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OEM Individual Wrapped Eye Glasses Wipes Lens Cleaning Wet Wipes


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Experience pristine clarity with our pre-moistened eyeglass cleaning wipes. Individually wrapped and crafted by a leading Chinese wet wipes manufacturer, these glasses lens wipes (6" x 5", 50 pieces) ensure gentle, thorough, and anti-fog cleaning. Ideal for eyeglasses, camera lenses, phones, and more. Say goodbye to smudges—hello to crystal-clear vision!
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  • Eye Glasses Cleaner Lens Wipes


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Sywipe: Your Premier Eyeglass Lens Cleaning Wipes Manufacturer

Sywipe takes pride in being a leading wet wipes manufacturer of superior eyeglass lens cleaning wipes, setting the benchmark for optical care in the industry. As a key player in China, we specialize in crafting disposable lens cleaning wipes designed to impeccably remove dust, dirt, and fingerprints from eyeglass lenses, ensuring unrivaled clarity and spotless surfaces.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Superior Cleaning:

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated through the development of high-quality lens and screen cleaning wipes. Employing advanced pre-moistening technology, our wipes effectively and gently eliminate stains, dust, and dirt from various surfaces, including phones, glasses, screens, and more.

Versatile Applications for Optical Components:

Sywipe's lens cleaning wipes go beyond eyeglasses, catering to the comprehensive care of optical components such as sunglasses, camera lenses, webcams, binoculars, microscopes, and more. Experience the versatility of our wipes, ensuring clarity of vision across a spectrum of devices.

Compact, Individually Wrapped Convenience:

Our lens cleaning wipes are not only effective but also incredibly convenient. Compact and individually wrapped, they are designed for easy portability, allowing you to maintain optical clarity anytime, anywhere. Whether you're on the go, at work, or traveling, Sywipe ensures that optical care is always within reach.

Ammonia-Free Formula for Ultimate Safety:

Prioritizing the safety of your devices and your health, Sywipe's lens cleaning wet wipes boast an ammonia-free formula. Wipe with confidence, knowing that our formula leaves no streaks or scratches, providing an effortless and effective cleaning experience.

Bespoke Sizes for Various Surfaces:

For diverse cleaning needs, we offer different sizes of eyeglasses cleaning wipes. While our compact wipes are perfect for eyeglasses and smartphone screens, larger-sized wipes cater to more extensive surfaces, ensuring a consistent standard of cleanliness across all devices.

Elevate Your Optical Care Routine with Sywipe:

With two decades of experience in the industry, China Sywipe Factory adheres to stringent quality standards, emphasizing ISO9001 management system certification. Choose Sywipe to experience the epitome of eyeglass care—a perfect blend of convenience, safety, and efficiency.


Can I use Sywipe lens cleaner wipes on all glass surfaces?

Yes, our wipes are designed to safely clean any glass surface, leaving them spotless and clear. From eyeglasses to phone LCD screens, Sywipe ensures optimal performance.

Are Sywipe eyeglasses cleaning wipes environmentally friendly?

Yes, we prioritize sustainability. Our wipes are disposable, and we strive to minimize environmental impact throughout the manufacturing process.

Choose Sywipe for a pristine optical experience—where innovation meets clarity. Contact us today for the finest eyeglass lens cleaning wipes tailored to your visual care needs!

 Let us show you!Skype at Sywipe , WhatsApp today at +8618927501869 or Get an Online Quote!


Sywipe Eyeglasses Lens Cleaning Wipes: Clarity Wherever You Go!

Discover the superior features and benefits of our lens cleaning wipes, specially crafted for eyeglass wearers:


1. On-the-Go Convenience:

   Individually wrapped and sealed with aluminum foil, our anti fogging glasses wipes are effortlessly portable. Toss them in your pocket, wallet, or backpack for instant lens cleaning, whether outdoors, dining with a mask, or navigating various climates.

2. Advanced Anti-Fog Formula:

   Experience 5-second anti-fog magic! Our eyeglasses cleaning wipes

utilize a plant-extracted anti-fog agent, outperforming traditional options. Achieve a clear lens surface in seconds, with the anti-fog effect lasting up to 12 hours under normal conditions.

3. Perfectly Sized for Optimal Cleaning:

   Sized at 5 inches x 6 inches, each wipe is ideal for lens cleaning. With 50 sheets per pack and 125 packs per carton, our anti-fog wipes are tailored for travel, outdoor activities, and daily use. Keep your vision clear and your lenses pristine wherever life takes you.

Choose Sywipe for lens cleaning wipes that prioritize clarity, portability, and unbeatable anti-fog performance. Elevate your eyeglass care routine with our high-quality, Chinese factory-produced anti-fog wipes—your vision, our priority!



Product Name Eye Glasses Cleaner Lens Wipes
Certificates FDA / MSDS
15-25 days, Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen

Sizes cm

12*15 cm or  Customized

Quantity (Pack /ctn)

125 packs/CTN,50 sheets/pack


From 40gsm to 80gsm, It's up to you.


Nonwoven/ Spunlace/ Bamboo/ Fiber/ Cotton/ Polyester etc.

Material Types

Wet strength paper


Such as chamomile, Green Tea, Johnson, Cucumber, Rose etc, for your choice.


From 1pc to 200pcs for your choice.

Packing Bags

Normal or Aluminized PE/PET plastic film material, Plastic canister/Plastic Tub/ Paper Box, Kraft Paper and others.


Customized by PANTONE.


OEM/ODM, Customized All Specification, One to One Communication, Free Samples, Providing Factory Inspection


China Factory        


Wipes Product Line        


OEM&ODM Service        


Quality screening          


Factory Team        




Certificat FDA        


Certificat MSDS        

About factory

Since 2014, we have been engaged in China manufacturers of all kinds of clean wet wipes rags. Our products are exported to more than 50 countries around the Global. Welcome OEM / ODM, you can also become our brand agent or distributor.

1. How can I get some samples?

A: We are pleased to offer the sample to you.

2. Are you a factory? A: Yes. Our factory have specialized in this field about 6 Years.

3. Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

A: Our factory is located in Panyu district, Guangzhou. We are warmly welcome to visit us.

4. What is the delivery time? A: It depends on the quantity you order.

5. What is your MOQ? A: MOQ: 5000pcs.

6. What money are you trading by?.Can you accept the rate be fixed during whole order if not RMB? A: We are doing international business by RMB / USD / HKD / EURO /POUND. Yes, the rate can be fixed during whole order by contact.

7. Are your prices be honest without bargain space? A: we always trying best to quote best price to our customers, but sometimes it depend on your quantity. 

Please note: the above are our hot-selling specifications, regarding packaging, materials, sizes, flavors,etc.. If you have your own idea, we can also provide OEM service for you.


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