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How to Use Industrial Pumice Hand Cleaner?

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Industrial heavy-duty hand cleaner is usually used to clean industrial oil and dirt. It is widely used in various industries and fields and plays a huge role.

Industrial pumice hand cleaner can be used to clean grease, oil stains, and other oil stains. Good-quality industrial hand sanitizers also have hand protection factors, which can have antibacterial, antibacterial, and sterilization functions.


1. The characteristics of industrial greasy hand cleaners:

Hand cleaner is something we often use in our daily life. When your hands are soiled, you will choose to use hand cleaner to clean your hands. The purpose is to make your hands more Although clean water can also clean your hands, the effect is far less than the effect of washing hands with hand cleaner. Hand sanitizer can be roughly divided into two types: ordinary hand cleaner and industrial hand sanitizer. Ordinary hand cleaner can only clean the stains encountered in daily life. Unlike industrial hand cleaner, industrial pumice hand cleaners are specifically designed for the oil stains that appear in industrial production. Industrial hand cleaner is to cleans up industrial hand oil, while ordinary hand cleaner has a poor ability to decompose industrial oil. Industrial pumice hand cleaner can be used to clean grease, oil stains, and other oil stains. Good-quality industrial hand sanitizers also have hand protection factors, which can have antibacterial, antibacterial, and sterilizing functions.

2. How to use industrial hand cleaner:

The method of use is the same as that of ordinary hand sanitizer. First, wet your hands with clean water, take an appropriate amount of industrial pumice hand cleaner and place it on your palm. Slowly rub it to let the foam cover you After kneading your fingertips, finger joints, etc., wash the foam on your hands with clean water. What you need to remember is: water must be running water. After washing your hands, don’t rush to wipe your hands with a towel or paper towel, let alone dry your hands with a dryer. This will cause the water on the watch surface to evaporate quickly, which will cause the hands to lose water and cause skin. With the occurrence of dryness, hands will become rougher and rougher.


3. Regarding the harm of industrial heavy-duty hand cleaner to the human body:

People often ask whether hand cleaner is harmful to the human body. The answer is yes. Since hand sanitizer can hurt your hands, industrial hand cleaner will definitely hurt your hands a bit. Although industrial hands cleaner can hurt your hands, please don't be particularly nervous. This kind of damage does not mean how big the damage is. There is some damage, but very small. If you wash your hands with a hand cleaner, apply after washing your hands. The right amount of hand cream protects your hands. Under normal circumstances, these small injuries are harmless. However, it should be noted that if your skin is prone to allergies, it is recommended that you do not use industrial hand cleaner because the chemicals in industrial hand cleaner are likely to irritate your hand skin. Can expired industrial hand sanitizers still be used? We'd better not use an expired hand cleaner. Because expired industrial pumice hand cleaner can easily breed bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and cause great harm to our bodies. 


4. Does pumice soap hurt or dry the skin?

Pumice hand cleaner is mild to the skin when used in combination with mild cleaners and moisturizers.

Pumice hand soap is more suitable for cleaning heavy grease and dirt on hands than irritating solvents.

Hand sanitizers containing pumice have been on the market for more than 100 years.

Pumice hand sanitizers such as sywipe and GOJO add moisturizers and emollients to their formulations to make heavy hand sanitizers that are mild to the skin.


5. What is pumice soap for?

The mild abrasive texture of pumice makes it an excellent additive for heavy duty hand cleaner.

When rubbing hands in the process of hand washing, pumice can remove horniness and stubborn grease and dirt.

Pumice soap cleans hands of tar, grease, paint, car grease, oil and juice better than regular soap.

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