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For product development, customized wet wipe contract manufacturing, formulations, containers, packaging, wiping substrates, as well as legal compliance.

 ◉ Design;
 ◉ Packaging;
 ◉ Substrate;
 ◉ Formulations

SYWIPE Wet Wipes Factory Product Seminar

How do We Make Wipes

We communicate and coordinate to plan decisions.
Share your wishes and ideas.
We quote, sign the contract, then we start designing and manufacturing.
We provide you with the best price and service.
We complete tasks and deliver goods.
Share your feedback.
OEM Customization​​​​​​​
Customize your wet wipe brand with our simple step-by-step process.
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Professional Quality
Picture Selection
Use clear and vivid design on your packaging to briefly describe your wet wipes and company.
Content Description
Use clear and vivid design on your packaging to briefly describe your wet wipes and company.
Your Logo
Add photos to the wet wipe packaging to showcase product features.
As one of the world's leading manufacturers of wet wipes, we offer a variety of packaging materials and methods to meet our customers' needs. Our products include baby wipes and adult wipes, among other types, each of which undergoes testing and validation by laboratories and institutions to ensure their safety and efficacy.


Explore our wet wipe substrates tailored to your needs:

Non-Woven Fabric:

• Engineered using advanced, eco-friendly processes.
• Boasts high strength, breathability, and cost-effectiveness.
• Versatile for ordinary wet wipes, masks, sanitary napkins, and more.


• Fast-growing, antibacterial plant.
• Our bamboo base material, derived from 100% plant-based compounds, undergoes meticulous processing for biodegradability and compostability.
• Offers exceptional softness, absorbency, and environmental friendliness.
• Rich in natural nutrients for skin nourishment and protection.

Cotton Fiber:

• Soft, absorbent, and gentle on the skin.
• Ideal for premium, refreshing wet wipes.

Wood Pulp Fiber:

• Derived from natural wood sources.
• Enhances liquid absorption, ensuring thorough cleaning.
• Perfect for wipes designed for various applications.

Optimize your wet wipes with our specialized OEM services. Contact us for tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements. 


Pioneering innovation in wet wipes, we proudly introduce a variety of formulations under our factory. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond baby care wipes , wet toilet paper, encompassing a wide range of applications.

Unparalleled Purity:

Rigorous quality controls ensure the highest standards in all our wet wipe variants.
Varied formulations meticulously tested for safety and efficacy.

Natural Ingredients, Minimalistic Approach:

Trace amounts of natural elements, such as grapefruit seed extract, ensure unparalleled purity.
No unnecessary additives, or fragrances, for a clean and safe experience.

Nature's Touch, Effective Cleansing:

Harnessing the power of aloe vera, tea tree essential oil, vitamin E, and more.
Formulations designed to clean, moisturize, and protect delicate baby skin.

Environmentally Conscious Choices:

Washable and degradable raw materials for a sustainable impact.
A pledge to reduce our environmental footprint through eco-friendly materials and processes.

Explore the diversity of our wet wipe formulations, each meticulously crafted to provide optimal solutions for various needs.

Adult Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Vitamin E
Explore Sywipe Wet Wipes Factory's production capacity and innovation to set a new benchmark in the wet wipes market.
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Committed to higher standards of quality in the wipes industry.

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