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The 13 Best Safe Pet Wipes for Dogs in 2024

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Whether it is a cat or a dog, many owners will prepare special pet paws wipes. But why are pet wipes so popular? When is it appropriate to use it?The main function of pet wipes is to clean. Whether it is a dog or a cat, when their fur or paws are dirty, pet owners can use wet wipes to wipe. After cleaning, dry it with a dry paper towel, there will be a better cleaning effect!

Many times, cats and dogs suffer from tear stains. Slowly conditioning with medicine and food can get better faster, but using a wet tissue to wipe away obvious tears at any time is also a small trick to quickly make your pet look beautiful. And many pet wipes have additional cleaning properties, which are helpful in removing tear stains.

Sometimes when we take pets out to play, they can easily get their paws or hair dirty, and they can't always get water to wash outdoors. With the help of portable pet wipes, never worry about this problem again! If you want to have a better cleaning effect, you might as well try the wipes with an antibacterial effect, which will make you feel more at ease!


How to answer questions about pet wipes?

Pet wipes are a great product to use to keep your dog and cat smelling fresh and reduce odors between baths. They're especially useful when you're back from walking the dog to keep your paws clean.

1.Is there a difference between pet wipes and baby wipes?

PH value: The pH value of humans is 4.5-5.5, while that of pets is 6.7-7.7. The skin of pets is more sensitive than that of babies, so human wipes cannot be used by pets, and pet wipes need to see the pH value before purchasing;

Generally, babies use ordinary wet wipes, which mainly include RO pure water, soft cotton non-woven fabric, natural aloe vera extract, and lotion, while pet wipes include detergents, care agents, and moisturizers, fragrances, etc. cleaning and sterilization.

2.Can you just wipe it with a paper towel?

Every time pets go out, the soles of their feet have some dust, bacteria, or fungi, and they can be wiped directly with a paper towel, not even the dust, let alone bacteria or fungi;

3.Can you just wipe it with a special wet wipes?

Wet rags are more likely to harbor germs! And after wiping, the soles of the pet's feet are wet, which is prone to interdental inflammation.

4.Can wet wipes only wipe pet paws?

Pet-specific wipes can be wiped: paws, eyes, saliva, buttocks, fur, mouth, after defecation, drooling, before going out, and eye secretions.


Choose pet wipes from 4 aspects

There are so many choices of dog wipes available that it can be hard to decide which one is the best. To help make things easier for you, it's worth considering what you need the wipes for. If you're looking for wipes to clean your cat's or dog's ears, you can choose wipes made specifically for ears.

Other considerations include the ingredients and cost of the wipes. If you realize your dog is reacting negatively to a new brand of wipes, stop using them and keep your pet comfortable.

1. In terms of fragrance, it is recommended that you choose unscented ones as much as possible. We all know that fur babies are dozens of times more sensitive to smell than humans. People may feel that there is no smell, but for fur babies, it is very pungent. The ears, nose, mouth, and tongue of fur babies are the same as humans, so the scent will not only stimulate the sense of smell and sneezing but also cause the eyes to tear.

2. In terms of pH, choose a weakly alkaline one, because the skin of cats and dogs is weakly alkaline, and the skin around the eyes that has been covered by dirt is more sensitive, so the use of non-weakly alkaline formula wet tissue will irritate the skin of hairy children.

3. In terms of material, it is recommended that you choose one that is thicker, has a soft contact surface, and is not easily deformed by pulling. Wet wipes with good material make cleaning more convenient and have a better effect, and for some parts that directly touch the skin, it can prevent excessive wiping force on pets, which can lead to broken skin and redness.

4. It is recommended to choose more water content. Too little water content will lead to unclean cleaning. Be sure to pay attention to foam, because wiping with wet wipes is generally not rinsed with water, and foam is generally added with a foaming agent, which may cause skin allergies.

It is recommended that when choosing wet wipes, you should give priority to those with added "sterilization and antibacterial" ingredients, because the hair of cats and dogs is more likely to breed bacteria, and regular cleaning and sterilization will protect the skin from being eroded and infected by bacteria.


The 13 Safest Pet Wipes for Dogs in 2024

Caring for a dog is in many ways similar to caring for a baby. It's your responsibility to make sure your furry friend is always clean and fresh. Unfortunately, bathing your dog all the time is easier said than done. Sywipe factory recommends the following 13 pet wipes to pet customers for you to purchase. Of the many dog wipes available, the most recommended option is the Sywipe factory made pet grooming wipes. These wipes are natural, so they are even suitable for dogs with sensitive skin.


