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How To Clean Machine Parts with Industrial Wipes in The Workshop?

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What are the methods and techniques for cleaning mechanical parts?

 The oil stains of construction machinery parts are mainly formed by unsaponifiable oil, dust, impurities, etc. If the cleaning is not good, it is easy to affect the work efficiency. Do you know how to clean it? The following is the cleaning method of the sorted mechanical parts. I hope it can help you.


Industrial Hand Cleaner Wipes for Mechanics

Three principles of industrial machinery parts cleaning

1. First easy and then difficult, that is, remove the dirt on the surface of the parts first, and then clean the interior; first, clean the lightly soiled parts, and then clean the heavily soiled parts.

2. Choose different workshop wipes or cleaning fluids for different materials (such as rubber, asbestos, resin, felt, leather, etc.).

3. Adopt different cleaning methods according to the different nature of the dirt (such as oil, scale or rust, etc.).



Basic requirements for cleaning of mechanical parts in industrial workshops

1. Thoroughly clean the surface of the parts, and at the same time protect the parts from damage, especially the machined surface should maintain the original accuracy.

2. When cleaning the processed surface, clean lint-free industrial wet wipes or cotton, foam, silk or other soft scrapers should be used. Scrapers, gauze, and other materials that can easily damage the processed surface should not be used for cleaning.

3. When the moving surface of the moving part is coated with an anti-rust layer, it must not be moved before cleaning.

4. The cleaned parts should not be assembled immediately, they should be coated with lubricating oil and covered with clean moisture-proof paper to prevent dust from falling in.

5. Prevent oil from dripping on the concrete floor, and oil-soaked cotton yarn should not be placed on the concrete floor to prevent organic solvents from dripping on the paint surface of the parts.

6. When cleaning with flammable solvents, fire prevention measures should be adopted and good ventilation should be maintained.


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Method of cleaning workshop mechanical parts

1. Manual removal method: Manually, use metal brushes, scrapers, and other tools to remove dirt on the surface of parts and components. This method also includes using industrial grease wipes or cotton, silk, synthetic fiber products, and suede to wipe the surface of parts and components to remove dirt.

2. Mechanical tool cleaning method: Use electric or pneumatic tools to drive metal brushes, soft grinding wheels, etc. to remove carbon deposits, rust, and paint on the surface of parts and components.

3. Compressed air blowing method: Use compressed air to blow away the dry dust and sludge covering the surface of parts and components.

4. High-pressure water flushing method.

5. Abrasive cleaning method Use the soft abrasive and hard abrasive directed by the compressed air stream or the pressure water stream to hit the surface of the part to destroy the dirt layer and take it away with the residue. Mainly used to remove carbon deposits, rust, and paint.



Four requirements for the maintenance of mechanical equipment in the factory workshop

1. Tidy: tools, workpieces, and cleaning wet wipes bucket accessories are placed neatly; safety protection devices are complete; wiring and piping are complete.

2. Cleaning: clean the inside and outside of the equipment; all sliding surfaces, lead screws, gears, racks, etc., have no oil or bruises; no oil, water, air, or electricity leaks at all parts; clean up chips and garbage.

3. Lubrication: add the oil and change the oil on time, and the oil quality meets the requirements; the oil can, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum, oil line are clean and complete, the oil mark is bright, and the oil path is unobstructed.

4. Safety: Implement the system of arranging people and machines and shifting shifts; be familiar with the equipment structure and follow the operating procedures, use the equipment rationally, maintain the equipment carefully, and prevent accidents.

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