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How To Remove Makeup with Makeup Remover Wipes?

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What is makeup remover wipes?

Facial makeup remover wipes are made with wet strength, soft fibers, and a highly permeable substrate. They are folded, humidified, and packaged into disposable cleaning and hygiene products. Since they have the basic function of cleansing and moisturizing the skin, and they are easy to carry, they have become a daily routine. Essential cleaning products, wipes can be divided into different types according to different uses, makeup remover wipes are one of them.

The cosmetology makeup remover wipes are disposable cleaning and hygiene products that assist in removing makeup. They use non-woven fabrics as a carrier and add cleaning liquid containing makeup-removing ingredients. The liquid immersed is usually a weak acid makeup remover, soft fiber structure, and can be achieved by wiping. The purpose of removing makeup.


The biggest advantage of organic makeup remover wipes is that they can easily and quickly remove makeup, which is very suitable for travel and business trips. Nowadays, many young people often travel for business and travel, or work overtime and come back late. Bring makeup remover wipes to go out without fear of not removing makeup. If the skin is damaged, the makeup remover wipes will have a much stronger ability to remove makeup than ordinary makeup removers. It cleans deeply and avoids the trouble of secondary cleaning. Carry it with you and remove makeup at any time. It is a little lucky star for makeup people!

These makeup-removing and cleansing wipes are more popular in Europe and the United States. In Asia, there are relatively few people using makeup-removing wipes. That is because the cuticle of Europeans and Americans is thicker than that of Asians, and most of them have oily skin. And oily skin with makeup remover wipes is more suitable, it will be more comfortable to use. However, it is not suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It contains alcohol, which can easily irritate the skin, and may also cause skin irritation and even skin inflammation.


The active cleansing ingredients in sensitive skin cleansing wipes are the same as regular facial cleansers, relying on surfactants and emulsifiers to dissolve make-up, oil, and dead skin. So what are their essential differences? Makeup remover wipes omit the step of rinsing with water, so they still leave a little dirt on the skin.

The special packaging of makeup remover wipes requires added preservatives to extend their shelf life, so the skin can also be attacked by chemicals such as formaldehyde. Plus, we use the best natural makeup remover wipes and botanical-based wipes.

Makeup remover wipes are quick and convenient, but not the best choice for everyday skincare. Skin irritation can occur if active cleansing ingredients, high concentrations of solubilizers, surfactants, and emulsified residues are not thoroughly washed from makeup remover wipes. These ingredients are especially irritating to those with dry and sensitive skin. Some alcohol-based makeup remover wipes can also cause stinging.

The difference between ordinary wipes and makeup remover wipes.

Wet wipes and makeup remover wipes have different properties and different uses and require different things to pay attention to. Wet wipes are paper towels used to wipe the skin or body wet, but cannot achieve the purpose of removing makeup; makeup removing wipes are used to assist in removing makeup and a small amount of dirt from the face. It can achieve the purpose of cleaning when removing makeup, so the functions of the two are different, and you can choose according to different needs.

Wet wipes can be divided into two categories. The first one is sterilized, which can only be used to moisturize the skin or contain skincare ingredients and can achieve small skincare and moisturizing maintenance at any time. There is another kind, not only sterilization but also the effect of sterilizing other items or skin friction wounds. Therefore, when choosing wet tissue paper, you should also be optimistic about the main use of wet tissue paper, and what type, function and function are before purchasing.


Facial makeup remover wipes are used to help remove makeup and small amounts of dirt from the face. It is a one-time hygienic cleaning with non-woven fabric as a carrier, adding an appropriate amount of makeup remover essence, and wiping to achieve the purpose of removing makeup.

Second, makeup-removing wipes replace the more tedious process of removing makeup, such as keeping makeup and the face clean with water while traveling or at the gym where conditions are not good. At this time, makeup remover wipes play a more convenient role. As a makeup remover or a hard-to-carry alternative.

Wipes are mainly used for cleaning. When going out, there is dirt or grime on the skin that needs to be washed off with water, and it is convenient to clean the skin surface without water. Wet wipes play such a role.

When choosing wipes or makeup remover wipes, choose based on your needs and desired results. Whether to cleanse the skin or remove makeup depends on your needs.

In the past, when removing makeup, many people would choose to use a makeup remover cotton and a makeup remover. The combination of the two to remove makeup can achieve the purpose of truly removing makeup, but now, for convenience, most people choose to use makeup remover wipes. Makeup remover wipes can achieve a good time-saving effect and cleanliness after use. Although ordinary wet wipes have a certain moisturizing effect, they cannot achieve the effect of cleaning pores when removing makeup, and wiping the skin can keep the skin clean. Therefore, the effect of ordinary wipes and makeup remover wipes is completely different after they are used.


Especially for people with heavy makeup, be sure to choose makeup remover wipes. Only special types of wipes can really remove makeup. When removing makeup, although it is wiped with natural makeup remover wipes to achieve a certain purpose of makeup removal, it is still necessary to pay attention to the cleaning steps after makeup removal. Not cleaning the inside of the pores can easily lead to the accumulation of dirt. When cleaning, choose a cleanser with a better cleaning type to avoid irritation to the skin. At the same time, be careful not to choose any lead-containing substances, as lead-containing substances will cause great irritation to the skin.


Do we use makeup remover wipes to remove makeup cleanly?

The makeup removal ability of the makeup remover wipes is still very strong, because the makeup remover wipes contain cleaning active substances with a cleaning effect, and they use a strong makeup remover. on all skins. However, after the makeup remover has wiped off the makeup, the skin needs to be washed twice with water.

Since the organic solvents contained in makeup remover wipes are highly toxic to cells, if used improperly for a long time, the skin will become dry and aging.

If you don't rinse off with water after wiping, the cleansing ingredients will remain on your face, making your skin brittle and damaged over time. sywipe recommends using makeup remover wipes that are naturally formulated, chemical-free, safe and non-toxic.

How to use makeup remover wipes?

Proper use of makeup remover wipes


Step 1: Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

Gently press the makeup remover wipes on the eyes and lips for 5-8 seconds, then gently rub and wipe clean, be sure to be light, these two parts are more sensitive.


Step 2: Extensive makeup removal

First, take out a piece of makeup remover wipes, arrange them flat, put them in your hand, use your thumb and forefinger to clamp the makeup remover wipes on the tiger's mouth, the forefinger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger together to form a surface, gently pull along the direction of the skin tissue structure Wipe face.


Step 3: Deep Clean

Immediately after removing makeup with a makeup remover wipes, wash your face with water, followed by a cleanser to remove any skin-damaging residue and dirt from your face. If active cleansing ingredients, high concentrations of solubilizers, surfactants, and emulsified residues in makeup remover wipes are not thoroughly washed off, skin irritation, especially dry and sensitive skin, may occur.


Step 4: Skin Care

If you have dry or combination skin, try to use moisturizing products such as moisturizing cream and moisturizing products after washing your face as much as possible to restore the skin to the best condition.


Step 5: Ingredient Selection

When buying makeup remover wipes, look carefully at the ingredients to see if there are chemicals such as formaldehyde in the ingredient list that act as preservatives. Natural makeup remover wipes that contain avocado are safe to use. If the ingredients also contain perfume and essence makeup remover wipes, they should be avoided, as these two ingredients are more irritating to the skin.


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