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Happy New Year in 2021: SYWIPE Leading Wet Wipes Manufacturing

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Welcoming 2021 with SYWIPE: A Beacon of Wet Wipes Manufacturing in Guangdong

As the curtains fall on 2020, the SYWIPE team, nestled in the heart of Guangdong, extends heartfelt New Year greetings. As you embrace 2021, our wishes for your health and well-being are woven into every product that leaves our manufacturing center.

Our Manufacturing Epicenter in Guangdong

Located in the vibrant industrial landscape of Guangdong, our state-of-the-art manufacturing center stands as a testament to our relentless pursuit of quality, innovation, and excellence. Being in Guangdong, China's manufacturing powerhouse, positions us uniquely as one of the top wet wipes manufacturers in the nation.

SYWIPE: Synonymous with Innovation in Consumer Products

Beyond being one of Guangdong's premier wet wipes manufacturers, Shangyi represents a fusion of ingenuity and reliability. Our cleaning products are a harmonious blend of design and utility. Beyond our products, our comprehensive OEM/ODM services cater to the unique needs of our partners, echoing our ethos of customer-centric innovation.


Diverse Product Portfolio, Rooted in Guangdong's Excellence

Under our esteemed brands, SYWIPE and SYCLEAN, we offer a range of products, from the sought-after 75% alcohol barreled wipes to versatile industrial wipes, nurturing wipes, and premium household papers. The global recognition we receive is a testament to Guangdong's manufacturing prowess, making us the go-to choice for global businesses seeking collaborations with top-tier wet wipes manufacturers. Our latest gem, the industrial wet wipes, is fast gaining traction in markets worldwide, reaffirming Guangdong's and SYWIPE's position on the global map.

As we collectively step into 2021, let the spirit of Guangdong and the assurance of SYWIPE's quality guide us toward a year of prosperity and health.

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