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How To Wear Mask Eyeglasses without Fog?

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Since the epidemic has spread, the entire world has been shrouded in a strong anti-epidemic atmosphere. Wearing a mask is currently the standard equipment for going out. Various novel protective products such as goggles, protective clothing, and protective caps are emerging endlessly. Since the fight against the epidemic is a long battle, we are still not sure when the dawn of victory will come. The comfort and convenience of the equipment are extremely important to our daily lives. Through some simple techniques, even wearing a mask can prevent the glasses from fogging.



We can use a small anti fog wipes to gently wipe the lens of the glasses, wear a mask, and no longer worry about the lens fogging. 

The secret of long-lasting anti-fogging lies in the addition of nano-cellulose to the wet tissue non-woven paper. The products developed by China manufacturers are based on Fogkicker's patented technology, which extracts new natural nano-cellulose materials from plant fibers to prevent fogging. After cleaning the lens with anti-fog wipes, it is equivalent to adding a layer of anti-fog film to the lens. The water molecules exhaled from people's mouths are directly absorbed by the anti-fog film to avoid the formation of water mist on the lens. In addition to its products for glasses and goggles, the products also involve diving (swimming), bathrooms, car windshields, and other fields.

anti fog wipes for safety glasses

Why are your glassxes fogg?

For people who wear eyeglasses, there are a few things: In the worst case, the glasses will fog, which is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous. The field of view was severely restricted within a few seconds. This situation does not only happen in winter when you enter the room from the outside when you stand in the kitchen and open the oven door. Fogging on the glasses will significantly increase the risk of accidents, especially if you did not anticipate them.


You can hardly avoid fogging your eyeglasses. If the temperature difference between the environment and your glasses is large, a layer of fog will form on the lenses. The water vapor on the cold eyes is condensed by the warm indoor air. Only after the temperature adapts again, the water vapor will subside and you can use the glasses normally.


Even if you wear a mask, your glasses will fog up. This is because the hot air you breathe will condense on the glasses, which will seriously affect your vision.



Fogging glasses: Be sure to wear a mask that suits you.

If the glasses fog up when wearing a mask, it is usually because they are not suitable. A lot of air can escape through the upper edge of the mask. Therefore, one of the most common tips is to ensure that the upper edge of the mask is right on the skin. The warm airflow is significantly reduced, and the fogging of the glasses is minimized.


To ensure this, you may have to sew the mask yourself. A thin metal bracket is machined on the upper edge, which can be bent by hand to make it fit your own facial contours. Of course, these metal brackets must be well-made, otherwise, they will quickly squeeze and seriously damage the comfort of wearing.


To ensure this, you may have to sew the mask yourself. A thin metal bracket is machined on the upper edge, which can be bent by hand to make it fit your own facial contours. Of course, these metal brackets must be well made, otherwise, they will quickly squeeze and seriously damage the comfort of wearing.



Wipe the glasses with mild soap and water

Another tip is to wipe the glasses with mild soap and water. In fact, you should clean your glasses regularly, but it is important that the soapy water does not contain any alcohol when using this technique. Otherwise, it will only create an unpleasant movie. The soap film on the glasses is believed to prevent condensation of hot air. After wiping, soapy water will only work for a short time. You should polish your glasses again so that you can see clearly. Do not wash off the soap under any circumstances.

anti fog cloth for glasses

Use tape and foam to improve the fit

If wearing a purchased mask makes your glasses foggy, you can use the following two techniques to solve it. You do not need to master sewing machine skills. Just get some kind of skin-friendly tape. Finally, stick one piece behind the nose and the other on the mask. This will ensure the ventilation of the mask and not too much air will escape.


In addition, we recommend using foam, which is attached to the inside of the mask. Sew the foam onto the mask. Handwork works best because the foam is not easy to process. If you want to use a sewing machine, put some butter bread paper between the foam and the needle. It is easy to remove it after sewing.


Some mask manufacturers also use simple techniques to sew foam directly into the mouth for use by people who wear glasses.


How to wear mask eyeglasses without fog

Clean the eyeglasses with a microfiber cloth

It is helpful to clean the glasses with a microfiber cloth immediately after fogging. The microfiber cloth is particularly absorbent and very easy to absorb water. Do not use cloths made of other materials, as they will quickly scratch and damage the glasses or coating.


You can also use a microfiber cloth to treat the eyeglasses with detergent or soap. Basically, caution is the top priority of these two methods, because it is likely to damage the coating on the glass. This will naturally seriously affect the functional characteristics.


anti fog wipes for glasses

Saliva forms a protective protein film

If you don't want to use detergent or soap, you can use saliva. Your saliva contains various proteins, which then leave a protective film on the glasses. This protein film prevents fogging of the glasses. Similarly, it is best to use a microfiber cloth to wipe saliva. Protein membranes are very effective, but there is a drawback. When I look through my glasses, I always feel that the glasses are a bit dirty. So you have to think about what makes you more annoying.


If you can choose, you can wear contact lenses instead of glasses, thus completely avoiding the problem of glasses fogging.


, anti fog wipes for goggles

Dish washing liquid and water

The ratio of detergent and water is adjusted to a mixture of 1:20, dipped in a fiber towel, wipe evenly on the glasses, and air-dried naturally. The anionic surfactant in the detergent will form a film on the surface of the glasses to remove the fog. Stretch into a water film.


Apply toothpaste

Take a small amount of toothpaste and apply it on the lens. The toothpaste is thicker, and the process of applying it takes more time, and the process of wiping is not easy. The anti-fog effect lasts about 4 hours. (It is recommended to use pure white toothpaste without scrub particles.

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