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Sywipe, Unite Together to Fight The Epidemic!

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Recently, our factory is committed to helping each other in the fight against the epidemic. After learning about the demand for anti-epidemic materials on campus, Guangzhou Sywipe CleanTechnology Co., Ltd. actively fulfilled its corporate social responsibility, fully supported the anti-epidemic work on campus, and donated more than 2 million yuan of anti-epidemic materials - providing free disinfection wipes to the China Welfare Association.



Since June, as the city has entered a new stage of normalized management of epidemic prevention and control, the work of returning to school has been put on the agenda. As a local factory in Guangzhou, after learning about the epidemic prevention needs of many schools, Sywipe Clean Technology took the initiative to contact the Chinese Welfare Association as soon as possible to fully support the "Epidemic Prevention and Anti-epidemic Project of Educational Units in Guangzhou". China Welfare Association".


The reporter learned that the epidemic prevention and disinfection products donated by Sywipe this time totaled more than 30,000 copies, worth more than 3.21 million yuan. The products are disinfectants and antibacterial wipes. The two products are alcohol-free and non-irritating and have good sanitizing against most bacteria and fungi. disinfecting effect, in line with the needs of students for continuous use, and help ensure the health and safety of school teachers and students. It is reported that this batch of donated products will be distributed to primary and secondary kindergartens, China Welfare Society Children's Palace, and many other schools.



At the donation ceremony, Mr. Tong, chairman of Sywipe Clean Technology, said: "This donation of anti-epidemic materials not only represents the social responsibility of Sywipe as an advanced private enterprise in the face of the epidemic but also bears the company's commitment to caring for children's growth and development, To revitalize the enthusiasm for education." Since 2020, Shangyi Clean Technology has donated more than millions of yuan of epidemic prevention materials to more than 356 schools and other units in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Xinjiang, and other places. Epidemic prevention materials include Sywipe alcohol disinfection wipes, antibacterial hand sanitizers, and other abundant disinfection supplies, which are not only efficient, but also convenient and practical, and can provide strong protection for the campus.


We have always adhered to our core values and sense of responsibility and used technology and innovation to provide practical support to groups with social difficulties. It is hoped that the two sides will continue to work together in public welfare undertakings and strive to improve the living conditions of women and children in poverty.


When something goes wrong in an area, all support each other! We are in the same world! Guangzhou Sywipe Clean Technology will continue to fight against the epidemic with all walks of life, support front-line personnel to fight the epidemic with practical actions, solve their actual needs, and win this invisible battle as soon as possible. As a manufacturer of anti-epidemic materials, in addition to enjoying the charming scenery of this spring, we have more important things to do: speed up the production of materials to help fight the epidemic! We always believe that after the epidemic, there will be better scenery waiting for us!


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