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How To Use Best Glasses Anti-fog Wipes To Prevent Fogging?

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Nurses working on the front line of the fight against the epidemic are wearing goggles that fog up | The New York Times

Since the COVID-19 epidemic, for medical staff and disinfection personnel engaged in high-risk operations, it is the current norm to carry out work under the premise of wearing personal protective equipment. Protective glasses are one of the important protective equipment. When wearing protective glasses for a long time, it is inevitable that the protective glasses will fog up during use.


It's getting foggy? Choose the Right Anti-Fog Solution for Your Glasses - Anti-Fog Wipes for Glasses

Cold weather, exercising, cooking, wearing a mask, etc. can cause fogging problems for people who wear glasses. But there isn't an anti-fog solution for glasses. Expert recommendations combine specific situations, from simple do-it-yourself steps to professional products to help you maintain a clear vision.

Therefore, our Chinese manufacturer - Sywipe is pleased to offer you an excellent solution for glasses fogging: Sywipe glasses anti-fog wipes. Think of them as a magic solution. Regular cleaning cloths can clean your glasses, but unfortunately, they don't prevent you from fogging up again and again when you breathe. Solve this problem completely with glasses anti-fog wipes made in China factory, our supplier is also the leader in wipes industry. That's why we can confidently say that these products are of high quality and won't damage your lens coating, and the quality of eyeglass anti-fog wipes is different from other products available.


If you are interested in the anti-fog wipes for glasses from our factory, the wipes from the China Shangyi manufacturer are ideal, because each wipe has its own individual package for easy carrying. Each wipe measures 14cm x 14cm and although they are small, they are very effective. Every time you wipe your glasses with anti-fog wipes, you can be sure that your glasses will last up to 6 days! Their great value is for money, as each box of anti-fog wipes, can be used for up to 50 pairs of regular-sized glasses. Glasses anti-fog wipes are the best anti-fog solution to keep your glasses from fogging without damaging your original lenses.

Glasses anti-fog wipes have a certain anti-fog effect, because bamboo fiber non-woven fabrics and nano-active agents, deionized water, surfactants, isopropyl alcohol, medical alcohol, menthol, polyethylene glycol are used, glycerin, PEG-600, and other ingredients are formulated to ensure the best anti-fog state of its products.

When using, tear open the glasses anti-fog wipes package, then take out the wipes, use the wipes soaked with anti-fog liquid to spread evenly on the surface of the ordinary glass sheet or lens that has been air-dried, and keep it dry to have the anti-fog effect. After that, people can wear helmets and glasses coated with anti-fog wipes or use the lenses to perform normal activities. During the activities, the surface of the lenses will not generate fog and water vapor.

Then, the used anti-fog wipes are sealed and stored. When the wipes are to be used later, just open the package, take out the wipes, and wipe them evenly to complete the use of the anti-fog wipes.


Anti-fog solution for glasses during sports

Sports protective lenses often have built-in anti-fog properties, such as dual-lens ski goggles, which greatly reduce fogging. You can search for sports-specific anti-fog products to find the best product for your specific sports or activity needs. You can also get products like anti-fog restorers or anti-fog wipes, which can be used to renew the worn anti-fog coating that comes with your goggles.

Finally, the best anti-fog treatment for glasses and goggles - anti-fog wipes will be the specific method that works for you. Also, try a few different techniques to see which works best for your glasses and the fogging effect you experience. If you're having trouble identifying a viable solution, don't be afraid to consult your eye care professional for some expert advice.

1. The cause of fog in protective glasses

If the mask is not worn properly, the protective glasses will fog up. The nose clip of the mask worn is not airtight, causing the exhaled water vapor to meet the cold mirror surface of the protective glasses, causing the protective glasses to fog.


2. Why do glasses fog up?

The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the protective glasses causes the protective glasses to fog up. Due to the low ambient temperature, after wearing protective glasses, there is a certain temperature difference between the inside and outside of the protective glasses. When the saturated vapor pressure of the mirror surface of the protective glasses with low temperature is lower than the vapor pressure of the protective glasses stickers and the human body side, the water vapor will accumulate on the surface of the protective glasses , and dialysis out in the form of tiny water droplets to form a mist.

Condensation of water vapor from persons wearing protective goggles can cause fogging of protective goggles. For staff wearing protective equipment, during the work process, the body generates heat and dissipates heat to the outside in the form of water vapor. After accumulating a large amount of saturated water vapor inside the protective glasses, it gradually condenses on the surface of the protective glasses to form a mist.

3. Why is fogging important?

Fogging of protective glasses is a common phenomenon, but it seriously hinders the normal work of medical personnel and disinfection personnel. Therefore, fogging of glasses when wearing a mask is a challenge for most people who wear glasses.

Like masks, protective clothing, and gloves, goggles are an important barrier to cut off the spread of the virus and protect medical staff. And when the goggles fog up, this barrier will also bring inconvenience to medical care. Medical staff often work for a long time, and it is difficult to replace or wipe the goggles. Using simple and small methods is too extravagant and unrealistic for medical staff. It's even more convenient if there are anti-fog goggle wipes to help them.

