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How To Remove Acrylic Paint With Industrial Hand Cleaning Wipes?

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There is always a lot of trouble in daily life and work. If you have acrylic waterproof paint on your hand, you can clean it immediately in the following three ways:

1、Specially formulated hand cleaning wipes for heavy industry.

2、banana water.


If you use industrial hand cleaning wipes, you can quickly remove them with 1 piece of wipes, without rinsing with clean water, the paint will disappear and protect the skin, moisturizing, not easy to hurt hands, and antibacterial, so it is very easy to use.


Compare banana water and gasoline with heavy-duty industrial hand cleaning wipes. Removal of acrylic paint can irritate the skin, banana water and gasoline can easily cause hand injuries.

Therefore, it is worth noting that after cleaning the paint with banana water and gasoline, be sure to wash your hands with soap (preferably not with laundry detergent), because banana water and gasoline irritate the skin and are easy to dry and break.

After washing with soap, please use a moisturizer with a better moisturizing effect, so that it will not cause side effects such as dryness and skin cracking.


In addition to industrial hand cleaning wipes, there are many ways to remove acrylic paint from different materials.

Keep in mind that acids are water-soluble and can be effectively removed with a little effort, and the methods described in this article are suitable for a small range of applications, such as cleaning clothes or curtains, even in paint drying.

However, it works best when it is not dry, mix and balances it with ammonia, white vinegar, and salt, then pour the solution into a bowl or sprayer, soak the sponge in the treatment solution, then rinse repeatedly until the acrylic coating is completely removed, and finally, clean and dry according to the product instructions, ammonia and vinegar can bleach the fabric.

If in doubt, hydrolyze the solution at 3:1 and soak for several hours before cleaning.If cleaning spills paint on the carpet, it is best to use a wet vacuum cleaner as much as possible before drying.

Soak the carpet with a mixture of detergent and water to remove stains, then use a wet vacuum cleaner to dry the carpet again, repeat this step until the paint is completely removed, turn on as many fans as possible and run for 24 hours.

This will prevent the carpet from getting moldy.If the paint is dry, the same method can be used. But first, you need to soak the solution in detergent and water for a few hours, then wipe it, and then use a wet vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet.



From the point of view of safety, it is recommended to use industrial hand cleaning wipes to remove acrylic paint.

Many products can be used on less sensitive surfaces, such as concrete, bricks, and walls.

For example, it is a good idea to remove acrylic paint directly with acetone.

Because chemicals are dangerous, they should always be used according to the instructions, and if the surface of the object can withstand the effect, the heavy-duty industry wipes produced by Sywipe manufacturers are also a good choice.


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