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How To Cleaning Industrial Grease On The Floor Workshop?

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The factory said that the cleaning of the floor oil in the production workshop has always been a problem. Because of the machinery manufacturing operations, a large amount of industrial oil such as mechanical oil and liquid will be left on the ground. If the oil cannot form thick oil for a long time, how should it be removed? What about these oil stains?

The oil pollution in the workshop is usually industrial oil such as machine oil and other fluids. Grease oil, vegetable oil, and other oil pollution will appear below. 4 solutions:


1: If the oily dirt can be cleaned directly with industrial workshop cleaning wipes or mops, drag it into the water containing the stain cleaner (then boil the oil for 1:10~20), and then scrub.


2: If the oil stain has not been cleaned in time and the oil stain has penetrated into the network treatment, then you should use a strong degreaser cleaning agent to pull out the oil stain. When the oil stain is heavy, you can use the original liquid to clean, and when the oil is lighter, the original liquid can be rotated up to 1:5. It is recommended to use heavy-duty industrial cleaning wipes, which are lint-free and easy to clean.


3: Large-scale workshop ground maintenance and excavation can be cleaned with automatic equipment such as floor scrubbers, which is convenient and quick and has obvious effects. If the above treatment method fails to achieve satisfactory results, you can continue to develop and polish it.


4: Avoid using detergents containing a large amount of dilution or strong acid cleaners or cleaners with strong acid, otherwise it is recommended to affect the material. After special treatment, use professional floor oil cleaners or industrial floor wipes for daily maintenance and cleaning of oil stains.



Grease stain cleaning on the concrete floor of the workshop:

1. If the vegetable oil is just dropped on the vegetable oil, we can use the workshop industrial wet wipes and detergent for cleaning. If the edible vegetable oil that pollutes the cement floor for a long time, we can use caustic soda and special herbicide oil to clean it. When cleaning, we need to pay attention to prevent burns, because these cleaning agents are often strong, and we must take protective measures.


2. Treatment methods for mineral oil stains on cement. For cement, you can use sawdust to pollute our cement first, and then use heavy duty industrial wipes, degreasers, carburetors, etc. Remove oil stains for removal. According to our experience, the mechanical effect of plant cleaners such as oil stains on mineral oil, workshops, and oil stains are generally very obvious, but you must pay attention to ventilation and protect yourself.


Precautions for regular maintenance of the workshop:


1: Daily maintenance (daily): Use a moistened rag to wipe clean and drag, and use heavy-duty absorbent or industrial wet wipes to drag and drag oily cleaners where there is muddy and watery places.


2: Monthly maintenance: every cleaning to once a month, the mop and rag are used in conjunction with the cleaning agent to scrub, and automatic cleaning equipment such as a washing machine can be used.


3: Annual maintenance: once every six months to a year, use different cleaning agents to clean different stains as needed, and the polished surface material can be treated with brightener.


The method of cleaning heavy oil stains on the industrial hand worker's department:

It can be cleaned with gasoline and then rinsed with water. For some other organic products, such as detergent, it is best to use industrial hand cleaning wipes made by Sywipe China manufacture, which will not hurt your hands when used, is antibacterial, and protects the skin.


1. Prepare a soft soap, scratch the soap with your fingers before work, so that there is soap oil in the nails so that you will not go in, and then use the tip of the soap to apply the seams between the nails and the skin. You can also dip the soap into your hands, apply it a little longer, dry, and work again, and it will be easy to wash so that you do not need corrosive detergents and alkalis, which will hurt the skin, and your hands will definitely crack in the long run, so it's best to use transparent soap.

2. Now there is a special sports glove that can be sprayed on your hands after getting off work to form a set of protective gloves, just waiting for you to wash it with water. Finally, wash it off and apply some skin oil. Snake oil ointment is cheap. Now you must force your cleansing because those powerful substances will make your skin worse. If you need more, please contact our china factory (sales@clean-wipe.com,WhatsApp: +8618927501869).



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