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How to Remove Scratches from Eyeglass Lenses with Wet Wipes?

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Many people wear glasses regularly, especially office workers and students. Glasses can easily get scratched over time. So what if my glasses get scratched?

Under normal circumstances, it is very common for glasses to be scratched, and many people will encounter this situation. After the glasses are scratched, it will affect the normal use of the glasses. So how do you repair a scratched lens? Sywipe China factory summarizes the following methods of cleaning glasses for your reference.

What should I do if the lens is scratched?

How do you usually clean your glasses? Clean your glasses lenses and frames the right way to keep your glasses in top condition.


1. Lens cleaning wipes

Wipe directly with wet wipes after opening. Since the lens is too dirty, it also needs to be wiped 2~3 times to remove the dust and grease. The liquid will evaporate automatically about 1 second after wiping, and there is no need to dry it again. It's easy to use and wipes clean.

Conclusion: It can be seen from the test that the cleaning effect of the glasses cloth is the worst, and it is easy to stain and scratch the lenses. Adding hand sanitizer and eyeglass cleaning kits with tap water is cleaner, but be careful of dandruff when you finish drying. Glasses cleaning wipes are great for cleaning. The biggest advantage is that it dries automatically after wiping, leaving no dander.

2. Soft cloth polishing

When the spectacle lenses are spent, you can also use a soft cloth to polish the lenses, but it is best not to use too hard fabrics, so as not to aggravate the scratches of the lenses.

3. Toothpaste wipe

You can dip a little toothpaste on a fine pure cotton cloth, and then wipe the scratched area on the lens in the same direction. Do not make a circle during the wiping process. And when wiping, use a medium-heavy force. If the force is too light, it will have little effect. At the same time, the frequency of wiping can be slightly faster. After 3 minutes, you can wipe with water.

4. Soap wipe

Soap can fill up scratches. Wet the lenses of your glasses with cold water first, then rub some soap on your fingers, apply the soap lightly to the lenses, and then wipe the foam off the lenses with a soft tissue or glasses cloth. Make the lens brighter, and the lens is not easy to be covered with water vapor.

5. Cleaning solution

CD and DVD cleaning solutions can not only remove larger scratches from digital discs, but can also help remove scratches from eyeglass lenses, but it is best to follow the directions above when using cleaning solutions to remove scratches. In addition, the anti-smudge spray can also eliminate scratches on the lens.

6. Check the lenses again

If any streaks or smudges remain, wipe them off with a clean microfiber cloth.

7. Repair point repair

If the scratches on the lenses are too large or the scratches are too obvious, you can choose to take the glasses to a professional optical shop for repair. If they can't repair them, consider whether to replace the lenses.

These 4 ways to clean glasses are simple and effective!

Professor Yang Jiwen, Vice President of China Air Eye Group Liaoning Province, reminded us that the wearer needs to clean and clean the glasses every day, especially when there are many secretions such as sweat stains and external dust pollutants, they should do an excellent job of cleaning and nursing in time. The maintenance of glasses is essential.


Hand wash

Rinse the lens directly with tap water to wash off the adhering dust. Wash your hands and squeeze some liquid detergent onto your fingers. Keep water on the lenses, apply detergent to the lenses and wash them. If the concentration of the detergent is too high and needs to be diluted, rinse it again until it is thoroughly rinsed off, and then use a small stream of water to rinse off the water droplets on the lens. If a small amount of water remains, dry it with a clean glasses cloth.


Special wiping paper

Glasses wipes are a good option. The single piece is individually packaged, can be carried around, does not need to be washed, and can be used immediately after tearing it apart. It can be cleaned quickly, remove oil stains, stains and dust on the lens, and can effectively remove the bacteria left on the glasses and frames. One of its shortcomings is that it cannot be used repeatedly.


Spray cleaning

You can use an ordinary spray cleaner and a microfiber cleaning cloth, spray the cleaning agent on both sides of the lens, wipe carefully with clean hands in a circular motion, and then dry the surface with a microfiber cleaning cloth.


Ultrasonic cleaning

Every regular optical shop has such equipment, and the clerk can operate it skillfully. The correct way is: to add water to the ultrasonic cleaning machine, plug in the power supply, put in the glasses, press ON, and wait, after washing, turn off the switch and unplug the power supply. You can also buy a washing machine at home, and the price is not expensive.


How do prevent scratches on glasses lenses?

1. If the glasses are dirty, do not wipe them immediately

The reasons for the dirty lenses can be roughly divided into two categories:

1) Produced by grease, sweat or fingerprints, etc.: it can be wiped directly with glasses cloth and dry lens wipes;

2) Causes such as sticky dust: first wash off the dust particles on the mirror surface with water. Do not wipe with a glasses cloth or wet paper towel directly, otherwise, it will easily cause scratches and scratch the mirror surface.

2. Try to wash with water first, then clean

Despite the above classification, there is actually more or less some dust sticking to the glasses. During the wiping process, a little force on the pins will leave patterns on the lenses.

3. glasses cloth is a killer, need to pay attention

In addition to the dust on the lenses, the glasses cloth is often a killer.

If the glasses cloth is not cleaned in time, there will be a lot of dust on it. In addition, we often put it in the bag and it is easy to stick to dust. When wiping, a little force will leave patterns.

Therefore, the glasses cloth should be cleaned in time. In addition, the glasses must be unfolded and shaken before use to get rid of the hard particles on them.

4. Place the glasses, pay attention to the lens facing up

Some people are accustomed to placing the glasses at will when they take them off. If they do not pay attention to the fact that the lenses are facing upwards, the lenses are in direct contact with other special bodies, and it is easy to leave patterns, which need to be paid attention to.

Special attention items:

1. Do not use shirts or other clothing to clean the glasses, especially when the lenses are dry. This will scratch your lenses.

2. Do not wet the lens with saliva.

3. Do not use household glass or surface cleaners to clean glasses. These products contain ingredients that can damage eyeglass lenses and coatings.

4. Do not use paper towels, napkins, or toilet paper to clean the lenses. These can scratch or stain your lenses or fill them with lint.

5. Don't try to "wipe" scratches off the lens. This will only make the situation worse.

6. Do not use alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to clean the glasses. This harsh chemical can damage lenses, special coatings, and frames.


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