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21 Best Baby Wipes For Sensitive Skin in 2023

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Baby wipes are specially made for babies. Compared with adult wipes, baby wipes have relatively high requirements because babies' skin is very delicate and prone to allergies. Sywipe is a Chinese manufacturer that helps you choose the best baby wipes for your child.


How to choose the right baby wipes for sensitive skin?

Good baby wipes must balance good security with a comfortable user experience. The ingredients are very important to the quality of the wipes. In order to achieve the moisturizing and sterilizing effects required by the product, different brands of wet wipes have different ingredients. Good wipes contain natural moisturizing and skin care ingredients, which can reduce the damage of external stimuli to the small buttocks and reduce the occurrence of "red buttocks". Therefore, the ingredients are the first aspects that Mommy needs to pay attention to when purchasing wet wipes.


Here are a few things you need to know before shopping for the best baby wipes:

1. Some wet wipes will add disinfectants, fungicides, and other ingredients. Common ingredients are benzalkonium chloride, polyaminopropyl biguanide, cetyl pyridine chloride, etc.

2. Wet wipes are divided into "ordinary wet wipes" and "hygienic wet wipes" in our China market supervision and management. Sanitary napkins contain bactericides that can kill more than 90% of common bacteria and should not be used frequently. The common "hand and mouth wipes" on the market are self-created concepts and do not belong to the prescribed classification. Look at the wipes on your hand if they are labeled "sanitary napkins"

3. The base material (raw material) of wet wipes on the market is generally non-woven fabrics, wood pulp paper, and a small amount of polyester is also used. Polyester is cheap, but it is easy to fluff after wiping. Non-woven fabrics are more flexible and Lightweight, non-toxic, and non-irritating.

4. Biodegradable natural wipes are better for the environment, the first and obvious reason is that they break down faster than non-biodegradable wipes. Many of these are made from natural resources, including purified water, fruit, and even homemade solutions. This means that no chemicals are usually used in the production process of making all-natural wipes. So whether you throw them away or flush them down the drain, you can rest easy knowing you're neither polluting the environment nor harming the natural life around you.

5. The main components of wet wipes are non-woven fabrics and water. The high water content tends to breed bacteria, so preservatives are needed to keep the product hygienic. Most wipes ingredient lists do not list preservatives, but they are not without added preservatives. Because wipes are disposable hygiene products, preservatives are not the main ingredient. Therefore, most of our domestic wet wipe brands do not label preservatives on the packaging. The "no added preservatives" claim may be unreliable.


6. It cannot contain unsafe substances such as alcohol, fluorescent agent, bleaching powder, chemical flavor, and pigment. It is recommended to choose the ones with clear labels on the packaging: fragrance-free, alcohol-free, etc.

7. The normal skin surface is weakly acidic. The data show that the average pH value of the skin of full-term newborns at birth is 6.34, and it will drop to about 5.0 after 4 days. Wet wipes have a cleaning function and are products that often come into contact with a baby's skin. If the pH is neutral or even alkaline, the pH balance of the baby's skin will also be disrupted when wiping. Therefore, it is relatively good to choose a wet wipe that is close to the baby's skin and has a pH value of around 5.0.

8. Bundles will be the most cost-effective as wipes are usually used for diaper changing as well as face, hands and body. So, now we know that baby wipes are different from regular damp cloths or paper towels. Babies' skin is very delicate and needs extra care and protection. So be sure to buy wipes that are hypoallergenic and free of chemicals or other fragrances. Also, consider thicker options, as they're easy to apply and have little to no friction on your baby's delicate skin. Covered or resealable packaging keeps wipes moist and fresh.

In addition, the simpler the content of the product ingredient list, the better. If the label is vague or the ingredients are not clearly written, try to buy baby wipes produced by other factories.


What should I pay attention to when using baby wipes?

1. Before trying it on the baby, parents should try it on the body first. If there is a feeling of alcohol irritation or allergy, do not use it on the baby. This kind of wipes may damage the baby's skin and body.

2. Do not directly use it to rub sensitive parts such as the eyes and eardrums, as well as the baby's genitals, damaged skin, and injured parts.

3. If the baby wipes are non-degradable wipes and insoluble in water, please do not discard them in the toilet to avoid blockage of the sewer.

4. If the skin has wounds or symptoms such as redness, swelling, pain, itching, etc., please try to replace the wet wipes or use ordinary warm water and soft cloth to clean. Or please stop using it and consult a doctor in time.

5. In order to keep baby wipes moist, different types of wipes should be selected according to the actual use.

6. After using the wet wipes, they should be sealed well to keep the wet wipes wet and avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, which will cause the wet wipes to dry and affect the use effect;

7. When using wet wipes in winter, it is recommended to put them on the heater and use them after heating, so as to prevent the baby from being irritated by cold and causing diseases.

