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Wholesale Natural Kitchen Countertops Cleaning Wipes, 40 Wipes Per Pack.


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Our premium eco-friendly kitchen countertop cleaning wet wipes redefine cleanliness, effortlessly eliminating food, grease, and grime from countertops and stove surfaces. With wipe dimensions of 8"x11" inches, each wipe covers a large area, ensuring a thorough clean. As trusted kitchen wipes manufacturers, our factory leverages rich experience and cutting-edge technology to deliver top-tier cleaning products. Elevate your kitchen hygiene with Sywipe – where excellence meets innovation!
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  • Kitchen Countertops Surface Cleaning Wet Wipes(40 Wipes per Pack.)


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Sywipe Natural Kitchen Wipes: Unleash the Power of Premium Cleanliness

Elevate your kitchen cleaning experience with Sywipe's innovative kitchen wipes. As reputable kitchen wipes manufacturers, our mainstay product, crafted for your convenience, offers a range of benefits that make it the ideal choice for every kitchen.

Why Sywipe's Kitchen Wipes?

   Convenience: Our biodegradable kitchen wipes are pre-moistened, eliminating the need for additional cleaning solutions. Effortlessly tackle spills and messes without the hassle of extra equipment.

   Time-Saving: Say goodbye to time-consuming cleaning tasks. Sywipe's eco-friendly kitchen wipes are designed to help you stay on top of your daily cleaning needs. Address spills promptly, preventing them from becoming stubborn stains.

   Effectiveness: Engineered for superior cleaning and disinfection, our kitchen wipes effectively remove bacteria, germs, and contaminants from various surfaces, ensuring a hygienic kitchen environment.

Exceptional Cleaning Performance:

Our multi-purpose kitchen countertop cleaning wipes, made from high-quality materials, efficiently remove grease, dirt, and debris from stove surfaces. Post-cooking cleanup becomes a breeze, restoring your kitchen to a pristine, bright state.

With deep-cleaning capabilities, our wipes tackle stubborn stains and grease, leaving behind a beautiful, polished surface. From stainless steel stoves to microwave oven doors, ceramic stoves, tiles, chrome, and granite, Sywipe's kitchen wipes for grease handle it all.

The generously sized design covers a significant area (8"x11" per sheet), ensuring a quick and thorough cleaning process. Simple to use, just grab a wipe and effortlessly remove dirt and grease. Let our wipes become your reliable kitchen assistant, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene amid your busy cooking life.

Eco-Friendly Excellence:

   100% Compostable: Crafted from FSC-certified bamboo fibers, our kitchen wipes are compostable after use, contributing to waste reduction.

   Sustainable Bamboo: Derived from sustainably grown bamboo fibers, our wipes are environmentally friendly, taking only about three months to regenerate after harvesting.

   Forest Conservation: Join us in forest conservation efforts. We partner with The Nature Conservancy to support Indigenous-led conservation in Alaska's Tongass Rainforest, promoting community authority and climate action.

Choose Sywipe's kitchen wipes, crafted by experienced kitchen wipes manufacturers, for a seamless blend of convenience, effectiveness, and eco-consciousness. Elevate your kitchen cleaning routine with Sywipe!


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Product Name Kitchen Countertops Surface Cleaning Wet Wipes(40 Wipes, 1Pack.)
Delivery 15-25 days, Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen
Certificates FDA / MSDS

Sizes cm

20*30CM or  Customized


From 40gsm to 80gsm, It's up to you.


Nonwoven/ Spunlace/ Bamboo/ Fiber/ Cotton/ Polyester etc.

Material Types

Plain, Pearlet, Big pearl, Mesh etc.


Such as chamomile, Green Tea, Johnson, Cucumber, Rose etc, for your choice.


From 30pc to 300pcs for your choice.

Packing Bags

Normal or Aluminized PE/PET plastic film material, Plastic canister/Plastic Tub/ Paper Box, Kraft Paper and others.


Customized by PANTONE.


OEM &ODM, Customized All Specification, One to One Communication, Free Samples, Providing Factory Inspection


Elevate Your Kitchen Cleaning with Our Wet Wipes!

Features & Benefits of Kitchen Wipe :

   Easy to Use:

       Pre-moistened and ready-to-use for quick, hassle-free cleaning.

       No measuring or mixing, eliminating concerns about harsh chemicals or dirty hands.


       Portable and ideal for on-the-go messes in the car or during a picnic.

       Saves time by avoiding the need to fetch all your cleaning supplies.


       Versatile kitchen countertop wipes for cleaning various kitchen surfaces—countertops, stovetops, sinks, and appliances.

       Effectively removes food stains, grease, and grime.


       Formulated to kill bacteria and germs, ensuring a clean and hygienic kitchen.

       Disposable nature reduces the risk of cross-contamination; simply toss them in the trash.


China Factory  


Wipes Product Line  


OEM&ODM Service  


Quality screening  


Factory Team  




Certificat FDA


Certificat MSDS 

About factory:

Since 2014, we have been engaged in China manufacturers of all kinds of clean wet wipes rags. Our products are exported to more than 50 countries around the Global. Welcome OEM / ODM, you can also become our brand agent or distributor.

1. How can I get some samples?

A: We are pleased to offer the sample to you.

2. Are you a factory? A: Yes. Our factory have specialized in this field about 6 Years.

3. Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

A: Our factory is located in Panyu district, Guangzhou. We are warmly welcome to visit us.

4. What is the delivery time? A: It depends on the quantity you order.

5. What is your MOQ? A: MOQ: 5000pcs.

6. What money are you trading by?.Can you accept the rate be fixed during whole order if not RMB? A: We are doing international business by RMB / USD / HKD / EURO /POUND. Yes, the rate can be fixed during whole order by contact.

7. Are your prices be honest without bargain space? A: we always trying best to quote best price to our customers, but sometimes it depend on your quantity. 

Please note: the above are our hot-selling specifications, regarding packaging, materials, sizes, flavors,etc.. If you have your own idea, we can also provide OEM service for you.


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