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The New Covid-19 Virus Has Attracted Global Attention

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The new COVID-19 virus has attracted global attention. 

With the occurrence of new coronary pneumonia, the COVID-19 epidemic has changed the frequency and mode of communication between countries, regions, and regions, and changed people's lifestyles and habits. 

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Cleaning and hygiene are necessary to course in people's lives, and the quantity and structure of demand have changed greatly. 

Alcohol sterilized wipes as an indispensable component in life, its global market demand, production, distribution, structure, and so on are also undergoing great changes. 

The world needs more cooperation. Shangyi Clean Technology is a leading manufacturer of industrial clean wipes in China, providing better cleaning products for the world's needs. 

Now, a report released by the World Health Organization ((WHO)) has officially approved the sudden spread of four new coronavirus strains around the world, some of which are more contagious, but there is no sign that they exacerbate type B symptoms. Hepatitis. Infected people. 

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The first strains of the virus appeared in late January or early February 2020, while the mutant D614G suddenly replaced the original SARS-CoV-2 strain five months later as a "virus," the report said. 

The bacterial strain is highly contagious and contagious, but does not cause more serious diseases, nor does it change the effectiveness of existing hospital treatments, vaccines, or public health preventive measures. 

The second mutation was found in a mink breeding farm in Danzhou in late January 2020 or early February 2020. 

The mutant, called cluster 5, can reduce the neutralization of human viruses, thereby reducing the degree and duration of immune protection after natural infection. 

It is reported that the virus strain has not been widely spread, so keep some disinfection wipes at home, take precautions in advance, and do a good job in work, living space, and hand cleanliness. 

The third strain of the virus is the most recent highly severe British typhoid virus, which first appeared in the southern state of Georgia. 

Preliminary studies showed that the mutant had high transmission ability, but the severity of the disease did not worsen. 

As of December 30, 2020, the strain had been isolated from 31 other countries in five of the six regions of the World Organization. 

The fourth 501Y.V2 was launched in South Africa on December 18 and spread rapidly in three South African provinces. 

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According to preliminary studies, due to sudden changes in N501Y in the UK, this change is associated with high levels of the virus, suggesting that transmission capacity may increase, but there is no clear evidence that SARS can cause more serious disease or worse results. 

In addition to South Africa, three countries have also developed the virus. 

Please pay more attention to the cleanliness of the environment, strengthen the disinfection of objects in contact with hands, and remove the growth of bacteria on the surface. 

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