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What Are The 10 Ways To Clean Kitchen Grease?

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The biggest impact of the kitchen is being polluted by oil fume, producing black oil stains, and breeding many bacteria. The impact on kitchen countertop and utensils is very dirty. We all need a very clean kitchen. The kitchen has been used for a long time, and there will inevitably be oil stains.

Doing so makes the kitchen cleaner!

I ask the cleaner to teach you ten tips. It is very practical for everyone, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Say goodbye to kitchen oil dirt! Please use Sywipe kitchen cleaning wipes.



The first little trick: For daily cleaning, just use kitchen wipes directly, and wipe wherever it gets dirty! It is simple, time-saving, labor-saving, and money-saving. Generally speaking, wipe it with a rag first, and then use wet wipes. Whether it is wiping the cooker hood or daily maintenance, it is very practical. Some wet wipes have a sterilization Antibacterial function. Therefore, kitchen wipes are very good cleaning products in 2021. I recommend here the kitchen wipes made by Sywipe China Manufacturer.



The second little trick: use sodium hydroxide to heat water, use a rag to clean the hood, all the stainless steel or plastic materials that can be removed in the kitchen, just put it in the sodium hydroxide heated water for a while, you can easily put it Clean the oil stains. Kitchen wipes are also good to use together.



The third tip: Use grease cleaners. There are many kinds of cleaners. You can choose the one that suits your home according to your daily needs! Dirt cleaners are very practical. Deep cleaning once a week is sufficient. First, clean the area to be cleaned, and then apply it for half an hour before scrubbing. Basically, a brand-new effect can be achieved, especially in the oven and fryer. also, you can try using kitchen cleaning wipes.


The fourth little trick: Use baking soda to heat water, use this method to machine wash the cooker hood at home. As long as there is a large enough container, put the greasy parts into the bubble, and the other parts can be wiped directly with a kitchen rag dipped in water. It is practical and very environmentally friendly.


The fifth little trick: put two paper towels in the range hood oil box, and throw them away if they are dirty. Newspaper can be used on the top of the cabinet, which can be replaced when it is dirty and can also prevent oil stains.


clean kitchen grease


The sixth small trick: every time you clean the kitchen tile walls, add detergent and water to spray evenly on the tiles, or on the stove, range hood, and other places that are prone to oil. It will be very easy to wipe later.


The seventh little trick: put a worry-saving oil cup in the box of the range hood, and put a mixture of detergent and water in it, plus a layer of film. If you don’t have a worry-saving oil cup, just add it directly, or just use kitchen towels.


The eighth little trick: You can put tin foil on the stove head, you can change it if it is dirty, it is very convenient to use, you can also wipe it with kitchen rags.


The ninth little trick: use plastic wrap, wrap the surface of the range hood with plastic wrap, and replace it with a new one after it gets dirty for a while. The vertical wall of the cooktop can also be pasted with plastic wrap, so the oil will not splash on the wall during cooking!


The tenth little trick: toothpaste can clean oily stains very well, and it is very practical.




The above are ten very practical tips. We'd better clean the kitchen immediately after cooking every day. As long as the kitchen utensils and countertop are cleaned every day, there will be no oil stains. The range hood is regularly disassembled and cleaned once a week, and the wall or stove must be cleaned once a day. It is recommended to use kitchen wipes, which are easy to use and antibacterial. From a China manufacturer. 


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