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Wet Wipe Factory in China Supports Epidemic Prevention

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Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and Donation Efforts

Recently, our wet wipe factory has been dedicated to mutual assistance in combating the epidemic. After becoming aware of the demand for epidemic prevention materials in schools, Guangzhou Sywipe CleanTechnology Co., Ltd. stepped up, embracing its corporate social responsibility. The company fully supported on-campus epidemic prevention initiatives and donated anti-epidemic materials worth over 2 million yuan, providing free disinfection wipes to the China Welfare Association.



Wet Wipe Manufacturer Supports Guangzhou's Educational Institutions

Since June, as the city transitioned into a new phase of normalized epidemic prevention and management, preparations for school reopenings became imperative. Sywipe Clean Technology, a local wet wipe manufacturer in Guangzhou, promptly reached out to the Chinese Welfare Association upon learning of many schools' epidemic prevention needs. This was a full-hearted move to support the "Epidemic Prevention and Counter-Epidemic Project for Educational Institutions in Guangzhou".


Contributions Towards Epidemic Prevention

Reporters discovered that the epidemic prevention and disinfection products donated by Sywipe totaled over 3.21 million yuan. The donated products comprised disinfectants and antibacterial wipes. Both products are alcohol-free and non-irritating, boasting effective disinfection against a majority of bacteria and fungi. They meet students' continuous usage requirements, ensuring the health and safety of school staff and pupils. It has been reported that these donations will be distributed across primary schools, high schools, kindergartens, and various other educational establishments, including the China Welfare Society Children's Palace.



Chairman's Statement on Epidemic Prevention Contributions

During the donation ceremony, Mr. Tong, the chairman of Sywipe Clean Technology, remarked, "This contribution symbolizes not only Sywipe's social responsibility as a leading private enterprise facing the epidemic but also the company's dedication to fostering children's growth and education." Since 2020, Sywipe Clean Technology has generously donated epidemic prevention materials worth millions of yuan to over 356 educational institutions in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Xinjiang, and beyond. The donations include Sywipe's alcohol disinfection wipes, antibacterial hand sanitizers, and a plethora of other essential disinfecting supplies. These products are not just effective but also convenient and practical, offering robust protection to campuses.


Continued Commitment to Public Welfare

Our core values and sense of responsibility drive us. Through technology and innovation, we provide tangible support to socially disadvantaged groups. It's our fervent hope that both parties continue collaborating on public welfare projects, aiming to enhance the living conditions of impoverished women and children.


United Against the Epidemic

In times of adversity, unity is our strength! We all inhabit this world together. Guangzhou Sywipe Clean Technology will persist in joining forces with all sectors to combat the epidemic, backing frontline personnel with actionable solutions to address their genuine needs. We're committed to triumphing in this invisible battle promptly. As a wet wipe manufacturer focused on anti-epidemic materials, our primary mission this spring extends beyond admiring nature's beauty: we're accelerating material production to bolster epidemic resistance. We remain optimistic that post-epidemic, even more beautiful vistas await us!

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