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How To Keep The Kitchen Clean Daily?

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Unless you never use your kitchen, it's very likely that it will quickly become mess-oil stains and splashes are an important part of the mess on Kitchen countertop, stoves, cabinets, backsplashes, kitchen floors, and other surfaces. Stubborn grease may be difficult to clean up, but finding the right kitchen grease cleaner is not necessarily easy. Sywipe heavy-duty wipes are the perfect kitchen cleaning wipes that can easily remove the most stubborn grease and other stains.


But every time the range hood is used up, there must be a layer of oil on it, and the surface is easy to wipe, mainly in the groove of the range hood. When cooking or frying on the stove, the range hood on the stove is very suitable for cleaning. Smoke and grease drip in the air-but if it is not cleaned regularly, dirt will quickly accumulate and stay around.



1. Easier way to clean kitchen oil stains

Grease spills and stains in the kitchen can be overwhelming. Cleaning them does not necessarily require the use of the correct kitchen grease remover. With Sywipe kitchen wipes, you can easily say goodbye to oil stains and remove nasty oil stains on the kitchen countertop. Our kitchen cleaning wipes have built-in Bond Buster™ technology that can absorb grease and can be easily wiped with little or no scrubbing.

For long-term stubborn grease, take out the durable Sywipe cleaning wipes and wipe them.

2. The kitchen floor oil stains are too difficult to clean

We can prepare a mop for the kitchen, moisten the mop during cleaning, pour in the right amount of vinegar, and then mop the floor, we will find that the floor will be very clean compared to mopping with tap water. The oil stains can be easily removed. You can also use the expired bread to wipe off the oil stains that have gathered together. The bread contains starch that can easily absorb the fat, and the expired bread will not be wasted.

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3. Clean the gas stove

If you want to cook, you must use a gas stove. However, when cooking, sometimes the vegetables will fall out and the oil stains will also splash out. When cleaning up, you may wipe it with a damp cloth, but if it takes a long time, it will Accumulate some dirt that is difficult to remove. At this time, the white vinegar we use in our daily cooking comes in handy. Mix the white vinegar with warm water, wipe it with a sponge or use soapy water to achieve a strong decontamination effect. Finally, Fortunately, it can be wiped after cooking, which will make it easier to wipe clean. Choosing Sywipe kitchen cleaning wipes is also the best result.

4. How to remove burnt pots

When the pot is scorched, we can prepare some baking soda, add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add a small tablespoon of baking soda, and boil until the water cools. Pour out the water, and then lightly brush the pot with a sponge. It is easier to remove the burnt part.

5. Clean up oil stains on the lid

Pour water into the pot, add the appropriate amount of detergent, reverse the lid on the pot, wait for the water to boil, the steam in the pot will cover the lid, boil for a few minutes, the oil stains on the lid will be When it becomes soft, it is easy to clean. Say goodbye to the greasy lid.

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6. How to clean the tiles

When cooking, the oil will usually splash on the tiles on the wall. If it is not cleaned, it will easily accumulate more oil stains, and it will be more difficult to clean. We can prepare an empty mineral water bottle, add half a bottle of water, and pour it into one. Spoon washing powder, two spoons of vinegar, three spoons of alcohol, shake well, poke a few small holes in the lid, spray it on a moist sponge, you can easily remove the oil stains on the tiles.

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7. How to clean the sink

After washing the dishes, there will always be some dirt that is difficult to wash off in the sink. We can sprinkle salt in the sink instead of adding water. After wiping with a sponge, rinse with water a few times, and it will be very clean.

How to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic

8. Refrigerator cleaning

The refrigerator is also an integral part of the kitchen. After prolonged use, the refrigerator often looks dirty. You can wipe the surface of the refrigerator with warm water. Use a cotton swab to wipe the area with a small slit in the middle. If there is a lot of dust on the back, you can use a vacuum cleaner. Suck away the dust. You can also put some fresh grapefruit peels in the refrigerator to remove odors. Kitchen wipes are also the best choice.


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9. Kitchen cloth cleaning

The rag will turn black and ugly after a long time. You can put the dirty rags in a pot filled with clean water, add raw eggshells, and cook for a few minutes. After drying, it will become a newly bought rag, so when we eat eggs, we don’t need to throw away the eggshells and can be used as waste.

The kitchen easily reflects the characteristics of a person. A clean and comfortable kitchen will make friends at home feel very comfortable. They feel that you are a very careful person. Even the kitchen can handle so delicately. Presumably, your usual style is also a person who makes people feel very warm.


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