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What Are The 12 Tips for Glasses Anti-fog in 2022?

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Because of the global spread of COVID-19, everyone is now required to wear a mask when going out, so fogging up when wearing glasses.

In this special period, the safety problem of fogging glasses is more prominent. Although the front-line doctors fighting the epidemic are indoors, the heat in the protective clothing cannot be dissipated, which will also cause water vapor to condense on the lenses and protective glasses. The best way to keep your glasses from fogging is to use lens anti-fog wipes.


In order to ensure the safety of front-line medical staff in the fight against the virus, Sun Dazhi, an associate professor of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology of China, led a team to overcome difficulties and develop antiviral drugs. Goggles and specsavers anti fog wipes. Just wipe it with a wet towel to ensure that the goggle lenses will not fog for a long time, and it is non-toxic and harmless to human eyes. These glasses anti-fog wipes can also effectively kill bacteria and solve the worries of doctors.

A lot of people don't wear masks properly, or they have a design that's wrong. This can also cause the glasses to fog up when you exhale. In the above cases, for safety reasons, we need to do anti-fog work when wearing glasses, and anti-fog wipes are your best choice.


Although winter has passed, it is still a cold season in many parts of the world, which may be a little troublesome for friends who wear glasses. So whenever you go in and out of an environment with a temperature difference, or your face gets dirty with hot air, there will always be white fog on your glasses. For safety reasons, the experts of the anti-fog wipes factory recommend you to use high-quality anti-fog wipes for glasses, which are convenient and economical.

Therefore, as a professional manufacturer of specsavers anti fog wipes in China, Shangyi tells you 12 tips for wearing a mask and glasses without fogging, hoping to help you.


1. Use of glasses anti-fog wipes

The use of anti-fog wipes is very simple. Just remove the wipe and wipe the surface of the lens. Each anti-fog wipe can wipe at least one pair of goggles. It provides favorable conditions for the "race with death" to fight the epidemic.

How to prevent goggles from fogging? Simply wipe with a piece of anti-fog wipes. Fogging occurs because water vapor liquefies on the lens surface and other surfaces to form small water droplets, which scatter light and cause blurred vision. The glasses anti-fog wipes developed by Professor Sun's team contain special safe and non-toxic nanomaterials. After wiping with them, a durable and transparent hydrophilic protective film can be formed on surfaces such as lenses. This layer of protective film will reduce the surface tension of the water droplets so that the small water droplets form a water film, which greatly reduces the possibility of light being scattered. Thereby eliminating fog.


Application of specsavers anti fog wipes in life

In our daily life, fogging glasses brings us a lot of trouble. For example: in winter, when we go out from a warm room, the glasses immediately form fog, which blurs our vision; when we are ready to eat hot meals when we eat hot pot, the glasses also form fog, making the food darker. Mistaken into the nose, causing great embarrassment; mirrors in bathrooms after showers; lenses for digital cameras and telescopes, etc. At this time, anti-fog wipes are widely used, suitable for defogging, defrosting, and defrosting of any glass, and have a super decontamination cleaning effect.


In the winter or rainy season, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car exceeds 5 degrees. When the water vapor inside the car is rich and the humidity is high, the window glass will fog up. Especially when the front window windshield and rearview mirror are fogged, it will seriously affect the driver's sight and hinder driving safety.

Shangyi anti-fog wipes factory reminds everyone, especially bus drivers, not to wipe the front window glass with a towel when driving to remove the fog from the front window, which has great hidden dangers for safe driving. It is best to use anti-fog wipes. In response to this phenomenon, Chinese manufacturers' anti-fog wipes are made with a unique formula and are used for anti-fog work on automotive glass, keeping drivers' sight lines clear and reducing traffic accidents. Due to the convenience and affordability of anti-fog wipes, the use of sprays is gradually being replaced.


2. Correct use of steel wire masks:

When wearing a disposable mask, pay attention to the side of the mask with the steel wire facing up. When wearing it, pinch the wire on the bridge of your nose with your two index fingers and press this side to the sides so you can exhale. If no heat escapes, the glasses won't fog up either.

3、Correct use of N95 masks

If you wear a mask of N95 level, the seal is relatively tight, and there is also a hard steel wire on the bridge of the nose to fix it.

