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OEM 100% Native Bamboo Pulp Disposable Moist Toilet Paper Manufacturer


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Our factory has developed a new type of wet toilet paper that is biodegradable and flushable. It is made from 100% natural bamboo fiber and does not contain chlorine bleach or chemical additives. This premium wet wipe has a soft texture and contains extracts such as aloe vera, making it more suitable for cleaning sensitive skin and delicate baby skin. It is safe and comfortable to use.
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  • 100% Native Bamboo Pulp Disposable Moist Toilet Paper
  • SY-MT116
  • 3307900000


Sywipe is one of the leading manufacturers of bamboo based wet toilet paper in China.

We are dedicated to providing private label customization services for global brands and distributors and are your best partner and high-quality supplier.

Our factory's biodegradable wet toilet paper is made from 100% bamboo fiber sourced from sustainable plantations. Bamboo grows significantly faster than traditional tree-based cleaning products, making our products a renewable, safe alternative that is 100% biodegradable and flushable, and environmentally friendly.

Our bamboo wet toilet paper and wipes undergo strict production processes and quality control to ensure their quality and safety. Our products do not contain chemicals such as alcohol, chlorine, and phthalates, making them gentle on sensitive skin, while also providing antibacterial protection to effectively clean and protect your skin.

Bamboo pulp moist toilet paper is a type of moistened sanitary paper. Its main feature is using bamboo pulp as raw material in production while adding the appropriate amount of water and moisturizer to make it more moist and soft, suitable for cleaning the body.

In addition to high-quality, environmentally friendly, safe, and renewable flushable wet toilet paper products, we provide private label customization services to meet your needs. We can tailor product packaging and design to enhance your brand image and market competitiveness based on your brand and market positioning.

What are the uses of bamboo based wet toilet paper?

Biodegradable flushable wet toilet paper is mainly used for cleaning the anal and genital areas to maintain hygiene and reduce the risk of bacterial infections. In addition to this, wet toilet paper can also be used for the following purposes:

1. Stain removal: Wet toilet paper is more effective than regular tissue for cleaning stains and can be used to wipe surfaces such as tables, floors, walls, etc.

2. Skincare: Bamboo-based wet toilet paper can be used for facial masks or for wiping the skin to help maintain skin cleanliness and moisture.

3. Pet cleaning: Wet toilet paper can be used to clean a pet's anal and genital areas, as well as wipe their paws and mouth.

4. Emergency rescue: In outdoor activities, wet toilet paper can clean wounds, wipe the body and tools, etc.

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Product Essential Details:




15-25 days, Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen



  Product Name

 100% Native Bamboo Pulp Moist Toilet Paper

Packing quantity 40pcs

  Wipes Size

  18*20CM or  Customized


No lid or Customized

  Age Group


  Packing Type

  10pcs in one PE bag, or customized


  R.O Water


  60gsm Viscose/Bamboo or customized





  Other Services

  OEM &ODM, Customized All Specification, One to One Communication, Free       Samples, Providing Factory Inspection


Bamboo pulp moist toilet paper has the following advantages over traditional dry tissues or ordinary toilet paper:

1. Softer:

Bamboo pulp moist toilet paper contains moderate water and moisturizers, making the paper softer and less likely to cause skin irritation and friction.

2. Moister:

Bamboo pulp moist toilet paper contains moderate water and moisturizers, which can better maintain a moist state and is more suitable for cleaning the body.

3. More environmentally friendly:

Bamboo pulp is a naturally renewable resource and is more environmentally friendly than other raw materials such as wood pulp. In addition, bamboo pulp moist toilet paper usually does not contain ingredients such as fragrances and dyes, which are safer and more environmentally friendly.

4. More hygienic :

Bamboo pulp moist toilet paper can better clean the body, avoiding the growth and spread of bacteria.

5. More convenient:

Bamboo pulp moist toilet paper can be used directly without adding water, which is more convenient and practical.

In summary, bamboo pulp moist toilet paper is a softer, moister, environmentally friendly, hygienic, and convenient sanitary paper.

Common Problems with Wet Toilet Paper

Can pregnant women and children use it?

Yes, bamboo wet toilet paper is made with a fully green formula, including aloe extract, EDI pure water, which is gentle and non-irritating. It can be safely used by the whole family, especially suitable for women during their menstrual period and for people with hemorrhoids to wipe after defecation.

Can it be thrown into the toilet?

Yes, bamboo-based wet toilet paper uses a dissolvable bamboo pulp process and will automatically decompose after being flushed. It is recommended not to throw more than 2 sheets into the toilet at a time.

Will it stimulate the skin?

No, it won't. Its pH value is acidic and close to that of the skin's pH value. It has passed skin and vaginal mucosa irritation tests, so you can use it with confidence.


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Since 2014, we have been engaged in China manufacturers of all kinds of clean wet wipes rags. Our products are exported to more than 50 countries around the Global. Welcome OEM / ODM, you can also become our brand agent or distributor.

1. How can I get some samples?

A: We are pleased to offer the sample to you.

2. Are you a factory? A: Yes. Our factory have specialized in this field about 6 Years.

3. Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

A: Our factory is located in Panyu district, Guangzhou. We are warmly welcome to visit us.

4. What is the delivery time? A: It depends on the quantity you order.

5. What is your MOQ? A: MOQ: 5000pcs.

6. What money are you trading by?.Can you accept the rate be fixed during whole order if not RMB? A: We are doing international business by RMB / USD / HKD / EURO /POUND. Yes, the rate can be fixed during whole order by contact.

7. Are your prices be honest without bargain space? A: we always trying best to quote best price to our customers, but sometimes it depend on your quantity. 

Please note: the above are our hot-selling specifications, regarding packaging, materials, sizes, flavors,etc.. If you have your own idea, we can also provide OEM service for you.


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