and straw pulp.

4. The requirements for containing fluorescent whitening agents are different

In my country's standards for tissue paper, "no migration of fluorescent whitening agents" is required, but there is no such requirement for toilet paper.

5. Will yellow-yellow "natural paper" be better?

"Natural paper", which claims to be unbleached and more environmentally friendly, has become popular over the years and is also selling for much more than finely finished white paper. But the quality and expensiveness do not mean that the quality can beat the white paper.

The reason why the unbleached paper is yellow is because it contains a lot of small molecular organics, especially the phenols with color, they are easy to volatilize and emit some odor. Without bleaching, these unbleached papers are prone to smell of hay.

6. Experiment time

The experimenter took an ultraviolet lamp and irradiated the sample at a wavelength of 365 nanometers. If the cardboard contains optical brighteners, this blue flake-like phenomenon will appear under the ultraviolet lamp.


The possible hazards of poor quality paper towels

1. Damage to the nervous system and blood system

Some tissue manufacturers use recycled paper for their production. At the same time, in order to adjust the brightness, texture and color of paper, manufacturers often add deinking agents, talc, etc. in the production process. Regularly wiping your mouth with this toilet paper may introduce harmful substances into the body, thereby damaging the nervous system and blood system.

2. May induce hepatitis and dysentery

Paper towels made from recycled paper may contain many bacteria and fungi. Even with disinfection during production, these microorganisms inevitably remain. The use of such tissues is associated with the risk of enteritis, dysentery and even hepatitis.

3. Causes skin inflammation

According to some dermatologists, the long-term use of low-quality toilet paper makes human skin more exposed to bacteria and fungi, which can easily lead to allergic problems such as dermatitis. Children and women have delicate skin and need even more attention.

4. Induce respiratory problems

Whitening agents and talc powder may remain in poor-quality toilet paper. After wiping the nose and mouth, dust may enter the respiratory tract along the nasal cavity, causing respiratory problems.

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