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WHO: Still Need To Be Vigilant

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COVID-19 vaccine

The emergence of vaccines does not mean that countries will usher in zero epidemics.

At the same time, WHO official Ruian pointed out in an online press conference on the 4th that the emergence of vaccines does not mean that countries will usher in zero epidemics.

Ryan said: "Vaccines and injections will add a powerful tool for countries to fight against the new coronavirus, but vaccines alone do not mean that the new coronavirus will disappear." He said that because of this, countries relax and believe that the crisis is over.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also said at the United Nations Covid-19 Summit that the progress of vaccine research and development has made people begin to see the “light at the end of the tunnel”, and WHO’s concern is that more and more people think that “the epidemic” It has passed".

Tan Desai reminded: "Now, the transmission rate of the virus in many parts of the world is still very high, putting huge pressure on hospitals, intensive care units and medical staff."

In addition, WHO Chief Scientist Swaminathan said on the 4th that the WHO hopes that the Global Access Mechanism for Covid-19 Vaccines (COVAX) will obtain at least 2 billion doses of vaccine in 2021, which will provide a boost for the two countries and economies participating in the plan. Adult reproduction.

She said that this number of vaccines should be enough to reduce the death rate of the new crown and reduce the impact on the medical system, thus ending the most critical stage of the epidemic.

Ryan also reminded people to wait patiently for the distribution of the vaccine, because it is estimated that there will not be enough vaccine for everyone at least until early 2021. Tan Desai reiterated the importance of equitable distribution of vaccines around the world.


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