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How To Use Pet Wipes for Clean Dogs And Cats?

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What are pet wipes good for?

There are more and more pet supplies. From pet cleaning wipes and snacks, to pet smart hardware, to pet insurance in the United States and Europe, and as pets continue to stay in various households, pets seem to be an inseparable part of us. Getting along with them is always painful and happy. Their smiles, simplicity, cuteness, their perseverance, always touch and inspire us again and again.

Therefore, Sywipe's China factory produces pet wipes, which are produced with the same care as human wipes. All of our pet formulations are formulated with non-toxic and animal-safe ingredients to give your pet wipes the performance they need. Sywipe china wet wipes factory recommends that shovel officers prepare some pet wipes for their pets. Pets are often finished, and the hair on the buttocks will be contaminated with some excrement. If it is not wiped clean, it is easy to contaminate other parts of the home, which will also have a certain impact on the pet's health.

Of course, in addition to wiping the bottom, pet wipes can also wipe tears, paws, mouth, etc. Especially for some pets who cannot take a bath in a short time, pet wipes are also a good cleaning product, mainly used for daily cleaning of the following pet body parts.


1. Clean the face.

Some breeds of cats and dogs may get their faces dirty when they eat, and the owner has to bother to wipe the faces of the furry children after each meal.

2. Clean the soles of the feet.

Dogs have to go out for a walk every day, and they have to wipe their

3. Cleaning after going to the toilet.

For pet owners who have cats and dogs, it is not uncommon for them to wipe their pets with wet wipes after they poop. On the one hand, the owner also loves to be clean. On the other hand, sometimes when cats and dogs are not pulling properly, there may be poop residues. It is still necessary to wipe it, otherwise, you may have to wipe the floor or clean the furniture.

4. wound cleaning.

Pet injuries are sometimes hard to avoid, and wipes can also be used to clean wounds.

5. Clean tear stains

Some breeds of cats are prone to tear marks even when healthy. If you don't clean your cat's eyes, they may stick to their eyes for a long time, which can affect their health and of course their appearance. The skin around the cat's eyes is very tender and is not suitable for wiping with dry paper towels. Using large wet wipes is wasteful. So, to clean your cat's eyes and remove tear marks, use special eye wipes, one small plate at a time, easy to use without waste.


Are pet wipes necessary?

As more and more people keep pets, the pet supplies market has developed rapidly, and various pet supplies have sprung up like mushrooms after rain. Among them, the search volume of pets has increased by 67% in the past two years. Wet wipes have always been controversial, and many people feel that there is no need to do this, so are pet wipes really necessary? Today, the Sywipe wet wipes manufacturer will start with a few questions to answer.


1. What is the difference between pet wipes and human wipes?

PH value: The PH value of humans is 4.5-5.5, and the PH value of pets is 6.7-7.7. The skin of pets is more sensitive than that of babies, so human wipes cannot be used by pets, and pet wipes need to see the PH value before purchasing.

2. Can you just wipe it with a paper towel?

Every time pets go out, the soles of their feet occupy part of the dust, bacteria, or fungi. If they are wiped directly with a paper towel, they cannot even wipe away the dust, let alone bacteria or fungi.

3. Can you just wipe it with a special wet rag?

Wet rags are more likely to harbor germs! And after wiping, the soles of the pet's feet are wet, which is prone to interdental inflammation.

4. Can wet wipes only wipe pet paws?

Pet-specific wipes can be wiped: paws, eyes, saliva, buttocks, fur, mouth, after defecation, drooling, before going out, and eye secretions.

5. Do some pets with the self-cleaning ability still need wipes?

Take cats as an example, because cats cannot bathe often, and cat stains or feces that have not been bathed for a long time are easy to form agglomeration with cat hair, especially the hair of long-haired cats is more likely to carry foreign objects, so it is easy to use pet wipes. Cleaning is necessary, and at the same time, it can effectively sterilize and inhibit the formation of bacteria, and protect the healthy growth of cats.

Human skin and pet skin have different PH values, so it is recommended that you use pet wipes.


How to clean dog anal glands?

The dog's anal glands need to be cleaned, but it is not necessary to clean them every time you bathe. Generally speaking, it is enough to clean it several times a year.

1. Preparatory work, usually choose the time to take a shower, place the bathroom, and prepare the tools that need to be used, such as gloves, wipes, and bathing supplies.