Therefore, it is only necessary to adjust the position and tie the rubber rope to the head or the flower. Basically, it is sealed tightly and will not fog up. If it still fogs, it means that the size of the mask and the size of the face is not suitable.


4. Homemade anti-fogging spray

We wear masks and glasses to do things, and we all get foggy. So we can only think about the lens. The cleaning agent can be diluted with water at 1:20, stir evenly, wipe the lens with a clean rag or anti-fog wipes, and let the lens air dry naturally to prevent fogging. If it fogs up again after using it for a while, please wipe it again. There are also sprays for sale. It is more convenient to spray the lens without fogging.


5. Correct position of glasses

The easiest way is to put the glasses a little in front of the mask. The exhaled hot air doesn't blow directly onto the lens, and it doesn't fog up, but it's a little awkward when looking at things.

6. Buy non-fog masks

Of course, there are special non-fogging masks on the market, but the price is more expensive and the cost performance is not too high, and if you buy anti-virus, these masks may not be useful.


7. Buy anti-fog lenses

If you wear glasses for a long time, you can buy non-fog lenses. The price is definitely more expensive, but in winter, these troubles are avoided.

8. Glasses anti-fogging agent

Swimmers all know that you can buy anti-fogging agents for glasses in a swimming supplies store, apply it on the lens to dry, and then rinse with water, it will not fog up after a long time.

9. Mask with metal strip

Most medical staff with myopia choose to wear metal strip masks. This mask prevents the air we exhale from entering the glasses and does not fog up.


10. Mask location

Pull down the mask as much as possible to expose the nose a little, so that the fogging of the glasses will be much better. The disadvantage is that the protective effect is greatly reduced.

11. Apply soapy water to your lenses

You can also choose to apply a layer of soapy water to the lenses. Make soapy water with soap and water. Forms a protective layer after application and does not fog up.

12. Choose eyeglasses

We always recommend multiple mirrors per person. Different glasses can be used in different occasions and scenarios, such as photochromic lenses for outdoor use, sunglasses for myopia, and driving mirrors for night driving. To cope with the cold winter, friends with a sufficient budget can consider adding a pair of lenses with anti-fog function in advance, the anti-fog effect is the best and the most worry-free.


Therefore, medical workers wear protective glasses. It is best to buy protective glasses with anti-fog function from the affiliated unit, which can reduce the interference of fog on work and improve work efficiency.

In addition to anti-fog lenses, ordinary lenses can also be used with other anti-fog products, such as glasses anti-fog wipes, or anti-fog sprays. After wiping, wipe or spray on the lens surface to temporarily achieve the anti-fog effect. This method is not only convenient and fast but also economical.

But it should be noted that the general lens anti-fog wipes are wipes soaked with special anti-fog materials. It must be sealed after each use to prevent the anti-fog function from decreasing as the liquid evaporates. The loss of anti-fog liquid will cause the lens cloth to lose its function, so choose lens wipes and store them carefully to avoid surface scratches caused by dust friction.


Shangyi Company provides you with better and more professional high-quality glasses anti-fog wipes. If you want to know more. Please contact our Chinese manufacturer online (sales@clean-wipe.com).

Frequently Asked Questions about People:

Do anti-fog wipes work for glasses?

Glasses anti-fog wipes, I tried it for the first time today, the effect is good, the world is clear, it is the best way to solve the fogging of glasses when wearing a mask in winter.

What is good for anti-fog glasses?

According to personal needs and economic conditions, anti-fog wipes, anti-fog agents, and anti-fog mirror cloths are all more favorable, and the prices of domestic and imported lenses are also different. Hope can help you!

Do alcohol wipes prevent glasses from fogging up?

Generally speaking, pure alcohol is not suitable for cleaning resin lenses. The resin lenses are relatively soft and are generally coated with a film layer, which not only improves the hardness of the lenses, but also has other functions. The lens film layer is not suitable for cleaning with harsh cleaning agents.

What products can prevent glasses from fogging?

1. Wipe the glasses evenly with Sywipe Anti-Fog Wipes. 2. Wipe the lenses with semi-dry soap and then with a lens cloth to prevent fogging.

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