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Is It Safe To Disinfect Electronic Products With 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaning Wipes?

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Is It Safe To Disinfect Electronic Products With 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaning Wipes?

You can also soak pre-manufacture cleaning wipes, such as unused industrial wipes or baby wipes, in alcohol to make sterilized wipes. After wiping the surface of electronic products with alcohol disinfection wipes, let 70-75% isopropanol solution sit for at least five minutes to effectively kill bacteria.


These alcohol antibacterial disinfecting wipes can quickly clean and disinfect products, pet shelters, and household appliances.wipes-alcohol-05_02

These isopropanol alcohol antiseptic cleaning wipes can quickly clean office supplies such as keyboards, monitors, glass, and mobile phones.

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Which chemicals can be safely used to cleaning and disinfect electronic products?

Usually, chemicals found in household cleaners and even soaps can damage the device's screen, but when using coronavirus (now known as COVID-19), standard soap may not be enough to clean your device.According to Apple's website description, disinfectant wears away the "oil-repellent coating" on the screen, which is designed to keep the screen fingerprint-free and moisture-free.You should avoid cleaning products and abrasive materials that may affect the coating and make your phone more vulnerable to scratches.Apple updated its cleaning recommendations, noting that you can use 70-75% isopropyl  alcohol cleaning wipes or Sywipe sterilization wipes to "gently wipe hard, hole-free surfaces of electronics, such as keyboards, displays, or other external surfaces."

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How to clean the phone screen or tablet computer and other electronic products sterilization?

According to the survey, the average person touches a smartphone more than 2500 times a day.Therefore, it is not surprising that mobile phones and Computer keyboard can leave a lot of bacteria.Some experts estimate that mobile phones contain 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats.The coatings on mobile phones and tablets may fall off, so manufacturers usually recommend using distilled water and a coarse ultra-fine fiber cloth to wipe them off, which does not have a good disinfection effect. you can use non-woven antibacterial cleaning wipes to wipe the keyboard and screen, please use a dry lint-free cloth to wipe the excess liquid.

It is important to make sure that liquid cleaning wipes are not allowed to seep into any surface, as they may seep into cracks and crevices.


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If you can't find any sywipe isopropanol disinfection and cleaning wipes?

Please buy 99% isopropanol, distilled water, spray bottles, and disposable ultra-fine fiber cloth. Mix a solution consisting of 75% alcohol and 25% water and put it in a spray bottle.

Then remove all the protective covers from the phone or tablet, spray the cloth with the solution, and wipe the phone thoroughly.Do not reuse rags.If you are only worried about dirt rather than germs, you can use wipes such as "maintain touch lens cleaning wipes". 


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