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What is the Difference between Bamboo Pulp Paper and Wood Pulp Paper?

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China's manufacturer is the first country in the world to use the bamboo pulp to make paper, with a history of more than a thousand years. Bamboo as a raw material for papermaking developed rapidly in the song dynasty. Due to the immature technology at that time, most of the bamboo paper in the Song Dynasty had no bleaching process, and the paper was the raw material of the natural color yellow; that is, the popular bamboo pulp was natural color paper, but the papermaking process at that time was still very low. Immature, poor paper texture.

The prosperity of bamboo paper in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties created a new chapter in history. The use of "clinker" production and natural bleaching has greatly improved the output of bamboo paper. In the Qing Dynasty, due to the great development of the paper industry, traditional papermaking raw materials such as hemp and bark could no longer meet the needs, and bamboo paper dominated the Qing Dynasty.

Bamboo pulp paper has been a popular tissue paper since ancient times. Most of China's bamboo fiber paper is exported to European and American countries. The advantages of using bamboo pulp paper are that no fluorescent agent is added, a natural antibacterial has good toughness, no paper scraps, and a good water absorption effect. It also saves the environment by not adding bleach.



Many consumers don't understand why simple toilet paper can cause health problems? Let us understand the difference between wood pulp paper and bamboo pulp paper. They are 100% biodegradable. When flushing down the toilet, it can also decompose well.

As the quality of life improves, we pay more and more attention to health issues. Special attention is paid to the comfort and cleanliness of eating, wearing, living, and walking in daily life, but people often overlook the most common partner around them-toilet paper!

White paper towels are often used in meals and daily life. We don't know that the chlorine, benzene, and phosphorus in the white paper will enter the human body when we wipe our mouths, touch food, and wipe our hands. Long-term use may even cause cancer.

1. Comparison of materials


The material of wood pulp towels is selected from wood. The growth cycle of wood is relatively slow. Paper towels made from inferior wood pulp are rough, loose, with many holes, and poor expansion strength. After wiping clothes, they will leave paper scraps and lint, which will affect the use. After the wood pulp paper is refined, the color is darker. In order to achieve the whitening effect, some chemical fluorescent agents are used to make the paper "white". Long-term use will endanger our health.


Bamboo pulp towel is paper produced by using bamboo pulp or a reasonable ratio with wood pulp and straw pulp through cooking, rinsing, and other papermaking processes. The performance of bamboo pulp is between softwood and hardwood, which is significantly better than grass pulp. It can replace hardwood pulp and reduce the consumption of softwood pulp. It is used to make various papers, including a variety of high-end paper products. The degree of safety is high, nature is more environmentally friendly.



2. Comparison of environmental protection value


Trees have a long growth cycle. If 8 million trees are cut every day, it is equivalent to a forest area of 80 square kilometers.


Bamboo has a short growth cycle and is renewable. Using bamboo instead of trees to make the paper can save 330 million trees from being felled every year. It can maintain a good ecological balance and save resources on the ground.


Most of the bamboo pulp paper is positioned in the high-end market, and the production process cost is slightly different, so the price of bamboo pulp paper is higher than that of wood pulp.



3. Safety comparison

Wood pulp paper is undoubtedly the most commonly used paper towel for female friends, and there are many chemical processing components in wood pulp paper, and it is difficult to guarantee that there will be no bacterial virus contamination. If it is used for a long time in contact with private parts, it is easy to breed bacteria and affect health.


Bamboo pulp paper is a trendy product that is healthier and more environmentally friendly than wood pulp paper. The bamboo quinone of the raw material bamboo has antibacterial and bacteriostatic effects and is a natural beneficial substance. And the bamboo fiber paper has not been bleached, has not been exposed to chemicals, and has not undergone fluorescent treatment. It can safely touch any skin of the body, as safe and hygienic as taking a bath. It is very suitable for women, especially pregnant women, menstruating women, infants, and young children. Secondly, bamboo pulp paper is used in household kitchens to absorb oil, clean food, be safe and hygienic, and use it with confidence.



The importance of choosing bamboo writing paper 

Why do men use bamboo towels paper?