2. Settle the dog in a suitable position, here is a very important point! Just keep your dog's butt a safe distance from you! Remember! Then fix the dog's body, taking into account the comfort of the dog. Raise the dog's tail and roll it up to reveal the dog's anus, preferably with someone on the side to help.

How to clean dog anal glands

3. Find the anal glands (at the four and eight o'clock directions near the anus). Check to see if the anal glands are full. If the glands are full, you should feel a slight bulge as you press inward on the underside of the anus.

4. Gently squeeze and use a paper towel to absorb stagnated liquid and pasty secretions. Press your dog's anal glands as hard as you can to press your eyeballs without pain. If you notice white or blood-colored fluid, see your veterinarian see if the puppy's anus is blocked or infected. Anal gland fluid is not smelly, so be prepared.

5. Repeat this process until the anal glands are empty. The movements should be gentle and comfortable for the dog. The puppy may not feel pain but will feel uncomfortable because of the swollen glands. A few times a year is enough. Cleaning out the anal glands too often is not good for your puppy's health, but if your dog has frequent anal gland problems, see your veterinarian.

6. After the cleaning is completed, wash the dog's buttocks and complete the follow-up bathing work.


How to clean your cat's ears?

1. When cleaning the ears of cats, you need to prepare some utensils, such as cotton swabs with commonly used paper rods, pet wipes, tissue paper, a bowl of warm water, and pet ear wash.

2. According to the temperament of your cat, choose an appropriate way to fix it. If your cat is gentle and well-behaved and is used to cleaning its ears, you can put it on your lap and gently clamp it for fixation. If your cat is naughty, is not used to or resists, clean its ears, you can choose to wrap it with a pet bath towel as a fix. After fixing, you can choose to use pet wipes to clean the outer ears of the cat.

3. Dip a cotton swab in warm water or ear lotion, and gently scrub the inside and outside of the ear (the cotton swab must be gentle, not too deep). You can also gently lift the cat's ear, put the ear wash into the cat's ear, then hold the ear with your hand, gently massage the root of the ear, massage for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, release your hand, Let the cat shake the dirt out of the ears by itself. When the cat throws out the dirt in the ears, use pet wipes to help the cat to scrub,

4. Scrub with a cotton swab dipped in warm water. When using the cotton swab, be gentle and careful, and do not touch too deeply.


How to choose 5 kinds of pet cleaning products?

1. Pet cleaning wipes

Pet wipes are a fast and convenient cleaning product with non-woven fabric as a common carrier and water as the main raw material. According to functional requirements, humectants, preservatives, surfactants, bactericides, deodorants, and nutrients will also be added. Substances and other ingredients can be used to clean pet eyes, ears, feet, hair, and other parts.

Propylene glycol and glycerin are commonly used humectant ingredients in pet wipes, and they are also solvents. They can dissolve some of the oil on the skin while keeping the skin moist, and absorb certain stains. Wet wipes generally use resealable soft packaging, which is susceptible to microbial contamination during use, and the moisture at the opening of the wipes will be lost, increasing the probability of fungal growth. Therefore, appropriate preservatives need to be added. It is an aqueous solvent, and phenoxyethanol, methylchloroisothiazolinone/methylisothiazolinone are commonly used as preservatives.

The surfactant in wet wipes is mainly used to clean the grease and dirt on pets. The amount of addition is small, and there will be no foaming or sticky feeling during the wiping process. Mild surfactants such as alkyl sugar street and betaine can be used. Stays on the skin without causing irritation, allergies, etc. Pets' ears, anus, skin, and other parts are prone to breed bacteria. An appropriate amount of antibacterial agents such as pyridine chloride, benzalkonium chloride, silver ions, etc. can inhibit the growth of microorganisms, maintain pets' health and reduce odor.


2. Body wash and dry cleaning powder

Although the skin of dogs and cats is composed of epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous, the skin conditions are quite different. The surface pH of human skin is usually 4.5~6.5, which is slightly acidic; the surface pH of dog and cat pets is usually 6.2-6.2- 8.6, slightly alkaline. There is a lot of pet hair, usually composed of a thick outer coat and soft fluff. The sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands forms an oily waterproof layer on the surface of the skin, wrapping the scales of the hair, making the hair smooth, non-split, and not easy to knot. While providing protection, the hair will collect a lot of dirt and bacteria, so regular cleaning and care of the pet's skin and hair is required.

