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How To Solve The Fogging of Glasses When Wearing A Mask?

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The COVID-19 epidemic is not over yet, masks still have to be worn, but for people who wear glasses, wearing masks and glasses will fog up and not see clearly, which is really annoying.


The misting characteristics of spectacle lenses

The cause of lens fogging is that water vapor condenses at low temperatures into smaller particles that adhere to or around the lens. When exposed to warmer air, small particles of solid water vapor can liquefy or evaporate, causing the lens to fog up and make it difficult to see.

The most commonly used strategy to solve lens fogging is to reduce the surface tension of fog beads so that the fog beads on the lens aggregate to form an ultra-thin water film. The easiest way is to wear a mask properly and use lens anti-fog wipes to prevent fogging.


Why do my glasses fog up when wearing a mask

Whether it's winter or summer, we more or less experience glasses fogging up. Also, we need to wear masks every day. Fogging on the glasses is the most annoying for people who wear glasses, resulting in unclear vision. And if you don't clean it up in time, the fog won't go away on its own.

Eye fogging is generally caused by the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, exhaling when wearing a mask, aggravating the water vapor in the lens, or fogging of the glasses.


If you don't want to spend more money on anti-fog lenses, you can also buy special glasses anti-fog wipes or anti-fog cleaners, which can form a dense, ultra-thin, and ultra-transparent biological coating on the surface of the lenses to convert fog droplets into Transparent micro-glass layer, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-fog

At present, anti-fog wipes for glasses are usually used in swimming goggles, but in fact, anti-fog wipes are effective on various optical glasses, optical resin sheets, and various coated lenses currently on the market. After smearing, the light transmittance can reach 70%-85%, which is much higher than the light transmittance of about 10% after fogging.


What should I do to prevent my glasses from fogging up? one study, You can try from the following 6 aspects.

Method 1: Use glasses anti-fog wipes

Lens wipes are also called specsavers anti-fog cleaning wipes, English name: Anti-fog wipes is a newly developed product in the wipes industry: glass anti-fog, car window anti-fog, bath mirror anti-fog, glasses cleaning anti-fog, all kinds of lenses The main functions of anti-fog cleaning and maintenance of the lens are anti-fog, defrosting, cleaning, translucent, dust-proof, anti-static, etc.


Glasses anti-fog wipes material:

A: This product is made of bamboo fiber non-woven fabric and nano active agent material, deionized water, surfactant, isopropyl alcohol, medical alcohol, menthol, polyethylene glycol, glycerin, PEG-600, polyvinylpyrrolidone, fragrance, preservatives, and other professional formulas, it can not only remove stubborn oil stains, dust, dirt and glue bug stains on the glass surface, but also has a strong effect of removing the glass oil film, forming a protective film on the glass surface, to prevent the oil film from damaging the glass, affecting driving, and keeping the glass clear and transparent.

B: When the specsavers anti-fog wipes are used outside the car, they can clean the glass; when used in the car in winter, it also has a long-term anti-fog effect. First wipe the product evenly to achieve the effect of cleaning, anti-fog, and defrosting.

C: The anti-fog wipes for glasses are easy to use, immediately used, effective immediately, individually packaged, and easy to carry. Essential supplies for travel.


D: Use thes pecsavers anti-fog wipes produced by the Chinese manufacturer Shangyi. Wipe the glass or lens evenly and wait 3-5 minutes, up to 3-18 days. After the glasses experiment, 100-degree spray has a good effect on glasses, the car is driving at minus 30 degrees, no fog and frost on the glass, good decontamination and anti-fog effect, no corrosion, no pollution, and does not affect the transmittance and reflectivity. It has excellent anti-fog and bright effect, high glass transparency, and improves the safety driving factor.

E: The lens wipes have strong decontamination properties and are effective in cleaning.

F: After using the lens anti-fog wipes, the glass surface is not easy to absorb dust, and the performance is safe and stable.

G: A piece of anti-fogging wipes is enough, which has an excellent anti-fogging effect; the anti-fogging time is long, eliminating the trouble of repeated defogging.

H: Water-based material, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and clean.


Glasses anti-fog wipes use:

A: Anti-fog for internal use: On rainy, foggy, cold days, when there is condensation on the inside of the windshield of the car, take a lens wipes to wipe the condensation evenly to prevent fogging;

B: The lens wipes can effectively remove the dirt and grease on the windshield of the car, make the windshield as bright as new, improve the clarity, and be of great help to driving safety;

C: Glasses anti-fog wipes are specially designed for indoor anti-fog, and have an excellent anti-fog effect on indoor door and window glass and bathroom glass.

D: Glasses anti-fog wipes can be used for ordinary glass cleaning, without corrosion to glass metal, and can also clean heavy oil stains on hands. Suitable for the windshield, ordinary doors, and windows, instrument glass, glasses, etc. It has the functions of preventing fog, frost, dust, keeping the air fresh, calming, and sobering up for 3~18 days. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and harmless to the human body.


The scope of use of anti-fog wipes for glasses:

Plexiglass, inorganic glass, resin glass, optical glass, spectacle lenses, optical lenses, swimming goggle lenses, instrument glass, windshield doors and windows, photographic equipment lenses, high-efficiency anti-fog of high-grade precision glass parts, windshields of airplanes, automobiles, and trains Anti-fog; anti-fog treatment of diving goggle lenses, photographic equipment lenses, medical chemical laboratory equipment lenses, optical instrument lenses, building door and window glass, hotel bathroom wall glass, agricultural plastic greenhouse roofs, etc.

However, when conditions permit, it is best to use professional anti-fog products, such as lens anti-fog wipes and lens anti-fog cloth, which are the best products that are easy to carry when traveling.


Method 2: nose bridge paper towel

Fold a rectangular piece of tissue paper and place it on the bridge of the nose of the disposable mask to fill the gap between the mask and the face, which can also effectively reduce fogging.


Method 3: wash the lens with soapy water

We need to wipe the lenses with soapy water, not particularly hard soap, and then wipe them with a glasses cloth. Pay special attention, do not rinse with water after wiping, otherwise, the lenses will still be very blurred, and it will not prevent the glasses from fogging.


Method 4: clean the lens with detergent

Dip a little cleaner directly on the lens cloth to wipe the lens, a little bit can also prevent the lens from fogging. Remember not to rinse with water here, otherwise, this anti-fog method will fail.

Method 5: glycerin cleaning lens

Apply the glycerin we usually use on the eyeglass lenses and then wipe it with an eyeglass cloth. This effect can generally be maintained for about 5 hours.


Method 6: Buy an anti-fog agent for glasses

Go to the optical store to buy, generally not expensive, spray it on the lens and wipe it, and it will quickly achieve the effect of decontamination and anti-fog. Also, eyes are the closest thing we have to glasses. When choosing an anti-fog agent, you need to choose a big brand. Don't damage your glasses for cheap, it's not worth the loss.

When wearing a mask and glasses fogging up, I think I can tighten the wire bar on the mask when wearing the mask, and tighten it a little closer to the nose. Basically no fog.

Shangyi Company needs to remind you: Do not use toothpaste recommended by remedies, because the particles contained in the toothpaste may wear the lens film, which will not only prevent fogging but also damage the lens.

Avoiding Diagnostic Lens Fogging During the COVID-19 Era: Options to Consider [Letter]

Articles from Clinical Ophthalmology (Auckland, N.Z.) are provided here courtesy of Dove Press

If you want to know more information, please contact our China Shangyi factory, sales@clean-wipe.com.

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