8. Be careful not to use wet wipes to wipe the baby's eyes, corners of the mouth, inside the oral cavity, and sensitive parts of privacy. Breastfeeding mothers should also avoid using wet wipes to wipe the breasts and nipples, so as to avoid the residual wet wipes being licked by the baby.

21 Best Baby Wipes Recommended by Sywipe China Factory

If you have used multiple brands of wipes, then you must be able to feel that different brands of baby wipes actually feel very different.

People might think that baby wipes are just wet wipes that do the same thing as any old wet cloth or toilet paper. But baby wipes are a bit more complicated, made with ingredients that pamper your baby's delicate skin. They are convenient and disposable, making the cleaning process safe and easy. So scroll down and pick from our list of the best baby wipes for sensitive skin. Moms can choose according to their preferences.


1. Baby wipes for sensitive skin

Made with natural, non-irritating ingredients, these wipes help soothe and cleanse a baby's sensitive skin. Enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E, these cloth, fragrance-free baby wipes are gentle enough for daily use on the face or buttocks. We use aloe vera in many of our products because it is a great moisturizer and helps soothe dry skin. The cloth-like texture is soft to the touch and cleans delicate skin without irritation.


2. Sywipe Avocado Baby Wipes

Using avocado extract, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, it penetrates deeply into the skin, making it extra soft and caring; 20*20cm large size spunlaced non-woven fabric, which is not easy to tear, and easily cleans hard-to-tangle stains; 100% plant-derived fiber, 7 times of deep purification EDI water, higher cleanliness, weakly acidic PH refers to closer to the baby's skin and gentler;

Formaldehyde-free, alcohol-free, MIT-free, CIT-free, irritation-free, fluorescent-free agent, sensitization-free, and you can rub it with a small mouth.


3. WaterWipes baby wipes

NEW Biodegradable Wipes, Same Formula and Purity: Our Fragrance-Free Original Baby Wipes are clinically proven to cleanse and help protect a baby's delicate skin and contain just 2 ingredients: 99.9% purified water and a drop of fruit extract. For Premature and Newborn Skin: The purest skin deserves the purest baby wipes in the world. Our wipes are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin of premature babies, babies, and newborns.

100% Biodegradable & Plastic-Free Wipes: Our original baby wipes are compostable, plant-based, and biodegradable, so they're better for the planet. Plus, they're hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and contain no artificial fragrances, parabens, or sulfates.


4. Pampers sensitive baby wipes

Pampers Sensitive Wipes are gentler and more soothing wipes than towels and water. Pampers Sensitive wipes are alcohol-free and offer a subtle touch and a unique Softgrip texture that gently wipes baby's skin.


5. Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Baby Wipes

The Kirkland brand was once synonymous with Costco, but these aloe and vitamin E-enriched baby wipes have become so popular that you can now get them on Amazon, Walmart, and other major retailers. While the price is right, parents want more than just affordable prices for these baby wipes. They're super strong and tear-resistant, and hypoallergenic when turned on.


6. Mama Bear Gentle Unscented Baby Wipes

100 Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically Tested Wipes. Suitable for sensitive skin. If you like Huggies Natural Care Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes, we invite you to try Mama Bear Gentle Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes. Simply formulated with chamomile, aloe vera, vitamin E, and triple filtered water with 99% water and botanicals.


7. Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes

Aleva Natural Wipes are a vegan formula made with 100% rayon and natural bamboo plant extracts, ideal for sensitive skin. They are super soft and sturdy, making it safe and easy for babies. The pack includes 480 wipes that are free of phthalates, dyes and other chemicals. Enriched with organic oils to keep skin moisturized and healthy.


8. Kandoo Baby Rinse Wipes

Kandoo brings you diaper wipes for sensitive baby skin. These cleaning cloths are hypoallergenic and rinseable. They are soft and infused with lotion to keep baby's skin moist. Each biodegradable wipe is odorless, the size of two sheets of toilet paper, and free of parabens, alcohol and sulfates.


9. Nice 'N Clean Scented Baby Wipes

Nice 'N Clean Baby Wipes are purified water-based wipes that contain the essence of cucumber, aloe vera, vitamin E, chamomile and green tea. Tencel wipes are super soft and strong, and plant fibers are safe for babies' sensitive skin. They keep the skin hydrated and moisturized while providing effective cleansing. A dispenser with a moisture-proof lid keeps the wipes moist.


10. Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Baby Wipes

Caboo Tree's Bamboo Baby Wipes contain 99.3% natural ingredients and are free of chemicals and additives. Perfect for sensitive baby skin, eco-friendly wipes are made of viscose fiber, which is soft and effective. The three packs include a total of 216 alcohol-free and unscented wipes. Plus, they come with resealable peel-off labels to keep the wipes moist and fresh.


