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How to Wear A Mask and Glasses without Fogging Them Up?

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In the current health climate, wearing masks has become a mainstay in our daily routines. For those wearing glasses, this presents a familiar problem: the annoying fog that forms on the lenses. This condensation, a result of warm breath escaping from the mask and meeting the cooler lens surface, can hinder vision. But, thanks to innovations from "anti-fog wipes manufacturers," there are now effective solutions to this issue.


How do you wear glasses with a mask without fogging up?

With the ongoing epidemic, protective measures like wearing masks have become a daily norm. Complementing masks, products such as goggles, protective clothing, and caps have also gained prominence. Given the uncertain end to this pandemic, comfort and convenience in using these protective measures have become paramount. For glasses wearers, a common challenge is keeping lenses from fogging up while wearing a mask. Here's how to combat this issue:

Understanding Why Glasses Fog Up

Before diving into solutions, it's crucial to understand why your glasses fog. When there's a significant temperature difference between the environment and your glasses, fog forms on the lenses. This happens when warm indoor air condenses the water vapor on cooler glasses. This issue is exacerbated when wearing a mask, as the hot air you exhale can rise and condense on your cooler glasses, obstructing your vision.


8 Solutions to Prevent Fogging:

1. Anti-Fog Wipes for glasses: A straightforward solution is using glasses anti-fog wipes. These wipes, developed with Fogkicker's patented technology, contain nano-cellulose extracted from plant fibers, providing an anti-fogging film on your glasses. When you breathe out, this film absorbs the moisture, preventing fogging. Beyond glasses, these products also cater to diving goggles, car windshields, and more.

2. Ensure a Proper Mask Fit: A primary reason glasses fog up when wearing a mask is the escape of air from the mask's top edge. To prevent this, ensure your mask sits snugly against your skin. Some masks come with a bendable metal strip on the top edge, allowing you to mold it to the contours of your face for a tighter fit.

3. Soap and Water Technique: Gently washing your glasses with mild soap and water can prevent fogging. However, ensure the soap is alcohol-free to avoid leaving any residues. This method creates a thin film on the lens that reduces condensation.

4. Tape and Foam Adjustments: If your mask doesn't fit well, consider using skin-friendly tape to seal any gaps. You can also sew foam to the mask's inside for added comfort and a better fit, which can be particularly useful for glasses wearers.

5. Microfiber Cloth: If your glasses fog up, immediately wipe them with a microfiber cloth. Its high absorbency removes moisture efficiently. You can also use this cloth with mild detergent or soap for better results.

6.  Saliva as a Temporary Solution: As unconventional as it sounds, your saliva can create a protein film that prevents fogging. However, this might leave your glasses feeling a bit unclean.

7. Dishwashing Liquid: Mix a 1:20 ratio of detergent to water, dip a fiber towel in it, and wipe your glasses. The detergent forms a film on the lens surface, spreading the moisture and preventing fogging.

8. Toothpaste: Applying a thin layer of white toothpaste (without scrub particles) can give you about 4 hours of fog-free vision.

For those who find these methods cumbersome, consider switching to contact lenses to avoid the fogging issue altogether.



Anti-fog wipes have emerged as an indispensable tool for glasses and goggle wearers worldwide. They not only ensure clear vision but also enhance comfort. Navigating the challenges of wearing both glasses and masks doesn't mean we have to compromise on clear vision. The emergence of products from reliable "anti-fog wipes suppliers" has provided glasses wearers with a viable solution to tackle lens fogging. As we adapt to new norms and prioritize health, equipping ourselves with tools and knowledge to ensure a clear line of sight becomes more crucial than ever. With the right products, we can enjoy clarity and protection simultaneously.

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