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The Invention Relates To A Mobile Phone Sterilized Wet Towel And A Manufacturing Method Thereof.

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Alcohol sterilized wet wipes for mobile phones and how to make them? 

The alcohol sterilized wipes towel is particularly a disinfection wet towel for mobile phones and a production method thereof. the alcohol disinfection wet towel of the invention can also be used for the disinfection of other articles, including landline phones, walkie-talkies, computer keyboards, mice, and other useful fields. 

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As one of the most commonly used communication tools, the mobile phone is widely used by people. Because a mobile phone is carried with you, it can be used to make or answer calls at any time. It not only brings convenience to people but also brings people the opportunity to infect germs. This is mainly because, in daily life, study, work, people will touch or touch all kinds of objects, especially in public places, people are more likely to touch the same object with their hands. 

And the mobile phone is an indispensable communication tool for people to contact with hands, so mobile phones are inevitably caused by varying degrees of pollution, easy to carry germs and bring harm to people's health. similar to mobile phones also include landline phones, computer keyboards, mice, and so on. At present, there are no articles for sterilization and disinfection of these commonly used hand-contact tools that are easy to be infected. 

To have better absorption capacity and feel, the disinfection towel body can be spunlaced cloth. 

The oleic acid can be rapeseed oleic acid or cottonoleic acid or bean oleic acid; water is purified water. 

Alcohol sterilized wet wipes for mobile-01

Making alcohol sterilized wipes includes the following steps: 

(1) first, oleic acid, medical ethanol, and water are mixed to form a mixture, and the volume percentage of each component is oleic acid 0.8% ethanol 1.0% medical ethanol 65%~75% ,water 28%~34%. 

(2) Benzalkonium bromide is added to the mixture and mixed evenly to form a disinfectant solution. The dosage of benzalkonium bromide is 0.8 ~ 1.3 grams per liter of the mixture. 

(3) dip the disinfectant into the body of the disinfectant towel to form a disinfection towel. 

(4) packing disinfection towels, including two kinds of packaging: bagged and barreled. Leading China manufacturer of wipes and cleaning rags


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