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What Are The 10 Magical Uses of Kitchen Towels Paper?

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When we mentioned the kitchen, I'm afraid most people will think of soot, stains, and similar scenes in their minds. In fact, the kitchen is such a place, so kitchen paper was born. Kitchen paper roll is specially designed and produced for kitchen cleaning. Many of its functions are not comparable to other paper towels. Below I will introduce the functions of kitchen tissue toilet paper.



In the era of not using paper towels to clean grease in the kitchen, Most people will have a rag in the kitchen. This rag is of great significance. You can wipe everything you can think of for washing dishes. Over time, the rag will wear out and bacteria will increase. Even if it is cleaned every day, it cannot prevent the growth of bacteria. So our kitchen paper appeared. Because kitchen paper is a disposable paper towel, long-term use can prevent the growth of bacteria, and in terms of decontamination, kitchen paper and rags are comparable.


When many people use kitchen paper towels, they use the kitchen paper towels to absorb the moisture on the surface of the ingredients before putting them in the pot to prevent oil stars from splashing after cooking. Besides, What is the magical effect of household paper towels in the kitchen?



First、kitchen cleaning

1. Inhale the grease from the range hood

The grease stain in the oil collection box of the range hood is not easy to clean. You can fold the kitchen paper towel into small pieces and stuff it in the oil collection box, and then replace the new towel paper regularly to avoid the trouble of cleaning.

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2. Clean the refrigerator rubber strip

Take a small fruit fork, Wrap it in a kitchen paper towel roll, and then use the tip of the fork to penetrate into the gap of the refrigerator glue strip, you can easily remove the dirt without scratching the glue strip. Dirt from other crevices can also be removed by this method.


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3. Soften stubborn dirt

If there is dripping soup or food residue in the refrigerator, it will become hard and stubborn dirt after freezing, and it will easily scratch the surface of the refrigerator if it is directly scraped. You can apply a paper towel to the hard dirt after dampening it, and it will be easier to clean up after it softens.


4. Remove water stains

In the past, when we wiped the kitchen utensils with a rag, we would leave water stains accidentally, which made our efforts in vain and we had to start all over again. Now that it’s not a problem with kitchen paper. As kitchen paper has a very strong water absorption capacity, the water stains will be gone by just wiping the water stains with kitchen paper a second time. And the kitchen paper is not as easy to break as ordinary paper towels, the point is: it will not slag!


 Second, handle the ingredients

1. Keep vegetables fresh

When vegetables are kept fresh, they can be wrapped in newspapers and then put in the refrigerator, but in this way vegetables are easily stained with ink, they can be wrapped with kitchen paper towels to achieve the same preservation effect. In addition, when making lettuce salad, after washing the lettuce, use a paper towel to dry the surface of the water, the taste of the lettuce will be crisper.

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2. Maintain the umami taste of fish

If sea fish is cleaned with clean water, due to the difference in osmotic pressure, the umami taste of the fish will be lost. Kitchen paper towels can be used to help clean up to keep the sea fish fresh and delicious. Method: After buying the fish, first fold it into a small piece with a kitchen towel, and then scrape the remaining tissue in the belly of the fish with a hard corner to reduce the fishy smell.

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3. Absorb meat blood water

The blood will be released during the thawing of meat. If it is soaked in the blood, the meat will have a poor taste. Therefore, before the meat is frozen and preserved, wrap it with kitchen paper towels, and then wrap a layer of plastic wrap or a fresh-keeping bag on the outside, so that the kitchen paper towels can instantly absorb blood when thawing, and the meat can be more delicious after cooking.

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Three, cooking usage
1. Oil absorption

If you want to make the ribs crispy and don’t want too much fat, you can put a kitchen paper towel on the plate, and then put the ribs on it, be careful not to overlap the ribs, cover with plastic wrap and kitchen paper towels, and then heat in the microwave for about 30 seconds. In this way, the kitchen paper towel will absorb the fat on the ribs, and other fatty foods can also use the same method.

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2. Remove oil slick

Wrap the ice cubes with kitchen paper towels, and then let the kitchen paper towels slide over the soup noodles, the oil on the soup noodles will be absorbed by the kitchen paper towels due to condensation so that the slick oil on the soup noodles can be quickly removed.


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3. Steamed cloth

When steaming frozen buns or steamed buns, if there is no steaming cloth, you can put a few kitchen paper towels on the bottom of the steamer for emergency use.

We mentioned above that kitchen paper is very absorbent, and the most obvious thing in use is to absorb water from food. No matter what kind of food uses kitchen paper to absorb water, we can clearly see that the absorption effect is very good, and the absorption speed is also very fast. Put the sucked food into the pot so that no oil will splash. For more information, Please contact the China factory online, sales@clean-wipe.com, www.clean-wipe.com.


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