While most people consider fogging to be just a nuisance, it can be a serious safety hazard. For example, if your lenses fog up while driving, using machinery, using chemicals, or exercising, the results can be disastrous. In any environment where you may be using safety goggles, it's also important to stay aware of your surroundings. Finding the right anti-fog solution for you can help reduce these risks.


So what are the effective measures to prevent protective glasses from fogging?

First、for the situation of "improper wearing of masks causes fogging of protective glasses":

Standardize the wearing of masks.

Doing a good job in the tightness test of the mask and shaping the nose clip of the mask can effectively improve the fogging of protective glasses caused by this reason.

Second、Other possible solutions

If there are no anti-fogging wipes for a while, there are many methods on the Internet to prevent goggles from fogging, most of which are based on the same principles as swimming goggles anti-fogging agents, including hand sanitizer smearing, detergent smearing, soap smearing, Iodine smear method, toothpaste cleaning method without particles, antibacterial and anti-fog wipes, etc. The specific operations are as follows:


Anti-fog wipes for glasses:

Most anti-fog wipes do double duty. Wipes clean the glasses and cover them with an anti-fog solution. Many glasses anti-fog wipes come in single packs (similar to sanitizing wipes you might find at a barbecue restaurant), making them easy to carry around.

Anti-fog gel for glasses:

The anti-fog gel is applied directly to your eyeglass lenses, usually with a special cloth to avoid scratching.

While this method isn't easy to use on the go, it's a favorite among some eyeglass wearers. For example, when Elias Visontay of The Guardian tested several different anti-fog solutions, the gel was his favorite, the best option for anti-fog on glasses. He concluded: "I would recommend it to every fourth eye I see on the street. Article reprinted (www.theguardian.com)

Detergent anti-fog:

Put a drop of dish soap on the inner mirror, then spread it evenly and dry.

Soap anti-Fog:

Find a small piece of soap to dissolve the soap into a solution, then precipitate the solution, take one or two drops of the clearest soap solution on the upper part and apply it to the inner mirror surface of the protective glasses, apply it evenly, and then dry it.

Hand sanitizer anti-fog :

Squeeze a small drop of hand sanitizer and apply it to the inner surface of the safety glasses. It also acts as an anti-fog by smearing evenly and letting it dry.

Toothpaste anti-Fog:

Choose white toothpaste without particles, apply the toothpaste on the inner mirror surface of the protective glasses, apply evenly, be careful not to rub the toothpaste when applying, just apply it directly, then dry it, wash off, and dry it.


Other anti-fog products:

You may also see other anti-fog products on the market, such as anti-fog wax for eyeglasses or anti-fog cream for eyeglasses. These products are generally similar to the methods described above, applying hydrophilic solutions to spectacle lenses.

Anti-fog cloths for eyeglasses are another option for reducing fog, especially if the lenses have already started to fog. They allow the wearer to wipe away the mist that forms while leaving behind molecules to prevent additional condensation, the difference with anti-fog wipes, these cloths are reusable.

Advice on fogging of glasses for ordinary citizens

Wearing a mask has gradually become a habit of people. For ordinary citizens, the "Shanghai Municipal Public Health Emergency Management Regulations" issued by Shanghai, China in November 2022 clearly mentioned that "during the epidemic of respiratory infectious diseases, when entering public places such as airports, railway stations, and subways, you should wear a mask and keep social distancing". Friends who wear glasses, many have encountered the phenomenon of glasses fogging when wearing masks every day.


If the glasses fog up when wearing a mask every day:

First of all, consider standardizing the wearing of the mask, adjust the nose clip of the mask to fit the face as closely as possible, and make the mask cover the nose and mouth. Secondly, you can refer to the above method for anti-fog treatment.

Reprinted from the Voice of the《Support Guardian》: www.theguardian.com

As a reporter, fogging of glasses was extra stressful at the press conference.

After repeatedly asking NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian what she thought would be beneficial in delaying the mandatory mask-wearing in late December, I cursed myself for the next few days after she urged everyone to wear masks just in case. After that, I found myself unable to see her standing two meters in front of me.

Recently I went to the supermarket to wear a mask late at night, and my friend who was looking for me laughed to death. I think there must be a better way.

As it turns out, there is. (anti fog wipes for eye glasses)


Anti-fog wipes for glasses

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are anti-fog wipes safe for glasses?

Suitable for all types of glass or plastic surfaces. Sywipe Anti-Fog Wipes and Solutions are safe to use on all plastic and glass surfaces and are specially formulated to apply and dry.

2. Do alcohol wipes prevent glasses from fogging up?

Wipe the bottom of the glasses with a dishcloth. Once the alcohol in the towel evaporates, it leaves a thin layer of transparency. This thin transparent layer can actually prevent fog.

3. How long do anti-fog wipes last?

Wipe glass or lenses evenly and wait 3-5 minutes for 3-18 days. The glasses experiment is sprayed on the glasses at 100 degrees, and the effect is the best. When the car is driving at minus 30 degrees, it will not form fog and frost on the glass, and the decontamination and anti-fog effect is good.


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