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What is The Best Auto Mechanics Industrial Hand Cleaner?

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Heavy-Duty Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner: Ideal for Industrial Work

Heavy-duty orange liquid pumice hand cleaner is specially designed for workers engaged in machine repair, auto repair, oil production, ink, printing, petrochemical, mechanical processing, and other industries, whose hands are often covered with heavy oil, which is difficult to wash with ordinary hand sanitizer and soap.

If you really want to choose an orange hand sanitizer that is actually designed for greasy, oily (that is, manipulators), you will have little work to do.

Taking into account several factors. Before choosing a hand sanitizer, be sure to check the following factors, which will hardly lead you to choose the wrong hand cleaner.


1. Pumice hand cleaner.

You may have noticed that this is a facial cleanser, and some creams contain ingredients such as sand, pumice, or grated walnut shells.

When creams appear, they are more likely to fight stubborn dirt.

Since oils, greases and lubricants are very viscous, they may clump in different areas, so using hand sanitizers with scrubbers or pumice stones will definitely be popular.

Oils and greases will quickly adhere to rough substances, so when the texture of the cream is a bit rough or worn, no matter how dirty your hands are, it will be thoroughly cleaned.


2. Environmental protection and high efficiency.

This is the first thing you look for in any hand cleaner.The hand sanitizer you choose needs to be able to remove all kinds of oils and grease from your hands.

There are some detergents that can make your hands look better, but they don't really stay away from those.

They may smell attractive, but the main purpose is to keep your hands completely clean, not an attractive smell.

There are some ingredients that are best for removing grease very effectively. Citrus is one of them. If you find a hand sanitizer with citrus ingredients, you can use it. It has a strong ability to remove various oils, oils, lubricating oil, etc. In addition, there are other ingredients that can get the job done.



3. Security.

To make heavy duyt hand cleaner more effective, some manufacturers use irritating chemicals that may be harmful to the skin, and even if someone provides them for free, never choose those, which are not worth it.

Check the composition list of detergents and search for solvents and oil. if you don't see any of these, it's safe for the skin. However, if you see any of them, ignore the cleaner.

4、Liquid capacity.

It makes sense to find a good quantity, but if you want efficiency, you must check the amount of liquid required for thorough cleaning.

Some detergent hand sanitizers are packed in vats, and people will consider large quantities when buying them.

What usually happens is that a large amount of liquid is required for a single hand wash. So consider the efficiency of this hand sanitizer, otherwise, the use of a large amount of liquid will soon end.

Therefore, instead of the quantity, look at the amount of liquid required for a thorough cleaning, and then calculate the quantity. Obviously, you will want to choose a product that requires a very low amount of hand cleaning. There are many such hand sanitizers on the market, you just need to do a little research.


5. Moisturizing property of orange liquid hand cleaner.

Hand cleaners dry the skin, which is why adding a moisturizer after cleaning your hands can be beneficial. But mechanics do not have time and may not be interested in using moisturizers. They don't want to buy two different things.

However, there are also some hand sanitizers with moisturizers on the market. This is not to say that you will get a free tube of moisturizer with a cleaning tube.

It will be a single tube and the cleaner will contain a moisturizer. So you just need to clean your hands with detergent, and moisturizing can be done.

However, if your hand sanitizer does not come with a moisturizer, in this case, you can use concentrated coconut oil, aloe, olive oil, and so on as a moisturizer.


6. Easy to use.

Some detergents require a lot of friction to achieve the ideal soap state, and it is wise to stay away from such detergents.

They need time and patience, which is not worth it. Some detergents do not need too much friction, only a small amount of water, only a small amount of friction can complete the work.

7. Citrus taste.

It's not mandatory, but it feels good when your hands smell good. Every hand sanitizer has a good smell, and you can't find any hand sanitizer that will stink. But you will want to choose an attractive smell rather than a normal smell. Again, if the smell makes you a little more money, please don't try. The smell doesn't matter.

Therefore, our Chinese factory has developed an orange liquid industrial pumice hand cleaner with strong heavy-duty removal capacity, mild performance, little irritation, safe and reliable, to solve a variety of oil pollution solutions. Let's take a look.

Sywipe this product is developed for the problem of heavy-duty pollution in workers' hands, which thoroughly solves the problem of heavy oil pollution, contains soft friction particles, effec9tively cleans the oil deep in the pores of hand lines, adopts safe and environmentally friendly formula, does not contain harmful substances such as phosphorus, benzene, formaldehyde, and heavy metals, and is safe and does not harm the skin.


The frosted orange hand cleaner made by Sywipe has three advantages:

1. Efficient oil removal.

Contains frosted particles, concentrated formula, in-depth decomposition of serious oil in the hands, palmprint, finger seams, and other difficult-to-wash parts.

2. Contains skincare ingredients

Do not hurt your hands, and your skin will not feel sticky or dry after washing your hands. Low water consumption.

3. Stability.

The particles of hand cleaner are suspended for a long time without stratification, which solves the quality deterioration and instability of traditional perlite hand washing powder.

4. Less consumption

The dosage is only one-fourth of the hand-washing powder. The hydraulic pump head design is convenient to use and refuses to drip waste and affects the sanitary environment. The decontamination effect is very good.

industrial hand sanitizer, color of pumice

Sywipe products are suitable for various industrial fields, and the cleaning of all kinds of oil and dirt on the hands of black-handed repairers. As long as you have channels and you have strength, we must have a price advantage! Pay attention to the machine repair industry and take care of your hands. Please choose a China manufacturer. We provide OEM/ODM services. Contact WhatsApp online: +8618927501869, Sales@clean-wipe.com!

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