According to relevant census data, before white toilet paper was invented, the proportion of patients with hemorrhoids was very low. Since the white toilet paper, the incidence of anorectal diseases is 59.1%, and hemorrhoids account for 87.25% of all anorectal diseases, of which internal hemorrhoids are the most common, accounting for 52.19% of all anorectal diseases. Male morbidity is very high and can occur at any age. Among them, it is more common in people aged 20 to 40, and it gradually increases with age. So there is a saying of "ten people with nine hemorrhoids". But few people know that some unhygienic and unhealthy white toilet paper is used in the bathroom. Some people even use deinked toilet paper, temporary newspapers, books, etc., which brings great health risks.


bamboo pulp manufacturer china wholesale

Why use bamboo paper in the kitchen?

The kitchen is the place that has the most contact with food. Kitchen countertops and various utensils must be kept clean every day to prevent the growth of bacteria. Kitchen paper towels often come into contact with food, and ordinary paper towels have certain chemical residues, so long-term use will have a certain impact on human health. Therefore, it is safer to use natural bamboo pulp kitchen paper.



Why do women prefer to use bamboo pulp towels?

Most women have sensitive skin, and abuse of unclean toilet paper can cause gynecological discomfort, allergies, itching, and inflammation.


Why should children use bamboo paper?

Infants and young children have delicate skin and poor resistance. Using some dirty paper can cause symptoms such as itching, rashes, and red buttocks on the skin. In cold periods, infants and young children wipe their noses with dirty paper, and chemical molecules flow into the respiratory tract along the nostrils, thereby reducing the baby's immunity and endangering the baby's body. In the process of using bamboo fiber paper for infants and young children, the hazards of chemical raw materials can be avoided, and the secondary hazards of infants and young children in the process of using paper can be maintained.


What is the difference between facial tissue and toilet paper?

1. The manufacturing raw materials and processes used for different papers are different. Among the raw materials for papermaking, virgin pulp refers to pure virgin fibers, which also contain virgin wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, etc. The recycled pulp is easy to understand, it is a slurry made of recycled materials, and there are many impurities in it. In terms of standards, the requirements for facial tissue are relatively high, and recycled pulp is not allowed, while toilet paper can use the recycled pulp.


2. When we buy paper products, we often see whether the product is marked with pure pulp, but most people do not know the difference. If we look at the quality of paper with the naked eye, it is estimated that very few people can tell. From the perspective of making parts, the virgin pulp is of course made from wood, while the bamboo pulp is paper made from bamboo. The difference between wood pulp and virgin wood pulp is the word "natural". If not "natural", it is likely to contain recycled pulp made from recycled materials.

3. In addition to the raw materials mentioned above, the hygiene standards of toilet paper and facial tissue are also different. According to the data, the proportions of ingredients such as humidity, toughness, bacterial content of the paper, and migratory fluorescent whitening agent are all different. It is that the standard of facial tissue is higher, and it is definitely safer to use.


Combining various factors, the saying that "special paper is dedicated" is currently popular. Here, the editor of our factory has the following suggestions: because toilet paper is easy to break when wiping your face, the hand feels relatively rough, and the hygiene standards are not as strict as facial tissue, it is recommended to use sanitary paper as toilet paper; facial tissue has certain moisture resistance, and can be used in wet When used, it can be used to clean the face and hands when wet, but not as a substitute for toilet paper, as it can clog the toilet; use a napkin to wipe your mouth while eating.


What are the characteristics of the bamboo fiber paper produced by Sywipe's Chinese factory?

 Strong antibacterial ability "Bamboo Kun", a natural substance in bamboo ingredients, has an antibacterial effect. According to the analysis of the microbiological testing center, the antibacterial rate of bamboo fiber against Escherichia coli is 96.94%, and that of bamboo fiber against Staphylococcus aureus The rate is 96.21%. Safer and healthier Yuhangren bamboo fiber paper is not bleached and does not contain fluorescent agents, dioxins, xylene, talc, and other harmful components to the human body. Infants and young children can also use it with confidence. The bamboo fiber is soft, strong, and does not shed chips. 


The fiber length is longer, the fiber wall is thick, and the fiber hole is large. It has good air permeability and absorption, soft paper, and strong water absorption. The paper has no paper scraps during use. The three-layer thick paper is not easy to break when wet, and it is stronger when it absorbs water. Excellent comfort. The fiber of bamboo fiber is relatively thin. The cross-section of bamboo fiber is composed of multiple elliptical gaps under the electron microscope of 2000 times. It is hollow. Its air permeability is 3.5 times that of cotton. It is known as " The fiber queen who can breathe", so bamboo fiber has good air permeability and comfort.

Our Chinese factory provides OEM/OD service. If you want to know more information, please contact us online: sales@clean-wipe.com, www.clean-wipe.com.


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