Commonly used pet shampoos are body washes and dry cleaning powders. At present, most of the pet shower gels on the market extend the formula of shampoo used by humans, with a surfactant as the main active ingredient, and at the same time adding cationic or silicone conditioning agents. Due to the difference in the surface pH of pet and human skin, cleaning agents suitable for human skin cannot be used directly, and pet skin hygiene conditions are different from those of human beings. In addition to oil, dirt, and bacteria, there are necrotic hair, dander, parasites, and feces. Therefore, antibacterial agents and insecticides are also added to pet shampoo. If the pet's skin is in a diseased stage, such as seborrheic dermatitis, shampoos often also contain sulfur and salicylic acid.

3. Toothpaste and Mouthwash

The teeth of animals are very similar to those of humans, from the tissue structure to the jawbone structure. After eating, the residual food between the teeth is fermented in the warm and humid environment of the mouth to provide nutrients for bacteria and adhere to bacteria and their metabolites. On the teeth, it is easy to form dental plaque. If you do not take oral hygiene care, not only will there be an odor, but also a series of oral problems such as caries and periodontal disease. Brushing, gargling, or chewing the teeth can help pets remove tartar, but generally, pets don’t like to brush their teeth, and dogs and cats can’t spit out foam like humans, so pet toothpaste and mouthwash are required to be harmless to pets, and after swallowing Does not cause discomfort.

Pet toothpaste is usually composed of water, friction agent, moisturizing agent, foaming agent, thickening agents, preservatives, fragrances, and functional ingredients. mild. Some toothpaste does not add abrasives andise is gel-like, also known as toothpaste. Calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate are used as friction agents, which are easy to form stones after swallowing, which are harmful to pets. Bone meal, cellulose, etc. can be used as friction agents for pet toothpaste. Bone meal is the raw material of pet mineral feed, which can provide pets with macromineral elements. Insoluble dietary cellulose can promote digestion and defecation, clean the mouth and provide nutrients that are beneficial to pets.

What are pet wipes made of

4.Ear drops

The ear canal of pets is "L" shaped, and most of them are covered with rich ear hairs, which are easy to accumulate grease and dust. Ear drops are generally composed of water, humectants, surfactants, bacteriostatic agents, and insecticides, which can inhibit bacteria and mites, remove oil and deodorize. clean.

5. Deodorant

The individual odor of pets mainly comes from odor glands, saliva, urine, feces, etc. Contact with bacteria, parasites, and viruses will directly affect the formation of odor substances, causing pets to produce odors. The odor gases mainly include nitrogen compounds (ammonia, methylamine), sulfides (hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan), and aliphatic compounds (indole, acrolein, skatole, methane, etc.).

At present, the common pet deodorants on the market mainly include four types: physical type, chemical type, biological type, and plant type. Activated carbon physical deodorant removes odor through physical adsorption of porous substances, and uses intermolecular van der Waals force to adsorb odor substances. Due to the long adsorption time, the deodorization speed is slow, and it tends to be saturated. less effective.



1. What is the use of pet wipes?

Sometimes after a dog defecates, it may stick to a little excrement, which will stain other places. At this time, pet wipes can be used to wipe the buttocks and keep them clean. In addition, pet wipes can also wipe tears, claws, mouths, etc., especially for some cats who cannot take a bath in a short period of time, pet wipes are also good cleaning products.

2. Are pet wipes safe?

Pet wipes are formulated for use on animals and are completely safe for your pet as long as you use them as directed. However, be sure to read the directions on the package so you know where you can and cannot use wipes—some wipes are not designed to be used in a dog's ears or around the eyes, and can be harmful to these sensitive areas.

3. Can dog wipes be used on other pets?

Some dog wipes are safe for cats and other animals, but not all are. For this reason, you shouldn't assume you can use dog wipes on your other pets. Instead, check the wipes' packaging -- most will clearly state whether they can be used on cats -- and proceed with caution if there's no clear answer.

4. Are human wipes safe for dogs?

If you run out of pet wipes, you may want to use baby wipes or other wipes to clean your dog. However, this is not desirable for several reasons. First, human skin and dog skin have different pH levels, says Dr. McCarthy, so human wipes may cause irritation, dryness, or itching to your dog. Also, dogs tend to lick themselves after wiping them off, and the ingredients used in baby wipes may not be safe. A better option is to wipe your dog with a damp towel.


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