1. Sywipe pet cleaning wipes

Sywipe pet care wipes are formulated with amino acids, 160 pieces per pack, only need to wipe when using, no need to rinse, can effectively remove odor, inhibit bacterial growth, no coloring, safe and healthy. The main function of pet wipes is to quickly clean the pet's body surface, and according to the different ingredients contained in the wet wipes, it will simultaneously achieve the effects of brightening, deodorizing, sterilizing, and relieving itching on the basis of cleaning.


2. Ast pet soft wipes

AST pet wipes, 100 pieces/pack for dogs, pet wipes use aloe vera extract extracted from natural plants, which can effectively block the body odor emitted by pets. After wiping, it can quickly eliminate odor and dirt. It does not contain alcohol. After use, you can rest assured that your pet will lick its hair. It can be used in special periods such as pet injury, illness, and postpartum. It is suitable for wiping feet after walking the dog home, or when it is inconvenient to wash with water.


3. Glandex Gland Hygiene Wipes

Glandex Pet Wipes, help to clean, deodorize, cleanse and moisturize your dog's tender spots after anal gland expression. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, the large, durable cloth soothes and hydrates. Enzyme deodorants help eliminate unpleasant odors.


4. Pogi's Deodorant Wipes

Pogi's deodorant wipes get high marks for their safe ingredients, planet-friendly, and large, respectable size. "They're made without chlorine, fragrance, alcohol and parabens, any harsh chemicals. And with aloe vera and vitamin E for a natural, soft clean. These hypoallergenic dog wipes are not only great for Your puppy but are safe, and it's also eco-friendly. They're made with sustainably harvested bamboo, which allows these dog wipes to break down quickly.


5. Pet MD ear wipes

Pet MD's ear wipes are a top-shelf ear infection prevention. "They're really good at removing excess wax and reducing moisture, and they're gentle and soothing," says B. These wipes are a relief for owners of dog breeds prone to ear odor and infections. He hasn't gotten any infections since I started cleaning his ears constantly with these.


6. Petkin Pet Wipes

Sywipe factory recommends Petkin wipes because they are large, thick, and versatile. They are also specially formulated for dogs (and cats), which is important for maintaining pH levels. But they're great for cleaning your dog's eyes, ears, or even just a quick body rub.


7. Angel's Eye and Tear-stained Wipes

Make tear stains a thing of the past with these textured wipes, making eye and booger removal easier. They are especially good for breeds known for their stubborn, long-lasting staining, such as the Maltese.


8. Well & Good Hypoallergenic Deodorant Wipes

These doggy grooming wet vwipes are hypoallergenic and designed for dogs with sensitive skin. Many dogs (and people) are allergic to artificial fragrances, but you don't need to worry about this brand because they are fragrance-free and have a gentle and soothing formula that helps with odor control.


9. Furbliss Hygiene Pet Wipes

Keeping pets clean has never been easier! Our Furbliss Grooming Wipes are perfect for the daily cleaning of cats and dogs. The hypoallergenic formula contains all-natural ingredients including vitamin E, aloe vera, and skin conditioners to keep your pet's hair shiny and healthy. They also contain Deoplex, an enzymatic deodorant that eliminates unpleasant odors between bathtimes. These extra thick wipes are gentle enough for everyday use to easily cleanse the face, paws, and everything in between!


10. Earthbath All Natural Beauty Wipes

Earthbath Hypoallergenic Beauty Wipes safely and easily wipe away dirt and odors between baths. Easy to clean your pet's dirty paws and undercoat. Removes dander, drool, secretions and attachments from playing in unknown environments. The gentle cleanser deodorizes, refreshes, and cleans as the exotic Hawaiian awapuhi conditions the coat and imparts a healthy glow. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E moisturize the skin and coat. Safe for all animals over 6 weeks old.


11. Kenn & Kitt Dog Grooming Wipes

Kenn & Kitt's dog wipes help clean up dog poop big and small, are odorless, and are safe to use almost anywhere you might need to wipe down. Use them as dog ear wipes, dog paw wipes, dog eye wipes, or as dog butt wipes to clean your pup's delicate back. Deodorant dog wipes are hypoallergenic, pH balanced, and alcohol-free, so even the most sensitive dogs (and humans) can clean without discomfort. Clean and deodorize any caliber of smelly debris with our gentle dog grooming wipes.


12. Dhohoo Dog Wipes

The alcohol and paraben-free formula of Dhohoo Pet Wipes makes them natural and clinically proven safe for pets. You can clean your dog or cat's coat, butt, eyes, ears, paws, and face, the sheets are super soft and gentle.