11、Babo Botanicals Moisturizing 3-in-1 Face, Hand & Body Cleansing Wipes

Babo Botanicals brings you 3-in-1 baby wipes for hands, body, and face. Enriched with Babo's Organic Nutri Soothing Complex, including Calendula and Oat Milk, these wipes are made from natural wood pulp. They cleanse gently and provide a light fragrance. Wipes are free of phthalates, parabens, and other harmful chemicals. Cloth fibers are 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic. The dispenser with the lid keeps the wipes moist.


12、 Aveeno Baby Sensitive All Over Wipes

Aveeno Baby Wipes for buttocks, hands, and faces are infused with natural oat extract and aloe vera. They are free of parabens, phthalates, alcohol, and fragrance. The three-pack includes 56 wipes, each of which is hypoallergenic and safe for a baby's delicate skin. Clean, single-use with pH-balanced mobile wipes.


13、 Fisher Price Baby Wipes

Fisher-Price wipes are gentle yet effective; they gently remove impurities, leaving the baby's skin feeling fresh and clean. Made with 99% pure water (water), these water baby wipes are pH balanced and specially developed for newborns and sensitive skin. They are fragrance-free, alcohol-free, paraben free, and free of elemental chlorine or dyes.


14、 Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance-Free Baby Diaper Wipes

Hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and pH balanced to help keep skin healthy. Free from lotions, fragrances, parabens, alcohol and dyes, and elemental chlorine.


15、 The Honest Company baby wipes

100% plant-based baby wipes made with over 99% water. Extra Large, Thick, Soft; Gentle and Durable, Hypoallergenic; Dermatologist Tested. Free of alcohol, parabens, chlorine treatments, and fragrances.


16、 JC N’ Sons Baby Wipes

Our baby wipes are made with Ro purified water and do not rely on any alcohol or harsh chemicals. Each wipe contains 99.9% purified water, aloe vera, and a drop of fruit extract. Gentle cleansing for newborns or babies with sensitive skin. Our formulas and ingredients have been laboratory tested to deliver high-quality performance to prevent or suppress diaper rash and eczema.


17、 Elements Baby Wipes

Elements Sensitive Wipes are made with pharmaceutical-grade purified water, aloe vera, and vitamin E for cleansing and gentle wipes. Each is sturdy, soft, large, and textured for cleaning hands, face, and diaper area.


18、 Dove Baby Wipes

Clean up easily with Dove Baby Wipes. This set contains 50 gentle wipes that provide moisturizing care for your baby's delicate skin. It cleanses impurities and protects the skin from dryness and chafing. The wipes are hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, and dermatologist-recommended. It keeps the baby's skin smooth and soft.


19. Bloom Baby Jumbo Sensitive Wipes

Large wipes mean fewer wipes per job. Not only do these big boys (8 X 7.1 inches) cover a baby's buttocks, they're specially formulated with all-natural ingredients to gently cleanse, protect and nourish delicate skin.

biodegradable baby wipes manufacturer

20、 Bamboo Baby Wipes

If eco-friendly, renewable wipes are high on your must-have list, these Bum Boosa cloth wipes fit the bill: they're made from 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber. Their plant-based formula — including soothing calendula, chamomile, and aloe vera — goes easy on soft toothpaste. Lavender and orange essential oils also make them smell good.


21、 Natracare Organic Cotton Baby Wipes

Soft and gentle organic cotton baby wipes for everyday use on the baby's delicate skin. We use organic cotton cloth infused with organic essential oils like chamomile, apricot, and sweet almond oils. All of this cleanses and refreshes, leaving skin clean and soft.

Perfect for camping, travel, festivals, and picnics!

Article reprint: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatologhttps://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article)

According to clinical trials, phenoxyethanol is neither a primary irritant nor a sensitizer, and therefore, the Committee for the Evaluation of Cosmetic Ingredients (CIR) considers it to be safe at a concentration of less than 1.0%. But in 2008, the FDA issued a warning to breastfeeding mothers not to use a nipple cream that contains phenoxyethanol. Because the cream rubbed on the nipple can easily be licked by the baby while breastfeeding, which can cause the baby to vomit, have diarrhea, and even dehydrate. In addition, France has applied to the European Union, suggesting that the maximum concentration of phenoxyethanol in child care products under three years of age should not exceed 0.4% and that it should not be used in care products in the diaper area. Consider that baby wipes, especially hand and mouth wipes, often touch your baby's lips. Some baby wipes even claim to be "edible for baby", "to wipe mom's breasts", etc. If it contains phenoxyethanol, it may be sucked by the baby and affect the health of the baby.


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