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In The Year Of The Chinese Traditional Spring Festival, How To Do A Good Job Of Cleaning, Disinfection,wipes And Protection?

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In the year of the Chinese traditional Spring Festival, how to do a good job of cleaning, disinfection wipe, and protection?

As the Chinese New year approaches, more and more citizens are preparing New year merchandise, pickled bacon and pickled fish, stuffed sausages and buying chopped beans and nuts. They buy through offline channels such as supermarkets and vegetable markets, or through online channels such as e-commerce and online shopping. 

Walking in the street, the flavor of Chinese New year has been slowly approaching. Indeed, we are happy to buy New year's goods, but many citizens are also worried about how to do a good job of protection, cleaning and disinfection to ensure the safety of the purchase. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed experts to provide advice to the public on how to make the safest goods for the New year. It is not recommended to buy cold chain food online. 

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"can I buy frozen seafood online?" 

Ms. Huang, from Hankou, China, said her family likes to eat imported frozen seafood and is used to buying it home as a hard dish for New Year's Eve's dinner. 

But this year, as in previous years, she hesitated to place an order directly online. 

In response, Professor Lai Xiaoquan, Department of infection Management, Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, said that when buying New year's goods, citizens are advised not to buy cold chain food online. and try to avoid buying foreign food through purchasing agents and overseas shopping. 

For other goods purchased through the Internet, it is recommended to use smart express inboxes as far as possible, it is best to wear disposable gloves to pick up the packaging to avoid direct contact with the outer packaging; after receiving the express delivery, you can throw the outer packing bag into the dustbin, put the inner packaging in a ventilated place and then enter the room, wipes 75% of medical alcohol cleaning wipes or 500mg /disinfectant and so on. 

If you do not need an emergency purchase, leave it in the ventilated place for a day or two before ventilation. 

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Try to finish shopping in the supermarket within 30 minutes. 

For offline purchases of New year's goods, Lai Xiaoquan suggests that try to choose formal, prevention and control measures to build a better supermarket. 

Which supermarket is better can be judged by observing whether the supermarket carries out ventilation, personnel transfer, health monitoring and whether the public goods, facilities and areas of the supermarket are adequately disinfected. Before going out, members of the public should wear masks correctly and make sure the masks are loose and tight, which is the best protective measure to prevent the spread of droplets. 

In addition, portable hands-free disinfectants and disinfection wipes can be used. To avoid contact and transmission, do not touch food directly with your hands before shopping, wear disposable gloves or put a small shopping bag on your hand. It is not recommended to taste unheated food directly; raw and cold foods such as meat and seafood should be packaged separately from other foods such as fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid the rush hour of shopping, buy enough food for a few days at a time, reduce the number of trips to the supermarket, and stay in the supermarket for less than 30 minutes. 

When entering the vegetable market, the public must wear masks to cover their mouths and noses. COVID-19 can be spread through droplets, so please keep a distance of more than 1 meter when buying food, and both buyers and sellers should wear masks correctly to avoid talking too much and chatting. Don't touch the outside of the mask, let alone take off the mask to talk or eat. It is recommended to shop during off-peak hours and change the habit of buying vegetables early to avoid crowds. 

After purchase, please follow the steps to clean and disinfect correctly. Ai Dongyun, deputy director of the infection management department of Tongji Hospital, suggested that whether you go to the supermarket or the vegetable market, after buying New year's goods, you should follow the following steps to go home and correctly carry out cleaning and disinfection: put the used mask into a sealed bag, and then put it into a special collection container or airtight trash can to discard the mask; secondly, change indoor shoes before entering the door, especially the soles can be wiped with alcohol disinfection wipes. 

After changing shoes, take off your coat and let it dry for half an hour. 

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Finally, wash your hands with soap or hand-washing wet wipes in time. 

Lai Xiaoquan added that in special times, ensuring food safety is particularly important. For disinfection of fruits and vegetables, you can first scrub them with running water and then soak them in light salt water for about 10 minutes; you can also wash them with fruit and vegetable detergents and then rinse them again with flowing water. 

Some fruits can be scalded with boiling water and then peeled. 


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