Enriched with nourishing ingredients, coconut oil, ginger extract, and vitamin E, these pet wipes refresh your pet by removing dirt and dust and restoring moisture to the coat for a smooth, shiny finish.


13. Prime Dog Grooming Wipes

Doggie wipes contain natural ingredients: extra aloe vera, vitamin E, and chamomile, our gentle cleansing wipes help keep fur soft while effectively removing dirt and debris while cleansing and moisturizing for refreshing muddy paws, body, around the buttocks, face, and eyes

Safe Pet Wipes: Pet wipes are alcohol and fragrance-free, use no harsh chemicals to keep pets safe, clean gently, and remove odors without leaving a strong perfume or chemical smell.


10 things you need to know about pet wipes

1. Sywipe's beauty wipes are safe for dogs.

One thing that keeps people away from using dogs paws wipes is that some wipes may contain irritating chemicals. Use Sywipe beauty wipes, free of alcohol and irritating chemicals. All Sywipe beauty wipes are made of natural ingredients.

2. Not all pet wipes are the same.

Clinical evidence from the Journal of Dermatology Care found that wet towels are milder to the skin than using only cotton towels and water because they have soft materials, mild surfactants, and emollients, while towels are more likely to breed and accumulate bacteria. it is not easy to clean and disinfect thoroughly, and long-term use is bad for pet health.

3. Make it affordable to pet owners.

Many people avoid using dog wipes because they are usually more expensive than ordinary cleaning wipes.

It is best to use products specially designed for dogs because their pH values are different from those of us humans. Compared with dog wipes from other factories, Sywipes factory's Grooming Wipes are quite affordable.

4. They're hypoallergenic.

These cleaning wipes for dogs and cats are ideal for people who are allergic to pet dandruff and furry. Our furry friends suffer from allergies like us, and these pet wipes are perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.

5. Deodorant wipes are suitable for pets to use when taking a bath.

Bathing the dog regularly can irritate sensitive skin. In addition to wiping off the dirt, you can also use these wipes on your dogs' coats to keep them fresh for a long time. Sywipe's puppy wipes help eliminate the smell in the bathroom. Use these beauty wipes to easily remove dirt and smell from the dog.

6. They are perfect for cleaning claws.

Most people use pet wipes on their dogs' claws before coming back from a walk. These are good products to wipe off the dirt. This will not only keep your home clean but also prevent irritation to dog claws.

7. They're sustainable.

In addition to the obvious benefits of helping your dog keep clean, these beauty wipes are also earth-friendly. These beauty wipes are made from sustainably harvested bamboo, an environmentally friendly substitute for unsustainable polyester.

8. They are suitable for all pets.

Even for the largest dogs, these plant pet wipes work well. Whether you are a small dog or a very large dog, they are very suitable for keeping your coat clean.

9. They have two choices: essence or no essence.

When buying pet wipes, you can choose tasteless or green tea-scented wipes. If you want your dog to smell like he has just taken a bath, green tea-scented wipes are your best choice.

Even if you use spice-free wipes, your dog will still smell fresh and clean after using wipes.

10.They're botanical.

These dog deodorant wipes are plant-based. Sywipe pet care wipes are made from aloe and vitamin E. The plant base means that these wipes do not contain p-hydroxybenzoate, alcohol, or irritating chemicals. Everything found in them is completely natural.

Matters needing attention:

1. Buying pet wipes should be optimistic about the product qualification and brand, otherwise it will affect the pet's health.

2. Throw away the pet wipes after use. Do not try to soak them with water for repeated use.

3. Some pets may have resistance at the beginning. The owner should appease them, don't force them too much, and let the pets get used to using wet wipes gradually.



Are Pet Puppy Wipes Safe?

Dog wipes are formulated for animal use, and they are completely safe for your pet as long as you use them as directed. Some wipes are not designed to be used around a dog's ears or eyes and can be harmful to these sensitive areas.

Are Baby Wipes Safe for Dogs?

If you run out of dog wipes, you may need to use baby wipes or other wipes to clean your dog. However, this is not desirable for several reasons. First, human skin and dog skin have different pH levels, so human wipes may cause irritation, dryness, or itching to your dog. Also, dogs tend to lick themselves after wiping them, a better option is to wipe your dog with a damp towel.

Can dog wipes be used on other cats?

Some dog wipes are safe for cats and other animals, but not all are. For this reason, you shouldn't assume you can use dog wipes on your other pets. If there is no clear answer, proceed with caution.

Can I wipe my pet's feet and butt?

No problem to use. We select high-quality soft non-woven fabrics, wipe without dirty hands, and have sufficient moisture. It can be used to wipe your feet, wipe your ears and wipe your ass.

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