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How To Cleaner Dirty Hands With Heavy-Duty Industrial Hand Cleaning Wipes?

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Use multi-purpose heavy-duty industrial wipes to remove stubborn grease or stains. These wet wipes are manufactured by leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. After working on your car, whether it's repainting, changing the Oil dirt, or changing worn parts, your hands will become dirty and greasy. Your hands symbolize your efforts to complete this maintenance.

If this is the first time you have touched greasy hands, you will find that you want to know "how to clean dirty hands?" It is difficult to remove all grease or stains from some parts of the hand with regular soap. Although it won't solve all the problems, please don't worry. The following Sywipe introduces you to industrial cleaning wipes that can remove dirt from your hands without hurting your hands.



Industrial hand cleaning wipes provide you with convenient and quick hand washing solutions.

A variety of heavy-duty industrial wipes and cleaner wipes for Industrial building and automotive maintenance can be purchased from Sywipe.

Industrial hand cleaning wipes are pre-immersed wipes specially designed to clean hands quickly and effectively after contact with industrial dirt and dirt, which are very suitable for hand cleaning wipes of service engineers. When there is no water available and there is no other choice for service vehicles, in addition to convenience and practicality, they are also effective.


Sywipe multi-purpose industrial hand wipes can easily remove dirt and lubricants.

Our industrial hand wipes contain benzalkonium chloride, which has been shown to effectively reduce bacteria and provide antibacterial protection for your skin.

In addition to wet paper towels for hand wiping, we also provide wet paper towels for industrial and commercial cleaning, including paint rags, printed rags, dry wipes, sterilized surface wipes, and telephone and office cleaning wipes to disinfect all your office equipment.


How to use industrial hand cleaning wipes to clean your hands while keeping your skin healthy and moisturized?

The heavy-duty industrial hand wipes are made of non-woven fabric, no fluff, specially formulated with lanolin, aloe, non-alcoholic natural aromatic fragrances, to remove grease and dirt, while soothing ingredients to moisturize and protect the skin, elasticity can be grease, dirt, but Soft touch, clean hands, tools, parts, and stains on the work surface.

Sywipe industrial multi-purpose cleaning wipes can remove tar, paint, ink, oil, and other hard dirt on the surface without using water. Because the destructive binding of revolutionary additives can immediately destroy the molecular binding between the dirt and the surface, thus eliminating the need for irritating chemicals and elbow grease.

These hard-working cleaning wipes are specially formulated to prevent dirt, feel gentle, and do not hurt your hands.


Heavy-duty multi-purpose industrial wipes are an ideal portable cleaning solution for every industry and every professional.


Sywipe industrial wipes are used in automotive factories all over the world. Our industrial multi-purpose cleaning wipes have the characteristics of high performance and no velvet.Whether it is spraying, sealing surface treatment, or cleaning manipulators, Sywipe can meet your requirements.

They can almost be used in utilities and energy, fleet maintenance, manufacturing, facility managers, municipalities,  engineers, builders,maintenance workers, oil and gas, electricians, plumbers, painters, car mechanics, farmers, as well as decorators, carpenters and so on!

From complex engineering parts to dirty hands, Sywipe products are designed to achieve advanced hygiene and fast and effective cleaner effects.


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