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Why Use Industrial Wipes To Clean Dirty Hands?

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Hand washing must be equally tough when cleaning paints, oils, greases, tar, and other types of hard dirt in an industrial environment. Ordinary soap is not designed to deal with oily substances and does not always penetrate the dirt left by creases and crevices in the hands. Frequent washing, excessive intensive washing, or the use of detergents containing irritating chemicals can dry and damage the skin. Because of the substance used and the amount of washing to remove it, mechanics often keep their hands dry and cracked for a long time. Do you know what should use to clean very dirty hands?



So in 2021, heavy-duty industrial cleaning wipes are the best product for cleaning dirty hands and oil.


If you are looking for a pre-moisturized hand washcloth that removes deep-rooted oil stains and protects your hands, then Sywipe hand cleaning wipes are perfect for you. They are easy to use with a re-sealable bathtub. They keep pleasant fresh aromas while ensuring that they are friendly to your hands and are ideal for effective hand cleaning.


Industrial hand cleaning wipes are composed of organic solvents, high-quality detergents and non-woven towels (but not scraping), natural citric acid, and this series of products also contain benzalkonium chloride. it has been proved to effectively reduce bacteria and provide antibacterial protection for your skin, remove hard industrial grease and dirt, and make your skin extremely clean. The lotion enhances moisturizing properties, helps prevent hand dryness and cracking, and ensures high-definition cleanliness without causing any danger to the skin.


The main ingredients of multi-purpose wipes are rich in deionized water, PPG-1 tridecyl alcohol polyether-13, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, and methylisothiazolinone (Casson CG), essence, etc. Sywipe ensures that the wipes products do not contain any chemicals and do not have any harm to the human body and the environment, we consumers can rest assured to use.


Wipe the surface with industrial multi-purpose wipes and let it dry naturally. If the surface is very dirty, it is appropriate to remove excess stains before using this wet towel, there is no need to wipe it with clean water; Sywipe multi-purpose cleaning wipes can effectively absorb and remove stubborn grease, dirt, and dust from all smooth surfaces.



Why do industrial cleaning wipes have stronger oil removal ability than ordinary wipes?


For industrial applications, Sywipe has seen a shift from rags or towels to non-woven wipes. "by using nonwovens to wipe towels, you can ensure that users get a clean towel every time, without digging up a pile of rags to find a rag suitable for the task at hand," when there is oil on the hands or equipment. We will use wiping cloth for cleaning, but there are many kinds of wiping cloth, and different wiping cloths have different cleaning effects. Sywipe industrial wipes are specially prepared and are one of the best cleaning products. It has strong durability, good oil removal ability, antibacterial and pollution-free, and can be reused. But, the decontamination and environmental protection of ordinary wiping cloth are poor. So, multi-purpose industrial wipes are widely used.



What method can be used to quickly remove oil from hands and industrial equipment?


Oil pollution cleaning of the mechanical surface has always been a difficult problem in factory production and operation. in many factories, production operations are interrupted due to improper maintenance of metal equipment, which affects the performance and profits of manufacturers. In the processing process, it will make the workpiece with a variety of oil stains, if these oil stains are not cleaned, it will affect the next process, so it is necessary to clean the grease and dirt on the workpiece surface.


There are three main methods to remove oil: multi-purpose industrial cleaning wipes, ultrasonic cleaning, and organic solvent cleaning.


1. Industrial dishcloth scrubbing.


Use an industrial cleaning rag to scrub the oil, pre-wet, specially formulated cleaning wipes, and then scrub the tool surface and workers' hands to remove dirt and grease from the surface, to protect the health of the workers. and improve work efficiency, compared with other cleaning methods is more cheap and effective.


It is very suitable for machinery, industry, and trucks. Remove almost everything from grease and dirt to surface substances such as paint, latex, and silicone.


2. Ultrasonic cleaning.


The method of removing oil by applying an ultrasonic wave to the deoiling liquid with an ultrasonic generator and transducer is called ultrasonic deoiling. Under the action of ultrasonic waves, decompression and pressurization occur alternately in the solution. Under the action of decompression, many small vacuum points are formed in the solution, and steam and dissolved gas in the liquid enter into them to form very small bubbles; under the action of instantaneous pressurization, the bubbles are crushed and scattered, resulting in shock waves to achieve the effect of oil removal.


Suitable for scrubbing, spraying, impregnation, ultrasonic, electrolysis, and other treatment methods.


3. Oil removal by organic solvent.


Organic solvent oil removal is the use of the principle of "similar miscibility" to remove oil from the surface of parts. Of course, some enterprises that are greedy for small and cheap to clean the oil on the surface of the workpiece will use kerosene, trichloroethylene, white electric oil, Tina water, trichloroethane, and so on, but these cleaning agents will not only cause serious environmental pollution. It will also affect the health of the operators.、


How to use "industrial cleaning wipes" correctly?


So, is industrial rag really omnipotent? Can I use wipes as I like? I will give you a popular science.


In fact, different types of wipes are very different, and wet wipes are also divided into different types. As follows: wet wipes can be divided into two categories: surface wipes and human wipes.


1. Multi-purpose industrial wipes for the surface.

2. Human body wipes include ordinary wipes and sanitary wipes.


" industrial cleaning hand wipes" are rags used to clean dirty hands or solid surface objects (such as tools, machines, etc.). Industrial heavy cleaning wipes can remove grease, tar, paint, ink, oil, and other hard dirt without water, so industrial wipes have higher decontamination requirements and will not corrode metal.


Sanitary wipes are more demanding. The total number of bacteria per gram of wipes should not exceed 10. Except for ordinary wet paper towels, there should be no pathogenic bacteria and no fungi should be detected. Also, Escherichia coli must have a killing effect on Staphylococcus aureus, and the killing rate should be more than 99%; if the packaging has a bactericidal effect on fungi, it must also kill more than 99% of Candida albicans.


Human wipes have microbiological requirements. Ordinary wipes must that the total number of bacteria per gram of wet towels should not exceed 150, the total number of fungi should not exceed 50, and coliform, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, hemolytic streptococcus, and so on should not be detected.


When you buy wet paper towels, you should see where they are used. You can't see the word "wipes". You must check the label manual and the scope of application of human bodies and objects for adults and babies. Whether it is used for adults or objects, it is necessary to use sanitary wipes with germicidal effect, or industrial cleaning wipes must be selected according to specific needs.


Sywipe is an experienced China manufacturer of industrial wipes. Industrial wipes are excellent, multi-purpose, and efficient industrial cleaning products. They can be used well in a variety of cleaning scenarios, and we make our own mixtures, so we can ensure that all our industrial wipes provide excellent results, And we hope to cooperate with companies such as "Big Wipes, Kimberly-clark" and so on.


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