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How To Choose Industrial Cleaning Wipes?

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What are industrial wipes?

Sywipe industrial wipes are a very practical and heavy grease cleaning product, suitable for daily cleaning in many industries or factory workshops.

They are usually made of sturdy non-woven fabrics that can clean hard substances such as grease, adhesives, paints, bacteria, and so on, on hands, tools, machines, and surfaces.


Workshop wipes non-woven fabrics will not leave any fiber, fluff, or cotton on the cleaned surface. But the best fabrics are nonwovens made of synthetic fibers: polyester and polypropylene, which are strong, soft, and even match the quality of woven textiles, and cost as much as paper.

This is particularly important when cleaning electronic equipment, as lint can cause charges to accumulate and may damage the equipment. Velvet-free fabrics are also suitable for polishing, dedusting, and wiping tools.


Industrial cleaning wipes are widely used because they have different fabric textures and sizes, the rough side is used to wipe heavy oil, and the smooth side is used to wipe hands, comfortable and soft. You can also choose between dry wipes and pre-saturated wipes as needed.

Therefore, industrial grease wipes are the perfect portable cleaning solution for every industry and every professional.



Suitable for various environments

One of the best benefits of using industrial antibacterial wipes is that they are suitable for various environments.Therefore, no matter where you are, working in an office, workshop, or in transit, these wipes are very suitable for quick cleaning to ensure a high level of hygiene in your workplace.

Antibacterial wipes towels can be cleaned in any workplace, from wiping small spills to cleaning workplace equipment at the end of the workday. These towels will improve your cleaning procedures.You can also use these wipes at home, so you can use antibacterial wipes to make your home as clean and hygienic as a workplace.



Benefits of industrial cleaning wipers

Industrial wipes, rolls, and hand wipes can have strong antibacterial and disinfection properties. Some industrial wipes contain bactericidal ingredients that are enough to kill 99.99% of bacteria.

Other heavy-duty wipes are pre-impregnated with powerful detergents to kill fungi and bacteria and prevent the formation of new microbes.

Ordinary towels are not as absorbent as disposable wipes, and you almost always need to wipe the area twice to remove stains. In addition, if you choose industrial cleaning wipes, you will spend less time washing and rinsing the cloth and significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Reusing cloth can help bacteria spread throughout the place, which is the first thing you want to avoid now.


Whether pre-soaked or dry, these wipes are rich in texture, which means you can easily remove dirt from all awkward corners and crevices and thoroughly clean hard-to-reach places.

In addition, industrial wipes are highly porous and absorbent, making them very suitable for any industry that needs to be cleaned quickly and effectively.


Workshop wipes are usually packaged conveniently, and you can use them many times a day for quick and easy cleaning. In addition, they have a fresh smell that can give your workplace a new look.Industrial wipes are generally safer for human health than using spray bottles and other cleaning fluids. They don't release harmful chemicals into the air like spray bottles, so they're good for your lungs.

In addition, repeated spraying of liquid on machines and tools can cause damage and failure, so industrial cleaning wipes are once again the preferred alternative.



Shortcomings of disposable industrial wipes

Like all other products, industrial wipes have their disadvantages.

If you use degradable cloth, it is expensive but environmentally friendly, depending on the type and brand you choose, wipes may increase the total monthly cost, especially today when you need to clean and disinfect more frequently.

Secondly, if the disposable wipes are not discarded in the waste container, it may cause trouble to the wastewater system. In addition, like plastic waste, wet wipes can have a negative impact on the environment and cause long-term damage to marine communities.

Last but not least, sometimes even the best heavy-duty industrial cleaning wipes are not enough. For example, areas where body fluids come into contact with equipment, such as medical care, require thorough cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization, while industrial wipes do not work at all.



Pay attention to other matters

When choosing industrial-strength cleaning wipes, be sure to choose the right wipes for your work line.For example, the food industry is different from the manufacturing industry, but not all clean wipes are produced in accordance with strict hygiene requirements. Some of them require pre-cleaning, while others have no antibacterial properties. For industries with stricter hygiene requirements, using Sywipe disinfection wipes is a better choice, but you should not rely solely on wipes when cleaning the workplace. Security is another thing you should keep in mind.

Be sure to read the label carefully and make sure that the wipes are suitable for your specific purpose.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It is safe to say that industrial cleaning grease wipes are an effective, safe and simple way to keep your workplace shiny and clean. Just make sure you get the wet towels suitable for your job and use them correctly.

If you need more information, please consult the Chinese manufacturer online at : sales@clean-wipe.com


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